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u/psychosox · 1 pointr/calmhands

Hey Wyld.

Good luck on this, as you will need it. It is super difficult to quit. I'm about two months clean, though. I've posted a few times the method that worked for me and hopefully it can work for you, too, as I had the exact same issue.

I bought this stuff: and put it on my fingernails and cuticles. I reapplied every other day. This stuff tastes super bad, but it worked for me. I wore it for about two weeks total and I haven't had an irresistible urge to bite since then. It still goes through my mind pretty commonly, but it is now easy to win that battle with myself.

I strongly recommend giving this a shot and letting me know how it does for you. I wish you all the best on this, as it is a awful affliction to deal with. Good luck.

u/emmavioletwells · 31 pointsr/calmhands

Let me start by saying this: I would have included a before pic but I was so ashamed that I never took any pictures when I was constantly biting my nails/cuticles. I am in my early 20s and I've been doing this to them since before I can remember (early childhood). I first tried to stop around 14, and have struggled since then. It is such an ingrained stress response/habit that it's taken me years to retrain myself. It was easier to stop biting my nails and I haven't done so at all in 6 months, but my cuticles/surrounding skin are another story. This is something I still struggle with as it's triggered by stress and I don't realize I've started until they're trashed. However, since January it's happened less and less, now maybe once a month or less.

What caused the change in me? Honestly, it was never one single thing. I have been building my ability to resist for years. I realize this is cliche but one important thing is to never give up. I've had too many backslides to count, from 1 day to even half a year at the most. What's helped me is NEVER accepting defeat, and always eventually trying again. One motivating factor was that I've always wanted to have nice nails for getting engaged/married. It was in January that that became an event occurring sooner rather than later, so I will definitely say that has helped me stay focused!

There was one part of stopping the habit that scared me after years of constantly damaging my nails and cuticles: would they ever properly heal and grow back 'normal'? As of yet I still do not have one straight answer. I will say that the strength in my nails has improved, although it is slow going. I am still on the lookout for products to help with this, although I think only time will help. I also tend to have some nails which are very ridged, but they've also continued to smooth out. Finally, there is one cuticle I have which was permanently damaged in a way that's difficult to explain. Basically, it grows in three separate sections, almost as if it's cut. I was absolutely AMAZED when it started to grow 'connected' again! I will say this it sometimes splits still, but it is definitely progress and I hope one day it's completely healed. So, if you're in the same boat and worried permanent damage has been done, I can't make any promises but I will say it's amazing how well they can bounce back - even if it takes months or years to reverse it.


What helped me:

  • Homemade nail oil pens - all you need are empty containers and Jojoba oil
  • Burt's Bees lemon cuticle cream - I use this as extra moisturization/to 'seal' in the jojoba oil
  • Splitting/cracking nails? Use brush on nail glue - WAY more effective/simple than the tea bag technique for me personally!
  • 24/7 painted nails - letting them 'breathe' may be generally good advice, but I promise you biting them is more damaging
  • No nail clippers/glass files only - I cannot tell you how much this helped my nails to stay strong and not constantly crack/split

    There is honestly so much more I could say but this post would be a book! I'm just taking the time now to sit back and enjoy all of my progress.
u/Ironhandtiger · 7 pointsr/calmhands

I know the pain, skin picking was one of my biggest issues back when my nails were longer. A couple things I recommend:

Lotion or some other moisturizer - it can really help keep your skin smooth so it's harder to pick at in the first place. Lots of other people on this sub tend to suggest this and have some ideas for what to use. I see Burt's Bees cuticle cream (amazon link) pretty often on other posts, so maybe give that a shot.

Fidget object - often I find that I start picking at my fingers when I'm nervous or need to keep my hands busy and having something to toy with seriously helps. Often I'll use a ribbon, drum my fingernails on a surface, mess with my hair, or clasp and un-clasp my watch. Anything to keep my hands busy. I recently pre-ordered the highly anticipated fidget cube that many people have been watching on this sub and am hoping for the best.

