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u/CM400 · 2 pointsr/carnivorousplants

I think an American pitcher would probably eat the most, but I don't think they will be as effective as you'd like. Carnivorous plants can be difficult to care for, but they are beautiful and enjoyable to own. If you decide to try, I recommend picking up the book Savage Garden, it will give you a good basis for understanding and caring for them, and California Carnivores is a reputable place to buy them.
I mentioned Sarracenia earlier, but since it will not really solve your problem (with just a couple of plants, at least), I would personally go with one of the many sundews available, since they are pretty AND you can watch the mechanism they employ to eat, though, depending on the flies you have, they may not be very attracted to the plant.

Good luck, and I hope it works out for you.

u/TylerOnCheese · 1 pointr/carnivorousplants

I believe you can. I've definitely seen some at Lowe's. Make sure not get anything from Miracle grow, as they put fertilizer in their products which will kill them. I believe for peat moss this stuff will be good

For the perlite there's a lot of options. Again don't get anything made by miracle grow. If your looking for Long Fibered Sphagnum moss, then you might just want to order some off of amazon. A lot of the stuff at gardening centers is of very low quality. I use this stuff for my Venus Flytraps and it works great, just make sure to water a bit less because it tends to hold waters more than the peat/perlite mix


u/stitz25b · 2 pointsr/carnivorousplants

I think its most likely the fact that the bulb just isnt strong enough. I would highly suggest upgrading the light. Remove the heat as its unnecessary. Look at either 2xt5 cool white bulbs 6500-8000k. Alternatively look at a decent aquarium plant LED. Fluval do a plants 3.0 light, Arcadia do jungle dawn strips and Beamswork do budged options. They would give you better results for the sundew. For the VFT you definitely want powerful t5s, but the best option is outside as itll want to go dormant in the upcoming winter






screw bulb

strip light

u/KiloJools · 1 pointr/carnivorousplants

Yes, I think it is. I usually place my sundew somewhere that I won't accidentally disturb it once all the flowers have bloomed (so that as the seeds develop, I don't knock as many out of the flowers by accident). Then, once the stem starts to turn brown I put a small paper bag under the flowers and clip the stem so it falls into the bag - a bunch of seeds will fall out, and you can tap/shake the rest out.

You can also choose to get a thin woven bag like this:
(You can find them at stores that sell wedding or craft supplies too) and put it right on the flower stalk after all the flowers have bloomed and pull the strings tight. That will keep most of the seeds in the bag when they fall out.

I have collected quite a lot of seed over the years and I often trade it in seed swaps!

u/ImaginaryCheetah · 5 pointsr/carnivorousplants

i second the suggestion to mist the pitchers.

saw a guy on youtube suggesting it, and his plants were full of pitchers!

got this mister the other week just for spraying my nepenthis, works great!

u/benkenobi_hellothere · 2 pointsr/carnivorousplants

I'm looking to grow these in one of those plastic walk In greenhouses with a marshydro 600w growlight + a mister. Will this be effective. Here's a link to the greenhouse;OGrow Deluxe Walk-In 3-Tier 6-Shelf Portable Greenhouse

u/LAZZZERS · 2 pointsr/carnivorousplants

Actually DE only works on things with exoskeletons. It actually works as a desiccant by microscopically scratching the exoskeletons and the bugs dehydrate. For fungus gnats you really need to kill the larvae. That breaks the life cycle and they do the damage anyways. I use this. It’s basically a organic biological control. Just corn bits coated in BT bacteria. Like the stuff they use for caterpillars but this targets mosquito larvae and by relation house fly and fungus gnat larvae so its a bonus you can use it for both. Add some into a water container. Shake. Let’s sit for a few hours for the bacteria coating to dissolve. Top water so the bacteria laced water soaks the media. Larvae eat the bacteria. They die. Easy peasy. You can sprinkle on the top of the soil and water through but I’ve found this less effective though time saving if u have lots of plants. Summit Responsible Solutions Mosquito Bits - Quick Kill, 30 Ounce