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u/mizzy11 · 2 pointsr/budgies

- I have pet store budgies and while they're probably more of a challenge to train vs breeder budgies I've been able to make good progress! Of course all birds are going to be scared the first few weeks but they've definitely been able to warm up to me and seem to enjoy my presence. I think it depends what pet store you get them from honestly. Just know what to look out for! (Is the cage they're keeping them in clean? Do they have access to toys, food, and water? Do they seem happy and are getting along with each other/the other budgies there? etc)

- I've gotten used to the noise and while they do stay quiet sometimes I'd say they're chirping most of the day. I don't work nights but I find it very hard to sleep in on the weekends when they start chirping as the sun rises, so I imagine that is going to be very stressful for you. You could always have them in another room though and you'll barely be able to hear them.

- Never tried flight suits but I don't have a problem with cleaning up the poo around the room. Like someone else said they're usually in the same spot, and usually on top of the cage. There's also bird playgrounds you could get that would make out-of-cage activities fun for them and easy to clean up for you (example of one)

- Male/male is a good decision! Male/female works well too, but like you said you would have to be careful of mating. However, this can be prevented by avoiding any possible nesting areas (coconut huts, nests, etc) and changing up the cage every week or so.

Good luck and congrats on the new family members! Budgies are such a joy to have around :)

u/RadicalEd · 1 pointr/budgies

I just bought this cage about a week ago and I absolutely love it. It doesn't have quite as much vertical height as the Prevue cage, but it has a few things that really sold me.

1.) It comes with some platforms and ladders. My little girl Archie came from Petco with her wings clipped and she won't grow the feathers back in until her first molt in another month, so having the platforms and ladders helps her get around the cage.

2.) The base of the cage is high enough off the ground that my cat can't get to it. I highly recommend this if you have dogs or cats (maybe small children??)

3.) The door is really big and really easy to open. Archie is still pretty wary of hands and having the big open space for my hand to come through has definitely eased some of her anxiety. She feels less trapped. And it doesn't make any noise or shake the cage when you open it.

Anyway I really love this cage and just wanted the opportunity to rave about it. My bird has been so much happier since I got it. Good luck!

u/_Love_Punch · 1 pointr/budgies

Hm, well, it depends on what "Spending time" consists of. If we are talking playing with, singing to, speaking to, and scritch scratching, I would say maybe 3 hours a day I spend with them. However, when I am not playing with them, at work, or sleeping, they are always within 6 or 7 feet of me. I have music playing for them all day, every day, unless it is their bed time. That way they have something to sing along with/to. Lone budgies, though, are an entirely different story. The other budgie, which the budgie gets to spend all day, every day with becomes you. They constantly need attention and interaction. Not speaking from personal experience, but rather the information I have seen online. I would suggest getting two if you aren't able to basically be there for them for 7-8 hours a day. Also, that cage looks good to me, a lot like mine actually! You could definitely go smaller if you wanted to, but that one is great if you are willing to pay that price. The birds will definitely love it.

EDIT: I should point out that when you have more than one budgie, they become largely self-sufficient socially. Mine get pretty annoyed with them playing with them too long, and for a long time before they trusted me, they wouldn't interact with me at all. So don't force your budgie to play if they dont wanna, just come back another time.

u/sleepycarbon · 2 pointsr/budgies

Hey! I was able to get a big cage online through Petco for about $60. I don't have a specific link for you but I'd definitely check there. Basically, I would get a cage big enough for 2-4 budgies because, if you're like me, you'll definitely end up getting more. Budgies can get really depressed if they don't have friends.
Here's my number one rule for buying a cage for any bird: the bigger the cage, the happier the bird! It's also important to get one that doesn't have a rounded top, because it can make budgies anxious. Cages that open at the top are cool too because it's easier for your budgie to leave/enter the cage. It's also nice if there's a big door on the front so it's easier for you to train your budgie while it's still in the cage. I'll give you some links I found on Amazon for different sizes/prices:

Super tall cage, $65

Good for 2-3 budgies, $65

Very popular cage, would fit several budgies, also has wheels, $100

Flight cage for 1 budgie, $50

Petco links:
Cage for 1 budgie only, $30

I suggest this one, good for 1-2 budgies and has open top!!

u/EspeonValesti · 2 pointsr/budgies

I recommend this cage to everyone who ever asks.

I absolutely love it, I have 2 of them. One is for my GCC and one is for my 'Tiel. They love them too! It might be a tad on the big side for even a pair of Budgies, but I'm sure they'd love it (and you'd future proof yourself if you decided to get a bigger cage/more Budgies!).

If you're looking for those two cages specifically, don't buy them from Petsmart, they overcharge like nobodies business. I found 2 similar versions on Amazon to the ones you linked. 1, and 2.

Good luck and welcome soon to Parronthood!

u/BulDinoo · 1 pointr/budgies

I'm not sure on that, i've introduced younger birds to older ones and they've went on fine, but I really don't have that much experience to answer your question.