Keep your nails short - This one is hard for me because I like to keep my nails longer as (a) it lets me use them, (b) acts as positive reinforcement, (c) is necessary if they're ever going to reach a nice shape again, and (d) is nice for drumming on my phone or desk, but by keeping them shorter, it makes it very difficult to pick at the skin or other nails when they start to flake/chip.

That's all I've got. I hope this is in anyway helpful to you or others who have the same problem. Best of luck!

u/marbila · 3 pointsr/calmhands

You have already done one step forward, you're determined to have healthy fingers.

I've read posts where some people recommend the finger gloves. I think it would help if you use neosporin like some already recommended you or Lucas' papaw ointment.

Happy belated birthday! 🤗

u/Panineat · 2 pointsr/calmhands

Oiling your cuticles will:

  1. make them soft and less tempting to pick at

  2. make the new nail growth stronger and healthier

  3. give you something to do other than biting/picking

    I like these Bliss Kiss nail oil pens

    Many people love Burts Bees cuticle cream

    Just put some around your nail on the cuticles and rub it in daily. I also recommend doing your own research to see what works for other people
u/nailbiterthrowaway66 · 2 pointsr/calmhands

I'm going to ramble in this comment a little bit because this post is more for me to come back to as the year progresses

I initially attempted to stop nail baiting on January 1, 2016 but ran into a few issues. I had about 80 packs of gum I had gotten from some deals, and was trying to chew that all the time to prevent biting nails, but my jaw started to hurt. I reduced gum intake and started biting again. I still have like 40 packs of gum so I will restart this and try to just move the gum around my mouth rather than chew it.

I purchased these gloves on Amazon because they were lightweight ones I could wear at home. They work and are pretty comfortable, but since they are silk the fingertips tear kind of easily (my index fingers both did but it's okay). I was unable to find other lightweight gloves that might hold up better. They are thin, breathable, and you can usually type and use a touchscreen decently with them. I really recommend getting these and put them on the moment you get home or are out or do anything.

I started to relapse in the last half of 2016 because I was trimming/filing my nails and they would be uneven and snag a lot so I was trying to "remedy" this with my teeth. I would basically bite them but there would still be white nail left on the top. If you can see in the pictures, the nail beds themselves are uneven and the nails grow unevenly and I try to remedy that with my teeth.

These pictures are after about two weeks to finish the year of not biting. My thumbs I've actually done really well with since ~ March of 2016. I don't think I ever bite my thumbs at all. A big problem I have is that the nails get dirty because of the gaps underneath them and I try to use my teeth to clean it. That is something I need to avoid as well.

There's my ramble. I plan to take photos on the first day of every month this year to track progress, and I will probably purchase a small metal nail file, maybe that I can even keep in my wallet to take out when i want it. The one on the Swiss Army Knife on my keys is shit.

u/cosmicwhalenoises · 2 pointsr/calmhands

Wanted to post something that I recently started that seems to have helped (so far!) I found this while shopping amazon for some unrelated products. I work in a bar, and to clean the glasses we use some really heavy-duty anti-bacterial stuff, so my cuticles and hands get really dry and then I pick / bite at them. I like a lot of Burt's Bees products, and they're all natural/no animal testing so I figured why not try it out.

The product is more like a balm-- I swirl my finger in it and then rub it into my nails and cuticles. It smells absolutely divine, like lemon cakes, but it doesn't really taste great. I started rubbing this stuff into my nails whenever I get the urge to bite/pick and have slowly started to replace the habit with that. I'm not sure if this'll work in the long run, but I already feel the urge to bite and pick lessening. I've been a nail biter and mild dermotillomaniac for as long as I can remember... so that's a huge step for me.

