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u/vampire_kitty · 2 pointsr/catpictures

lmao To be fair, ALL cats are weird. I think that's partly why we love them so much. :) My cat already used a cat bed similar to the one I got which is heated - this one to be precise - so she took to this one right away. It gets warmer when she gets in it though it's always a bit warm to help attract her to it. If your cat loves heat as much as you say, might work. But, as you say, some cats can be assholes so who knows? Best of luck to you and your heat seeking kitty!

u/gimar · 3 pointsr/catpictures

I use Precious Cat. I honestly don't know if it does anything, but it gives me a little peace of mind knowing I'm doing all I can.

Congratulations on your new kitty, hopefully the older boy will see her as a playmate!

u/NextDayAir · 1 pointr/catpictures

posted this on another thread but here it is again for you

>our cats love running water too... you may want to try getting one of these ... they even got bigger ones if you have more cats... and, if your tap water is good enough, you don't even need to use the filters... plus, it's all dishwasher save (unless you get the extra reservoir bottle)

u/angrygnome · 2 pointsr/catpictures

I bought my Charlie a ceramic version of this and he drinks water now like all the time, even when its near his food bowl. He also likes to touch the stream with his paw, it fascinates him.

u/boardmonkey · 25 pointsr/catpictures

I bought these. Work perfectly for old homes like ours.

u/pertnear · 2 pointsr/catpictures

You'll be needing this book. My dad used to read it to me all the time. We lost the copy we had when I was growing up so last year I found one and bought it. Pickles the Cat has a special place in my heart.

u/cheshire137 · 1 pointr/catpictures

We got Purrloom Popcorn up here! I loved Ghost Eye as a child.

u/jessicay · 3 pointsr/catpictures

Exactly. Our cat was always licking the faucet to signal us to turn it on. We bought one of these and he loves it, and has also stopped licking the faucet.

u/meilifly · 1 pointr/catpictures

I’m trying to post the link but it doesn’t seem to be working??

Here’s the url

Cat Tree for Large Cats - Queensplace XXL Blackline Light Grey - 40 inch 40 lbs 8 inch Ø poles - Tested up to 88 lbs!! - Total size 40x24x24 inch - Cat Scratcher scratching post activity center Cat Tr

u/lols · 1 pointr/catpictures

Regarding the weather, you said that you don't open the entrance frequently in the winter because of the cold. Have you considered reconstructing the entrance to weather-proof it and keep it open all year? Something like this comes to mind.

u/claypigeon-alleg · 2 pointsr/catpictures

You can later. In the mean time, you're going to need one of these.

u/redheaddit · 3 pointsr/catpictures

Have you thought about grief counseling? There is counseling available for pet owners. It's ok, you can grieve people other than humans. If you can't find any local groups, or want anonymity, there are support groups online and via phone. There are many books on the subject, too. Here are some links:

u/Mughi · 2 pointsr/catpictures

They have old heating pads in them that were originally bought who-knows-where. The pads are fake lambswool, so they're soft, and they don't get particularly warm; just enough to keep the chill away. They may have originally been from a drugstore.

My Dad also once built a large aviary with a heated nesting box inside, and he used heating cable in that -- something like this. You could put cable down and cover it with an old towel or sleeping pad.

Here's Sadie again, by the way.