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u/stametsprime · 2 pointsr/cedarrapids

This stuff works great for spot cleaning and this is good for carpet and cloth interiors all over.

Grab one of these next time you're at WalMart (Aisle 12, near the plastic horse dongs) and do it yourself- you'll save money over a professional detailer; you'll have the hardware to use elsewhere; and most importantly, you won't be that guy who drops off a spew-filled car and expects someone else to take care of it. There are a pile of auto detailing videos on youtube that give good tips and techniques. AmmoNYC and Car Cleaning Guru are where I'd start.

u/wolframajax · 15 pointsr/cedarrapids

Seriously, why is this still an issue. Please, listen to me and you will never have an item stolen from your garage again..

here are my step to winning this war.

  1. There is a $25 wireless camera you can buy at home depot or amazon.
  2. buy a few smart lights that connect to your wireless. something like this, your choice
  3. buy a few smart socket plugs that work with wifi
  4. create an account and ties all these device together.

    So this would be the easy way to do this, my setup is a little more complex but it works like this.

    The wyze cam is in the corner of my garage and can see all doors and windows, when it senses movement the camera sends a notice to which can then simply turn on the lights and I also have an old radio plugged into the smart switches in the on position and they get blasted with a loud radio.


    In my case, I use the wyse to fire a trigger to the lights to alternate the light to blink red and blue, but you dont have to be that fancy as lights and loud AM talk radio will scare away most meth heads.


    So for under $100 you can protect your property while you are away or sleeping.


    Adding this part, I do not work for Wyze, I only use their products. but making this even easier for people is Wyse also makes lightbulbs and will soon be making switches that can trigger off movement in the camera.
u/deal_with_it99 · 3 pointsr/cedarrapids

Here you go.:

My Speed test Result - Download 158.28 Mbps - Upload 28.88 Mbps - Ping 24 Ms. What's yours? #SpeedSmart #speedtest

My Speed test Result - Download 192.55 Mbps - Upload 31.59 Mbps - Ping 29 Ms. What's yours? #SpeedSmart #speedtest

My Speed test Result - Download 168.38 Mbps - Upload 31.72 Mbps - Ping 26 Ms. What's yours? #SpeedSmart #speedtest

Depending on server location I can be as fast as 220 down and 30 up

I pay for 200 Mbps connection about $85/mo. I usemy own equipment, including modem. That using 5GHz wireless. It's faster when networked.

NETGEAR CM500-1AZNAS (16x4) DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem, Max download speeds of 686Mbps, Certified for Xfinity from Comcast, Spectrum, Cox, Cablevision & more

NETGEAR Smart WiFi Router with Dual Band Gigabit for Amazon Echo/Alexa - AC1750 (R6400-100NAS)

I won't use Mediacom provided equipment.

Never hit the 2TB cap. Not even close. We stream exclusively and game. Even when the kids are home on holiday.

u/DrewsChainz · 1 pointr/cedarrapids

What is your data plan with Mediacom?

What is your budget for a new router?

Do you own a modem compatible with Mediacom? Or are you looking to buy a modem-router combo?

I’ve been using the ASUS RT-AC68U over the last year. I have it centrally located on the 1st floor. It provides excellent coverage to my basement and 2nd floor.

Note, you’ll need to pair this with a cable modem as it is not a modem-router combo. I pair mine with the NETGEAR CM1000.

u/idontlikeoatmeal · 3 pointsr/cedarrapids

I'm on the south side of Marion and have this one from Amazon mounted in my attic and ran to a splitter in the basement for the whole house. It's out of stock at the moment but it works great. From what I read, it is made by the smae people as the more expensive Mohu Sky models and branded for Amazon.

We also subscribe to SlingTV, Netflix, Amazon Prime and I use SlingTV for ESPN and for Disney for the kids. I also use adfreetime so I can watch the Cardinals on without blackouts. I don't plan on getting cable or satellite ever again unless I move somewhere with terrible internet.

u/Needsglasses2017 · 2 pointsr/cedarrapids

I'm also in the area and need glasses. It appears only the packs aren't sold out if you don't want to break the bank. If there is enough interest maybe I could buy this pack of 10 and then we could all split the cost for whoever is still looking?

Doing a little more research on actual certified vendors to see if that link is legit, but the offer would remain once we found a legit seller on amazon.

u/fenrir511 · 2 pointsr/cedarrapids

Pretty cheap, very useful. It's going to be hard for you to just anecdotally measure. And your property manager is more likely to listen if you send in a problem stating "the fridge is averaging X kwh a day, which is Y kwh over what the manufacturer says is it's normal operating time"

u/ReturningThisHour · 2 pointsr/cedarrapids

Most places in town with a sauna or pool will run you at least $40 a month. I opted for a cheaper gym membership and bought this portable sauna off Amazon - Works really well.

u/jrhelbert · 6 pointsr/cedarrapids

I live out by Urbana and we dropped our DirecTV back in August. I picked up this antenna:

I placed it in my attic and have had great reception with it. I can even pick up several stations from Quad Cities and Des Moines even.

I do have the advantage of living on top of a hill in the country with very few trees around, but I would expect you'd have no problem picking up the main local channels in Cedar Rapids.

I like the fact that it is omni-directional since the antennas in our area are scattered all over the place.

u/mustanggt50conv · 1 pointr/cedarrapids

Go with ImOn. Buy this modem in advance for $20 shipped so you aren't paying $10/month rent:

u/boffman · 3 pointsr/cedarrapids

look into liquid chalk. It doesn't make a mess like regular powdered chalk. I use it at my gym that has a 'no chalk' rule. Personal trainers have seen me use it and haven't made a single comment.

u/JaberJaw1978 · 1 pointr/cedarrapids

There is a bunch of stories about the black angel in Iowa City. There was a book published about it and other places in Iowa City about 10 years ago. Haunted Iowa City (Haunted America)

u/tequila_mockingbirds · 1 pointr/cedarrapids

And negatory, damnit. They came today and the wrong ones. This is what I get for not yanking one out and looking at it. I need these ones. With the thinner tip at the bottom, but the ones I got, don't have that little tip, they end jsut keep going. Don't suppose you have a spare 4mm or 5mm of the above?

u/Zeus_poops_and_shoes · 4 pointsr/cedarrapids

Here you go, dum dum. Fucked yourself over a $12 poster, and the girl STILL wasn't impressed.

u/agnizab_ · 4 pointsr/cedarrapids

don't do a service. you pay $40/mo. this is from my own personal experience.

i had basement monitoring and a bird got in there and triggered it. i know, seems like my fault. working though and getting a call from them saying there was movement in my house i said hell ya send the cops and i'll start heading home myself.

well i got home to the cops ticket saying "false alarm == $90 fine". so i said no more of that. why do i pay 40/mo so i can get fined on a false alarm. i set up my own system that emails me screenshots when movement is noticed in the house. it was a $50 wireless camera