Hope this helps someone! :)

u/FerretWithASpork · 1 pointr/calmhands

I've been using Bliss Kiss pens. I actually peel the label off them so I can see the jojoba oil better. I find it really satisfying to watch the tube get smaller and smaller every day.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/calmhands

I've had positive results with QTICA. It's a small jar but just a dab of the stuff easily moisturizes all of my nails. I probably put it on an average of once per week or so and my original jar has lasted me a full year.

u/Amplitude · 1 pointr/calmhands

The best thing that's worked for me is a thick cuticle balm. Burt's Bees, or Badger Balm both make a product like this. I keep it with me especially for occasions when I'm prone to picking: during a movie, while reading, studying, long car trips.
The act of rubbing balm into each fingertip fulfills the compulsion to do something with my hands. And when you're done the skin is soft & impossible to tear at! Also it does not taste good. Try it!

u/vanillayanyan · 3 pointsr/calmhands

I have ADHD and I bit my nails pretty badly too. It's been 79 days since I've last bit my nails.

I use this fidget toy which has been the best I've ever used because it keeps my hand busy and I can roll/twirl it with my entire hand!

I also use a goal tracker app where I "x" out the days I haven't bitten to help keep me on track.

My nails tend to split it peel and I use Nailtiques formula 2 and I think it works because it feels a lot less and I've had to actually cut and file my nails!

If my nails do split or break I use a nail file to shape them.

I've been biting my nails for over 20 years and this has been my best streak. I've relapsed twice in my previous streaks but this has definitely been the longest.

I believe in you!

u/Treat_Choself · 2 pointsr/calmhands

Something to occupy his hands will help, especially because if you see him biting you can say, hey why don't you play w/ ____ , which is a positive reinforcement rather than just don't do that. I gave one of these to my friend's daughter who was picking her cuticles when she was about 6, she's 10 now and to this day when I see her she will bring it up and tell me how much it helps.

u/Rymnenocerous · 11 pointsr/calmhands

I've been biting my fecking nails for 25 years and only recently have been able to get some progress. It's been about three months and I still slip occasionally but what's been really helpful is this .

It goes on invisibly, doesn't smell and tastes like sour ass strong enough to make you notice what you're doing. No matter what you do though you're going to start having to make conscience decisions to stop when catch yourself. Hope this helps, rooting for ya.

u/zomgkitteh4ever · 3 pointsr/calmhands

If you pick when you're anxious I would strongly recommend a fidget toy, like tangle toys or the fidget cube.

I started using one of these and it helped me immensely because I could fidget with that instead of picking my nails.

They are pretty cheap so it's a great place to start even if it might not work for you

u/Bilbo_Fraggins · 5 pointsr/calmhands

Do not clip my cuticles, but these are the shit for nails anyway...

u/kiligcat · 6 pointsr/calmhands

I’m so glad to hear this! When I first found this forum that’s also how I felt seeing others progress, so I’m so glad these posts are encouraging others now. For cuticles and skin, this brand of jojoba oil has helped a lot:

u/avocadotoastplease · 1 pointr/calmhands

Cheaper, bigger tin with a similar consistency and ingredients (had current since December and I still have ~30% left) is badger balm! It's amazing and also available on Amazon here

u/alteredcarbon58 · 1 pointr/calmhands

These are good. Very sharp, and they catch the clippings inside of it so they don't go flying off to god knows where. Comes with a curved nail file too!

u/withdavidbowie · 2 pointsr/calmhands

I have, but they definitely aren't a cure. I kind of have to alternate between them or I get bored and stop using one. The ones I use are:
-- a fidget cube (in my case, a fidget dodecagon
-- a tangle toy
-- thinking putty

I really want to get a spinner ring, but I keep forgetting to measure my ring size for my thumb and I want it to fit right.

u/m1cro83hunt3r · 3 pointsr/calmhands

There are a few products that could help:

Mavala Switzerland Mavala Stop nail biting, 0.3 Fl Oz

Nail Quail - Strong Will Anti-Nail Biting Click Pen, 7ml, Made in USA

u/avictorioussecret · 1 pointr/calmhands

What helped me to not bite also has been painting my nails. I bought a strengthening polish and took a few minutes every day to paint them with it.

