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u/cabbagerosecat · 2 pointsr/bulletjournal

Does she like to do paintings, pen drawings, hand-lettering, markers, tape, collage, or just a vanilla bujo, etc? There are sooo many ways to do a bujo so it's hard to recommend something general that she'll like but doesn't have yet haha. I'm going to assume she either likes to do hand-lettering or marker drawings since she was trying a Tombow blender.

If she mostly writes or does ink drawings - Copic or Micron multiliners in different sizes. The Pentel Pocket Brush is also very good for getting interesting lines down on line art or to combine with watercolor painting, but I don't recommend it as a hand-lettering pen.

Do you know what kind of pen she usually does her normal writing in? A lot of bujo-ers have kind of a favorite brand of cheap-ish pen that they like to use (Muji being one of the more popular ones). If you do, you could get her a fresh package.

If she likes to use markers - well, Tombows are pretty much the de facto bujo marker, even if the blender isn't too good. If she already has some, you could maybe take a peek at her collection and see if there are any colors she doesn't have but might like. For coloring, I also like Brushables markers because they're very pastel/soft, and Zebra Mildliners for highlighting stuff.

If she likes doing paintings and pasting them into her journal, you could get her some watercolor paper.

If she likes using decorative tape, you can find the washi tape aisle at Michaels and pick out some stuff.......but honestly it's way cheaper on Amazon. You can also try looking for flake stickers on Etsy, there are SO many options there, too!

If she likes hand-lettering, my favorite brush pen is the fudenosuke.

She may also like some small rubber stamps (for dates or tiny decorative details like floral wreathes), or stencils (especially for dates or circles).

My absolute most favorite pen to just write with day to day is a Lamy Safari fountain pen, if she's interested in that kind of thing (although that's a very expensive path to go down lol).

The one item that I would be willing to get for pretty much any bujo-er, without knowing their current collection of supplies or what they like to do, would be the fudenosuke pen (they sell it at Michaels, too). They're not refillable, so even if she already has this pen she'll likely need a replacement before too long.

u/nineran · 1 pointr/bulletjournal
  • Helix Circle Maker (~$8, use this a lot).
  • This set of 48 skinny washi tape (be aware that the image DOES represent the products. I liked all but 3 of the tapes, and only one-third had gold foil patterns).
  • Sakura Pigma Micron pens (I use 01 and 08 the most).
  • Tombow Fudenosuke brushpens (I like the soft tip, but I bought the two pack. It came with a mini ruler that I cut to fit into my A6-ish's pocket and that's the ruler I use, if I use one). ~$3/pen
  • If I need an eraser, my favorite is Pentel Clic Eraser ZE-22. I've had this for decades. Has never failed me. Also, no stub problems.
  • I use Tombow brush pens, but eh. I should have bought the monochrome set rather than the ones I have. I do not regret buying #451, #243, and #062, but YMMV (~$3/pen).
  • The Pentel Aquash Brush pens are the best way to get into water brush pens, water coloring ($3 per).
  • Along with a Prima watercolors palette (I favor Tropicals, but will go for Odessey next time, ~$15-25). It made me realize that actually, yes, I do enjoy water colors.

    Best of luck!
u/thefaderist · 1 pointr/bulletjournal

I currently use a gridded Moleskine, which has been great so far.

However, I just received a dot grid Confidant from Baron Fig for the coming year and it seems an awful lot like it might permanently replace my Moleskine. Thicker paper, shorter and wider. No pocket or elastic strap, but goddamn it's simple and gorgeous.

The Leuchtturm 1917 is also popular. If I decide I like my Moleskine better than my Confidant, this is probably what I'll switch to. I get the impression that it's quite similar to a Moleskine, but maybe built a bit better, heavier with the pages, and also is available in dot grid.

u/omgitskedwards · 6 pointsr/bulletjournal

I started with these Fudenosuke pens, which are super cheap on Amazon. If you're looking for a wide variety of color, but still a pretty easy-to-use pen, check out these as well. The trick is to find a pen that has a stiffer tip. The softer brush pens are trickier to learn on, but it can be done. I like the black Fudenosuke pens because they are pretty similar, but the blue one has a harder tip and the green one has a bit more give. It should be able to help you transition into using softer brush tips!

u/unproportionaterice · 2 pointsr/bulletjournal

I'm using a moleskine grid in A5 and it's been working great as a functional bujo for me. Love that it flips open to every page easily, and that the pages are not completely white! Pretty hardy imo. They have dot journals too, like what you're looking for.

