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u/Devils_-_Advocate · 1 pointr/buccaneers

So I heard this on WMNF today while going to lunch, and caught the last half of it. There is some election talk (it is community radio after all), so skip to 7:30 in to get right to the Bucs talk.

For anyone under 30 like myself, there is so many cool things I learned about this beloved franchise that I love to be let down by more than I am rewarded for being a fan. For anyone over 30 who's been a fan for a while, you'll smile walking down memory lane. Really worth the listen

P.S. This is the book the interview is about

u/frithjofr · 1 pointr/buccaneers

I've heard them called billets and pellets, they're like little rolled and compressed pellets of wood.

Anyway. Not the ones I use, but the first one I saw that has a picture of the actual pellets.