I used these two:

OPI Nail Envy Original, 0.5 Ounce

Nailtiques Formula 2 Protein, .5 Ounce

u/omnidirectional · 3 pointsr/calmhands

I have a similar unconscious habit, and I need a strong and consistent reminder not to do it. Paint this stuff on the parts that you don't want to bite, and you will quickly learn not to bite there =;-)

u/miggitymikeb · 1 pointr/calmhands

"Orly Cuticle Therapy Creme" was by far the best thing I ever found. It works basically overnight for me. It says its nails and cuticles, but it works wonders on the skin around the nail too.


u/avalove19 · 1 pointr/calmhands

So sorry for the late response but what really helped me stop nail biting once and for all is to use the Mavala nail polish that is specifically designed to stop nail biting (you can get it on amazon: or The taste is sooo bitter and disgusting that you don't want to put your finger back in your mouth. The only downside is that it can rub off onto finger foods or cooking, so if you eat chips or grab food with your nails you will taste the polish. But it's a small price to pay for long term reward. I cannot tell you how badly my nail biting was until I used this nail polish and now I have the longest nails out of all my friends. I hope you try it out some time! Good luck!

u/PatchLu · 2 pointsr/calmhands

I got recommended [this] ( so I bought it a few days ago to see if it'll work!

u/Chipchipcherryo · 17 pointsr/calmhands

I just started using this bitter nail polish. I didn't paint my entire nail since it's a bit shiny and I'm a guy.

So I dipped a toothpick into the polish and applied it just to the very edge of the nail and under the nail. The polish stays on for a long time and a small amount is all you need. This stuff is gross but is long lasting.

I also found that I bite my nails when I drive. So I bought driving gloves. I'm sure I look silly to others but I can't bite my nails with them on.

u/Kthanid · 2 pointsr/calmhands

Give Mavala Stop a shot. I've tried some of the other similar concepts and quickly grew used to the taste. This one is pretty awful and serves as a very fast reminder when I'm doing it unconsciously.

Unfortunately, this also makes anything you touch with your fingers taste like shit. It's an unfortunate side effect, but I'll take it (my biggest problem is remembering to put the stuff on in the first place, once on it does a pretty good job).

u/shakey_bakey · 1 pointr/calmhands

I use clear nail polish on my nails to put a physical barrier there. I don't like the plastic texture of it. I use this this when I know I'm going to be stressing out:

It works really well during finals. It usually takes only one application to remind me not to bite. In addition, I file regularly (once or twice a week) to keep the edges from splintering. I also use a lot of cuticle oil to keep my cuticles from getting dry. At night, I use a really thick hydrating cream to make my hands smoother. It all keeps me from picking at everything.

u/wolfheart1125 · 3 pointsr/calmhands

Amazon Although I did see that says but to be used for children under 3, so its only an option if nothing else works until then...

u/poorsoi · 1 pointr/calmhands

That happened to me with Mavala Stop. It transfers with even the lightest touch, so you can't cook or touch your face at all without somehow getting it in your mouth.

u/Lazy_Gremlin · 3 pointsr/calmhands

I have found no bite nail polish to help a ton. Mavala Switzerland Mavala Stop Nail Biting, 0.3 oz

u/raygan · 1 pointr/calmhands

I've been carrying this cuticle oil pen around with me and it's made an enormous difference. I find that if my cuticles are soft I have no urge to bite or pick at them.

u/crushabitlilbitt · 3 pointsr/calmhands

I order everything on Amazon lol.

argan oil

jojoba oil

gloves I try to force myself to wear when I'm out and about

good cuticle oil pen

I don't know if this is "right" but I trim the dead skin when I get out of the shower (because I find it getting caught on things like my animals or clothes like when the skin gets stuck in the fibers omg kill me). I also file the dry/callused skin to avoid the same.

You are 100% not alone and we're all here for you <3 One day at a time and it's never too late in the day to start.