I would say Leuchtturm1917 is one of the most popular options for bullet journals though. Here's the link for one A5 dotted I found on Amazon. Link

u/k_vp · 3 pointsr/bulletjournal

Thank you so much!

For highlighters I pretty much exclusively use the zebra midliners (linked to amazon page because sometimes they have really good deals on these, I got mine for super cheap!)

And for pens, I believe I made this layout using a black staedtler fineliner, but my all-time favorite pens are muji! (I like to use the 0.38-mm personally).

u/californiamoonbase · 3 pointsr/bulletjournal

Pilot pens are my favorite. I think the G-2 0.38mm ones write the best, but I also like the Percise V5 .

As far as a notebook, Leuchtturm1917 dotted A5 books are my favorite.

For pens/markers I would recommend going to an arts store and try to test some out. It is such a personal thing in my eyes.

u/Ecnot · 5 pointsr/bulletjournal

I can definitely recommend Scribbles That Matter! They ghost a little bit too, but not as bad as the Leuchtturm. I love the cover with doodles on it, but they have plain covers too :)

u/AsteroidAdventure · 2 pointsr/bulletjournal

I do! Amazon, I’m not sure which ones you’re referring to so here’s links to all three :) I used the fine liners this morning and they’re amazing!

Agutape 48 Rolls Washi Tape Set,Foil Gold Skinny Decorative Masking Washi Tapes,3MM Wide DIY Masking Tape

[36 Rolls] 0.5cm/ 0.2 inch Wide Colorful Washi Tapes Assorted Pure Colors, DIY Planner Craft Tape Paper Decor Scrapbooking Sticker Masking Paper Decoration, Gift Wrapping

Washi Tape Set of 7 Rolls - Travel Planner Daily Life Diary Number Weather Week Date Notebooks Decorative DIY Japanese Masking Adhesive Sticky Paper Washi Tape Set (Width: 15mm)

u/jaceyy · 1 pointr/bulletjournal

I use several cases for my tools.. I work from home, so I don't especially need one for when I'm away from home, but in case I do, I purchased this one, and I absolutely love it:
Homecube Large Capacity

A few others I have include:

(I used this one before I upgraded to the large capacity one)

4 Layer HITOP for my fineliners and muji pens.

72 Slot Pencil Wrap for my watercolor pencil crayons.

I also have two regular pencil bags I got from Indigo (in Canada) to hold my pencil crayons and watercolor markers.

Overall, I really really recommend the large capacity Homecube case!

u/fschae · 2 pointsr/bulletjournal

I felt the same when I first started. I'm still not the best but with lots of practice, Ive learned to love it! I haven't quite perfected using the Tombow Duel brush pens but I really like using just the Tombow pens with a hard or soft tip! You can find there here: hope this helps :)

u/disc0ndown · 7 pointsr/bulletjournal

I stick my journal in my purse (I have a small one) and I just got this case for my pens and mildliners! It's been awesome. All of the little compartments have been super useful.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/bulletjournal

No, I went to and all the prices were CDN$ which I assume means Canadian dollars, not USD. I guess the $8 Fudenosuke pack didn't include shipping, but otherwise there are options for CDN $10-12 dual packs, here is the mildliner 3 pack for $CDN 24 & free shipping. The Supertips were confusing but I was able to find a 100 pack for CDN$ 16.

My point was just to be a bit creative - or otherwise just spend what you're comfortable with, but assume that the person who draws you may not be spending as much money.

u/tehguava · 1 pointr/bulletjournal

Lemome! It's pretty good, thick pages with minimal bleed-through unless you use a lot of ink. Binding isn't holding up too great though.

u/_101z · 3 pointsr/bulletjournal

Looks like the Miliko Transparent Hardcover! I use that journal, too, and I love it :) There is visible ghosting depending on the pens you use, but I feel like the quality vs cost is worth it considering how cheap it is compared to other journals.

u/hellohello2204 · 4 pointsr/bulletjournal

you don't HAVE to buy anything fancy. a lot of BuJo like to have their journals be very pretty and decorated; to each their own, but functionally, all you need is a notebook and a pen. i do, however, prefer dot grid notebooks.

i got this
and then got this

i loved the aesthetic of my first one, but i'm rough with my notebooks and the paper cover ended up bending and getting torn up. the second was a plus too because it was spiral, not book bound. however, given the choice, if i got a book cover for the notebooks i would choose the second one for sure.