Only suggestion that I will throw is try to change her diet. I see her food bowl has only seeds, which is not healthy. Pellet food like this is best for them and if you can have them eat green veggies like spinach it would be awesome. Note that changing the diet of an already mature bird will probably take some time as they will refuse to eat anything else than seeds. You can search online for how to switch to a different diet.

Also checkout /r/parrots, lots of information there and I think there's more people there. A lot of the advice for other bird usually can apply to parakeets as well.

Good luck!

u/Darkside66015 · 2 pointsr/budgies

I prefer the vision cages. They are great if you don’t want them creating a mess when eating their food. I got a medium sized cage for my budgie and she was excited to be in it. Heck I cant get her to come out anymore because she wants to stay in it all the time. She loves to talked to the plastic hooks and the door knobs on the cage as well. I got a medium sized cage, you can order a large, or small one if you prefer but I found the medium is pretty good for me. Its also a lot easier to clean in my opinion!

The vision cages have different sizing as well. I got the medium m01, its longer. They have a medium m02 which is taller. So I would look at each cage and look at the dimensions, reviews and videos if you decide to get a vision cage. Its made it easier for me since I don’t have to worry about her flinging bird seed everywhere.

u/MatchaBird · 2 pointsr/budgies

I'd second that, budgies are inquisitive playful creatures and need mental stimulation. They will need some chew toys like this or kabobs like this:, some toys that make noise like bells (budgies LOVE bells), and some swings to fly and hop around on. Most budgies LOVE rope swings like this:


Also look at foraging toys for mental stimulation as well.


A variety of perches of shape and size (rope, wood, cement) is good for their feet.


Make sure to also provide a cuttlebone and mineral block.

u/Infinity-Marshmallow · 1 pointr/budgies

So the only way I think you could pull this off is buying a bigger cage, here is a cage that looks about right and should fit to budgies. ( I don’t own it myself).

You could move your new budgie into the old cage and keep it away while you tame it and see for illnesses. I also recommend waiting a bit and asking for it’s gender I don’t have experience with female budgies but this should help.

Also, most budgies cages are fine for 2 if you have any measurements or pics I’d love to see them and can help you evaluate if you can fit another, you will probably still need to get a smaller travel cage while you tame her though.

If you do get a flight cage and move the new one into the older cage both budgies will be interested in their new surroundings and what your doing right now should be fine!

u/probopassed · 3 pointsr/budgies

I got my two budgies this cage!

It may seem like overkill, but I will never have budgies in a cage smaller than this ever again. It's decked out with tons of enrichment toys (shredding, foraging, ect). They absolutely love it.

Theres a ton of room for different sized perches, and lots of space. But of course since it's mating season, my budgies still get occasionally annoyed at each other over toys and such. It happens.

But for real, I would 100% recommend upgrading to something this size. And this is probably the best price for a cage this size. Trust me, you won't regret it once you see how much fun it is for them!!

u/KyleWY · 1 pointr/budgies

As someone else has posted, minimum cage size for a single budgie that will be allowed out of the cage for most of the day is 18"x18"x18". If you have more than one bird, or they will be confined to the cage for most of the day, you need to go bigger. And please keep in mind that when people tell you the minimum size for a cage that it is just that, a minimum.


If this were school, the minimum would be a grade of "D", in that you are technically passing, but nobody is impressed.


My personal opinion on the matter is that unless I am taking in an animal under emergency circumstances in which I have no time to prepare financially, then I should save up and provide living conditions that would be at least be a "B" or higher. In this case, it would be a flight cage.


I have frequently pointed out that a great flight cage like this ( requires only that you forego your daily Starbucks coffee for 3-4 weeks. That's it. Then you have nice big cage and your bird will live a much better life for it.

u/HarryTheBird · 2 pointsr/budgies

Ideally you want perches with different diameters and different textures. In addition, consider an area in the cage where she can stand on a flat surface, if she doesn't regularly run around on tables/floors out of the cage (so she can stretch her toes out flat sometimes. Budgies in the wild actually spend a lot of time on the ground.)

I don't know where you are or where you shop, these are just examples to give you an idea:

Rope perches are very popular: warm and soft on feet, available in many different lengths, they clip to the bars or can be hung up.

Wood perches also come in various sizes and shapes and different kinds of wood. One thing I like about them is they only need to be attached to one wall of the cage so you have more options for length and placement.

Hope that helps. Beautiful bird!

u/smashtheplant · 2 pointsr/budgies

I have one of the Hagen Vision cages - the small cage is too small but the medium is great for one or two birds:

It's really good and the design helps catch mess made by your birds when they eat. Highly recommended!

u/ProfessorChaos113 · 2 pointsr/budgies

Oh wow awesome, thank you!! They used to be in a smaller cage and I'd just go outside and get them sticks for perches, but we just set this new cage up and it's so spacious! I was thinking of getting one of those bird baths that you can attach to to the corner of the cage, like this one:

How do you get them to use it? lol

u/Ammutse · 5 pointsr/budgies

I bought this bird cage for my cockatiel a little while ago and it's been the best investment I've made for him. He has plenty of space to climb and flap around, though I usually let him out an about in my room.

