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u/TheClouse · 10 pointsr/cardmagic

Wayne Dobson has MS and is paralyzed from the neck down. He is still creating mind-blowing magic.

Mahdi was born without hands and fooled Penn & Teller.


Look into Mentalism. Max Maven's book PRISM is amazing. A cheaper alternative is Ted Annemann's Practical Mental Effects(magic) and Corinda's 13 steps to mentalism.
. The last two probably have free PDFs out there in public domain.

There is a lot of very clever and fun "hands off" magic.

Do what you can physically. Cards and coins are a great way to build finger dexterity. But don't feel you are excluded from the art due to any handicap.

Find card tricks that take place in the spectator's hands. Scam School had a great trick this week where you don't have to touch the cards at all.

They also have this one. As well as this one.

Thank you /u/scamschoolbrian, perhaps you know some more great references.

Plus, Diamond Jim Tyler has the "Bamboozler" series that have hundreds of bar bets, puzzles, and tricks that you can simply instruct people through while blowing their minds.

You'd be surprised how many people you'll entertain with something as simple as this or it's austrailian counterpart.

Head on over to r/magic and checkout the side bar. Let other people be your hands and amaze them with your mind.

u/R3w1 · 1 pointr/cardmagic

Here's some beginner tricks that I learned from YouTube when I first started:

Biddle Trick

Don't know what its called but the title says "Slop"

Three Card Monte this one is a bit more difficult. Make sure you practice this so you don't flash a card!

For novinces, these tricks are all fine and good, but you should really get proficient at sleights. I can't recommend The Royal Road to Card Magic (and its on sale right now!

The Royal Road is what I used (along with Complete Card Magic with Gerry Griffin and a Royal Road Deluxe Edition that they've stopped producing ^(you can still find dvd's on it but not the specific one I have). However, the book is better than both of these, although they are good for reference should you get stuck or confused on a part). The royal road is very very good. A good investment and teacher

u/theitgrunt · 1 pointr/cardmagic

Royal Road to Card Magic is mentioned by another response... Other books that are considered the Sacred Texts of card magic would include Expert at the Card Table and Expert Card Technique...

Expert of the Card Table is has an interesting history and covers many gambling sleights that have some application in card magic. Depending on the edition, I believe there is some errata, but you can find the corrections online fairly easily.

I personally love Expert Card Technique because it covers so many slights and classic card magic effects. It has illustrations that are helpful.

u/genghisjahn · 1 pointr/cardmagic

For me, the DVDs for Royal Road were better.

As for books, I found Card College Vol 1(Giobbi) to be extremely helpful.

u/SpeakeasyImprov · 3 pointsr/cardmagic

Note that in some parts, the hand diagram doesn't match what's being described in the method. I'm not sure why! I watched a DVD to help me through some of those confusing parts.

u/the_jackson_norman · 1 pointr/cardmagic

I have a card storage box like this I put all my worn out stuff in this as well as those promo cards and some gaffs like double backers. It keeps them somewhat organized and out of my way I often go into this box when I need to make my own gaffs or replace a card etc.

u/mikeking2001 · 1 pointr/cardmagic

Or you can get the Kindle e-book version which you can view on Android or iOS, It is just $2.28 on Amazon...

u/_Bulla_ · 2 pointsr/cardmagic

I mainly film on an external webcam. Very cheap and old model. Logitech C270. To film from my perspective I just use my cell phone and a tripod. You can find them fairly cheap.
There are also ways to make your own stands with stuff around you