u/mariahgabriella_ · 1 pointr/bulletjournal

Amazon washi tape first thing that pops up for me! Super inexpensive and I love the designs

u/shth0mas · 2 pointsr/bulletjournal

My favorite atm is Tekukor

Tekukor A5 Notebook Hardcover Dot Grid - 100gsm - Dotted Pages For Bullet Journal - Black

But a quick amazon search found this

It's kind of fun to do the impossible.-WALT DISNEY: Dot Grid Journal, 110 Pages, 6X9 inches, Inspirational Quote on White matte cover, dotted ... for teens women girlsmen kids children boys

u/nthngbtblueskies · 2 pointsr/bulletjournal

Pretty tapes:

NibblesJerry Van Gogh’s Paintings Series Washi Masking Paper Tape Set of 8 Rolls(15mm X 7m) + 12 pcs Emoji Stickers for Arts, Cards,DIY Crafts,Envelopes, Gift Wrapping, Scrapbook and Daily Planners

Set of 24, Decorative Masking Tape Collection, Different Seasons Patterns for DIY Crafts,Gift Wrapping,Christmas Party Supplies (Mix)

u/helplessintheus · 1 pointr/bulletjournal

Hello! I was wondering if anyone's had experience with the Paipur Notebook, the Essentials Dot Matrix notebook or SuperiorMaker Notebook?

I am currently using the L1917 and like it a lot, but I've been wanting to use my BIC rollerball pens which bleed through. I'm looking for a dot or grid notebooks with thicker paper and preferably leather/hard cover. Page numbers aren't a huge deal to me. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

u/sotefikja · 3 pointsr/bulletjournal

Scribbles That Matter. $19 on amazon, amazing quality: No bleeding, very little ghosting, fountain pen and watercolor friendly. Pre-numbered, included index and key. And the paper is actually 115g now (the description says 100).

u/eperdu · 3 pointsr/bulletjournal

I’ve got the one on the right of this set. I can’t find it separate right now but it’s nice to have some shapes. I like the process flow stencils the most in it.

Stainless stencils

u/steffness831 · 1 pointr/bulletjournal

I personally don’t have this yet but it’s on my wishlist! I’ve read many great reviews about this brand of notebooks.

Dotted Bullet Journal/Notebook - Lemome A5 Hardcover Dot Grid Notebook with Pen Loop...

u/nopenotthisoneeither · 2 pointsr/bulletjournal

Not sure if you've already ordered from jetpens, but I found this set on Amazon today:

I'm from Canada too, and I spent a lot of time searching for them. Those ones seem like the best bet, since the order is filled by Amazon! Plus it makes ordering so much easier because there's no exchange rate to worry about!

u/jillybean31814 · 3 pointsr/bulletjournal

My go-to journal! It is inexpensive and has thick pages! I’ve tried several journals (nothing crazy expensive so I don’t have a comparison to some of the popular brands people use) but I LOVE this journal and always come back to it. I have no urge to try any other journal after finding this one.

u/harschil · 1 pointr/bulletjournal

Hi guys,
I want to start Journaling so I'm new in this sub, hopefully I can also ask for suggestions here(instead of creating a new post).
So I'm not very good at drawing hence I don't think I won't be drawing or using colours too much in it. I'll use it to track my habits, to do lists and other stuff.
Watching a youtube video, I liked these ones from BooQool as they are cheap and only "problem" looks like might be the number of pages.


Anyone has tried them? Since most probably I won't draw or colour too much, do you think there are better(or cheaper) option to buy for me?

u/nebulize · 4 pointsr/bulletjournal

Pretty sure I have the same one and I got it from amazon. It's huge!

u/PiratePandas · 4 pointsr/bulletjournal

Maybe something like this?

Or these if they're not too.. girly? I think they're nice.

u/MsNPants · 7 pointsr/bulletjournal

Amazon has a great option that's a lot less expensive than Moleskine, and IMO has a lot less bleed through. I've only been using it for a few weeks, but I like it so much more than all the Moleskines I've had.

Tekukor A5 Notebook Hardcover Dot Grid - Dotted Pages For Bullet Journal

u/jlady11 · 1 pointr/bulletjournal

All you really need to start is a pen, a journal and maybe a ruler. I got this Journal from Amazon: I really am loving it.

u/brilliantpants · 1 pointr/bulletjournal

You might want to get them the book so they know what their meant to be doing with the journal. If they lean towards being artistic some nice pens or markers would be a good start. And I’m a maniac for washi tape, so I like to include a couple rolls as part of a gift.

u/lovelillov · 2 pointsr/bulletjournal

Sounds like then she doesn't need anything too thick. Anything from 80 gsm to 100 gsm should be fine.