For two budgies, this would easily be a paradise.

u/asianmatrix · 1 pointr/budgies

This is it. Couple downsides I’ve noticed are that the bars are mostly vertical so the lil birdies have a harder time climbing around, and there’s no opening out of the top of the cage. The cage door can be made to stay open which is nice, and cleaning it is super easy with the pullout tray.

u/keetstreet · 4 pointsr/budgies

Female birds love to chew on wood, and they make special toys for that made out of shreddable wood called kabobs. I keep my birds supplied with them, because if they use one up and i don't replace it, they start chewing up their perches. But as long as they have a kabob, that's all they'll chew. Keeps them busy all day.

Amazon link

u/JAM3SBND · 2 pointsr/budgies

You can get cage skirts pretty cheap from most pet stores in the bird section.

It's important to have more horizontal space than vertical because budgies are not vertical flyers.

Here's a cheap good sized one

You & Me Finch Rectangle Flight Cage

Here's a cage skirt:

Prevue Pet Products Mesh Bird Seed Catcher 13" H, Large Size

u/RebornZombie · 7 pointsr/budgies

You can't really discourage chewing on stuff with budgies, since it's such a strong instinct for them. I would suggest getting her something appropriate to chew on like these bird kabobs, and redirect her to them if she starts chewing on something inappropriate.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/budgies

This cage is generally pretty popular due to being a decent price for the size:

u/RobotPigOverlord · 1 pointr/budgies

I also have a UVB light bulb in a clamp light attached to the cage, that's plugged into an outlet timer from 8am to 5pm. Windows filter out uvb light and it affects birds in a few ways. It impedes their ability to absorb calcium/vitamin D, and it also affects their vision. Birds have ultraviolet sensitivity (they can see things in the ultraviolet spectrum that humans cannot see), and in the absence of natural light (which contains uv rays), they can't see those things they would normally see because uv rays illuminate them to birds (such as patterns on other birds feathers). Their world is much duller visually, in the absence of unfiltered natural light (or artificial uvb light made for animals).

I use this bulb in this lamp. Mine clamps on the outside of the cage, with the bulb close to the cage so my birds, when they are sitting on their preferred perches, theyre less than 12 inches from the bulb.

u/nightmusic08 · 3 pointsr/budgies

this is the cage I have for my 2 budgies. It has plenty of space for the two of them, plenty of perches and toys, and it’s big enough to where if they’re feeling more independent they have plenty of individual space too. I see a lot of other people with this cage as well. I honestly wouldn’t buy any other cage than this because it just works so perfectly.

u/JeffreyAScott · 3 pointsr/budgies

Most pet stores sell spray millet in the bird aisle.

You can also find spray millet on amazon pretty cheap.

The link below should show you at least what you would be looking for.

u/budgiefacedkiller · 1 pointr/budgies

No problem! And yeah, don't get me wrong, I definitely do think bathing is important, I just don't think that birds should be forced to do it against their will. Probably where our advice vs other people's differ. At one time of another all of my birds have eventually bathed, given the chance.

I realize I totally forgot to include the link to the bath I use! Here it is haha.

u/Random546 · 1 pointr/budgies

Thanks for the response!

The budgies I bought were 1 month ago and two weeks ago.

Do you have any suggestions for cages? I have this one:

Do I need a bigger one?

u/Tweetie01 · 3 pointsr/budgies

Yeah I'm in the same situation, although I only had them for about three months. So what I have for mine is this bowl thing you attach to their cage and fill it up with water. I'll leave the room, go out and come back to see them drenched. Parakeets are very curious little things so I don't see why they won't try this.

u/UniverseGuyD · 1 pointr/budgies

Looks like the one I bought from for my lovies. It comes in a couple colours (black and a hammered finish) and 2 sizes. Great cage, but does require a second set of hands to build the thing when it arrives in its flat-pack box :P

u/nickels55 · 1 pointr/budgies

You don't have to buy these from this seller, it is just an idea for you:
and also any hanging shred toys with lots of straws, paper, and other stuff to keep them busy making a mess. This is also great:

u/nikkesen · 2 pointsr/budgies

It's natural for budgies and other parrots to chew. You don't want to discourage her, you want to deter her from chewing certain things. Just as you deter a cat from scratching your furniture by providing a scratching post, you provide your budgie with toys it can destroy.

I gave my budgies the above. Two days later I found my blue budgie covered in the remains of the toy. She had a blast chewing it.

u/Grayalt · 3 pointsr/budgies

I saw your other post. Is your budgies cage (near the window) in your room? If so, I would honestly just work on budgie-proofing the room and letting him fly around/wander during the day. If he just uses the cage to sleep or chill, it doesn't really need to be big.

Otherwise I found

u/cranpre · 1 pointr/budgies

Oops, sorry! I guess they need to update that page. :( This is the cage I have though, and my birds like it a lot. It did arrive with one bent bar (part of the stand, not the cage itself) but it hasn't been too much of an issue:

u/MrCatButts · 4 pointsr/budgies

Prevue Pet Products SP42614-4 Flight Cage, Brown/Black

This is the cage I bought. So far no problems