I'd recommend this dotted journal: Scribbles That Matter.

u/cassae · 2 pointsr/bulletjournal

I was just browsing the sales and saw this will be on sale at 5:24 AM PST. I'm almost tempted..but I'm only 60 pages in my current bullet journal haha.

I also see a lot of fountain pens that will be on sale but I'm not quite ready to make that fountain pen jump yet. I was hoping Tombows and/or mildliners would be on sale but I don't see anything :(

u/mercyme91 · 3 pointsr/bulletjournal

Dotted Notebook Hardcover Black 5x8.25, 240Pages -Best For School, Dotted Journal, Executive Notebook -100gsm Dotted Paper No Bleed Through, Elastic C

It's a bit smaller than the 1917 but I like it so far!

u/lunipertree · 1 pointr/bulletjournal

Thanks! It's the Miliko transparent a5 hardcover. I've used the dot version too but I think I like this one better. Very affordable and paper comparable to more expensive notebooks.

u/hooked_on_phishdicks · 1 pointr/bulletjournal

I'm obsessed with my Lemome notebook. It has even less bleeding than a leuchtturm and it has a really nice heavy duty hard cover. I also prefer the color but that's just preference. It's also only $15 so not nearly as expensive even though I actually think it's a better notebook. The only downside is it only has one ribbon but I think that's an okay trade-off.

u/T3a8erry · 2 pointsr/bulletjournal

This is what I use, the paper is great, it's dotted, and there is a scribble page in the back so make sure you don't have bleeding or smearing

u/wildcherrylime · 2 pointsr/bulletjournal

Yeah! Basically any size circle you want within 6 inches/15.2 cm :) The smaller ones are a bit trickier since you can't use the rotating part, there's just different-size stencils in the plate instead. Link to the helix

u/pyrostarr · 3 pointsr/bulletjournal

I found metal ones pretty similar to those on Amazon Here

u/cw4444 · 3 pointsr/bulletjournal

I got it yesterday from Amazon and it was cheap! I have a giant Kipling case that's impossibly impractical to carry around. This is like a Tardis: bigger in the inside!

The ribbon was learned from The Revision Guide. And of course I now banner everything!

u/mishaspickle · 1 pointr/bulletjournal

Im on to my second of this journal which is $15, but i think they make a different version wish is around 11 or 12. The pages don't bleed at all, and i use watercolors and such in my journal. The only downside is occasionally one gets sent out where the binding isn't the best, but if you contact customer support they'll send you a new one right away.

u/SarahSparrow16 · 4 pointsr/bulletjournal

They're called mildliners! I purchased the pack of 15 I linked here, but they also come in packages of 5 and I believe you can purchase certain colors individually too.

u/imatuesdayperson · 3 pointsr/bulletjournal

I've never tried one myself, but Redbubble has a good selection of hardcover journals! Unfortunately, there's no dot grids as far as I'm aware of- lined, graph, and blank are the only options I saw available.

I looked up "dot grid journal" on Amazon though and a bunch of hardcover ones came up! Here are a few:
Miliko Transparent Hardcover A5 Size Dot Grid Wirebound/Spiral Notebook-2 Per Pack (Dot Grid), A5 8.27inX5.67in
Bullet Journal/Notebook (2 Pack) - Hardcover Dot Grid Notebook, Premium Thick Paper Faux Leather with Fine Inner Pocket (5 x 8.25)
Dotted Bullet Journal Notebook Dot Grid BuJo Pages | Hardcover Sewn w Bookmark | Premium Thick Paper | 5x8 Made in USA

u/kirasews · 3 pointsr/bulletjournal

I use a 2 pack journal I found on Amazon. Hardcover pleather, no numbers, and dotted, with a pocket in the back. For 14$ (so 7 a piece).
The pages are thick enough that I can use my crayola supertip markers and have no bleeding, but not excessively thick.

I also have a Minimalist Art notebook. I haven't actually used this one, but the pages are thick. 100gsm. IMO, I think they'll be too thick for my liking, but it depends on what you do with your bujo.

u/senorbiloba · 3 pointsr/bulletjournal

I really like the Scribbles That Matter brand on amazon, the kind without dumb glyphs embossed on the cover. Roughly $20, good paper thickness, nice colors, pen holder.

I tried the Leuchturm once, but found the pages to be too thin, and missed the pen loop.

u/lannanh · 9 pointsr/bulletjournal

You might like these.
48 Rolls Washi Tape Set,Foil Gold Skinny Decorative Masking Washi Tapes,3MM Wide DIY Masking Tape

u/WanboNI · 1 pointr/bulletjournal

This one from Lenome is also a contender. It has 120gsm paper, the Scribbles That Matter is actually only 100gsm

This is a handy video which compares a few journals......the STM and Lenome are in the Top 3

u/K_Moxy · 1 pointr/bulletjournal

I really like these spiral notebooks from Amazon. I haven't had any issue with bleeding ink, but I use mostly ball point pens.

u/Couldnt_thinkof_it · 2 pointsr/bulletjournal

Im using Miliko Transparent Hardcover

Forgive me if that didn't link right, I'm usually a lurker, not a poster. And I'm on my mobile

u/Ethereal_Void · 1 pointr/bulletjournal

From Ryder Carrol (the creator of BuJo) - Book:

>Breaking down goals into Sprints mitigates the risks of being overwhelmed and fatigued.

The idea is to break down your goals into sprints, by doing so you can create a momentum by completing each sprint and keeping you motivated.

u/bornonjupiter · 2 pointsr/bulletjournal

I really like this one - Lihit Lab Pen Case. Tombow brush pens will fit in the back pocket. If you want something bigger, there's the Kipling 100 Pens Case, but I don't really like that one because the slots in the front only hold really thin pens (like Gelly Roll sized).

u/Dradae · 1 pointr/bulletjournal

Scribbles That Matter has a notebook with heavy 160 gms paper nowadays, same weight as the Olive & Archer books. Might be worth a try.

u/barriss · 2 pointsr/bulletjournal

Leuchtturm1917 Medium Size Hardcover A5 Notebook - Dotted Pages - Black

Scroll down to customer questions! But maybe your journal is a different size

u/LollyLikesTeaAndCake · 2 pointsr/bulletjournal

I use the leuchtturm1917 journal

LEUCHTTURM1917 (329398) Notebook Medium (A5), Hardcover, 251 Numbered Pages, Dotted, Black

u/mjsmith1223 · 1 pointr/bulletjournal

I'm looking at this one for myself: LIHIT LAB Pen Case, Black, 4.7 x 7.9" (A7551-24)

u/the_letter_seven · 3 pointsr/bulletjournal

They’re the zebra mildliners that a lot of people use. I bought the three pack that I linked but I mostly use the ones from the blue pack.

u/bibliotekarina · 1 pointr/bulletjournal

I use Zebra Mildliners, I bought this pack of 15:

The fourth color down is the red one that comes in the middle pack

u/mvong91 · 2 pointsr/bulletjournal

For the lettering I used the this tombow brush pen (soft tip), and stabilo fineliners for the flowers!

Edit: I haven’t posted much on reddit so forgive my formatting! ><

u/rain_b · 8 pointsr/bulletjournal

You can find that exact tape here or here, it also tells you the length of the roll which is 4 meters. An A5 size paper is 210 mm on the long side so you could line 19 pages on the long side with a roll of the tape.

u/itsonlyliz · 2 pointsr/bulletjournal

I started using a moleskine watercolor album for this purpose. Though, I'm trying to find a middle ground. I'm thinking of trying this journal next:

u/MoonPrisimPower · 2 pointsr/bulletjournal

I will swear by my Leuchtturm 1917 , a set of Microns, and a small ruler.

But in reality, Start with anything you have.

u/pipnwig · 5 pointsr/bulletjournal

I personally really dig nature-themed washi tape. I own these ones and they're stunning as hell. These are also great and inspire themes for me all the time. I also own this tape and I'm obsessed with it.

Just Google whatever theme you want + washi tape and you'll find plenty of options.

Edit: holy shit "gothic washi tape" yielded some kick ass results too.

u/MadnessMaiden · 1 pointr/bulletjournal

Whoops. Sorry to assume gender. Yeah I was really disappointed by the leuchterm's ghosting. I think the hype over it set me up for disappointment. I am currently using a cheaper lemome. It has good thick pages and virtually no ghosting.

u/RAND0M-HER0 · 2 pointsr/bulletjournal

Do they have a timeline on their website? I usually wait until the latest estimated date and then I contact the seller. It's happened a few times where something I ordered didn't show and they just resent it.

Worst case Ontario, they're available through Amazon Prime right now