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u/AmvetSB · 2 pointsr/chastity

>Nearly any vendor that sells chastity devices also sells the keyholder plastic locks, they work fine for devices that secure with a small luggage lock. These vendors also typically send a handful of those with your device.
>Like u/Hyora indicated, you can also get the tamper-evident zip-ties with serial numbers on them
>That said, "locks are for honest people", so, figure out how to be the most honest you can be, for you and anyone else that you are involving with this... Those seals can be used on the device itself, OR you can use it to seal the actual key away. I personally prefer the solid nature of an actual padlock. consider this, as well as if you find yourself in a device with an internal lock that you cannot replace with a seal... You can take a piece of tubing and notch one end so the head of the key can fit just down inside that end, then drill/poke a hole through the resulting 'flaps' at the same point where the keyring hole is in the key, then run the seal through it. Like this:
>This is a very easy thing to DIY with a piece of old garden hose or anything that can support the key and a hole through it. Keep it simple, right? I personally use this for my emergency key.. Now then, what to do with the other key... Well, obviously the hottest and most exciting place to keep that is in your girlfriend/wife/keyholder's control, like as a necklace pendant or whatever... Another option is to purchase a combination style realtor key box. You can find these at most any hardware store for about $25 or online for even cheaper. I use this:
>I've got a few of them as I use them for more than just a chastity key! Anyway, every time you secure your key, change the combo. With desire and practice, you can do it without looking at the dials, take a picture of them without 'looking' and upload it to a image hiding site or send it to someone for safe keeping... Just be sure to delete it from your camera/phone/computer once you're confident it's in safe hands. A site I use for solo 'play' for chastity or other self-bondage keys is https://keyholder.r307.com/ but there are chastity-specific sites that you can involve other's and even eventually trust someone there to be your 'keyholder'... Of the many out there, I favor Emlalock.com but there are others as well.
>On a different note, you mention that you are seeing a girl that is 'okay with it and into it'. If this is true, you are far ahead of many others that don't have that luxury. Explore and exploit her interests! If she really is keen on this, you can have her have her own emlalock account OR just to things 'for real'... If you two do commit and she's really into this, a show of faith/seriousness would be to have her buy a lock, put one key in a sealed tube or envelope or whatever for emergencies, then using a key box, have her set the combo and note it or take a picture of the combo.. Then when she's willing to 'return your key', she either opens the lock or gives you the combo. She can either let you have your freedom until she resets the combo, or can have a seal in there with your key until she can reset it for you...
>Just some ideas, hopefully this helps?
>NOTE: how are they checked? "Verification", either by posting a picture or if your 'keyholder'/girlfriend requests, snap a picture of the sealed cage/key in tube and send it to her?

u/peggedinpanties · 1 pointr/chastity

As everyone else is saying, there are many options to fit your needs. I have personally purchased several different devices in an attempt to get the correct item that suits me.

My personal favorite is this one. It is a cb6000s clone, but I have worn it for 1 week straight with no issue at all with how it works.

Then I have this one as well which is silicone. My main issue with this one is that my penis is too wide when soft to slide into the main part properly, however I did use the silicone ring with the plastic CB6000S. Its a good combination of flexable and firm.

Now if you want to go metal, i was able to find the CB6000S in all metal after determining that a 5cm ring is what I needed to fit around my balls properly, found here
My main complaint with this one is that it can be heavy and slip down when Im active, but when relaxing in bed or bent over, it does a good job to say the least.

The last one that I purchased is this which I am not a big fan of. The cage itself fits nicely around my cock, but the big issue is that the hinge where the ring comes together can pinch skin and where the cage connects to the ring can pinch as well. This was also the first cage I ever purchased. I was happy to know that I fit a 5cm ring, but I could have done the same with either of the first two examples that I linked, as they come with a full set of rings, which I would highly recommend.

Best of luck with your endeavors and hopefully you are able to get one that fits you in all the right ways

u/cbcd · 1 pointr/chastity

> 1) How do I put the lock on? Is it easy? are there instructions? and what if he gets erect while I'm trying to put it on?

The lock itself will be the easiest part, assembling the cage is harder. Typically you assemble the base ring behind the balls, slide the cage on in front of the balls, and there's a pylon you slide the lock through that connects it all. If he gets erect, either wait it out or "discourage" it (ice, pain on it or elsewhere, etc).

> 2) Is it realistic to make him wear it for an entire week at a time if it is his first time?

His first time in chastity, a week may be pushing it. His first time with a keyholder, see if he has had it on before and on his own.

> I'm busy during the week so I can only see him once a week

> 3) Should I keep in contact with him during the week?

> 4) Are there two keys? Should he get to keep one just in case for emergencies?

Lumping all this together. Get Kik, Skype, or just good old text messaging to keep in contact. Since this is at least new to you, I recommend it. Some guys like no contact during lockup, some do, err on contact.

As for an emergency key, those are generally considered a good idea. I'd recommend a realtor lockbox he can keep the key in that you set the code for. Though I have seen more portable solutions like those numbered tags through a Tic Tac container holding the key (can't get to the key without breaking a uniquely numbered seal).

> 5) Okay the big question. What happens when I let him out? Should I make him masturbate in front of me? or give him a handjob? I wouldn't be comfortable going further than this (like the prostate massage etc).

This answer can vary from person to person and is up to the two of you.

u/LockedDesires · 1 pointr/chastity

I used to have that one but found that the opening at the end was too big and the tip of my penis would rub against underwear which was super uncomfortable.

Just recently purchased this one: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07F7TFPN5/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s01?ie=UTF8&th=1

Downside is you have to sit to pee and it can get messy. Also its pretty damn snug imo so that takes a little getting used to. But I absolutely love it.

I plan to move to a cherrykeeper next so if your budget allows, maybe consider that. That has the best of both worlds

u/LikeALadyPerhaps · 1 pointr/chastity

Thanks! I ended up getting this:


I liked the security of the HT, as well as the ring being a bit open for easier fit.

u/admiralchaos · 1 pointr/chastity

Two ways to measure for ring size:

  1. take some string, fabric, or something flexible and wrap around the base of your shaft and balls. Measure that with a ruler or measuring tape.

  2. flexible fabric tape

    Most rings are measured in diameter. So take that measurement you took around yourself, put it in a calculator, and divide by 3.14. That will give you the diameter of the ring you need. In general, if you can't find a ring the same size, go for the closest ring that is smaller than what you measured.

    As for cage size, measure how long you are when flaccid, wait like 30 minutes, do it again, and repeat until you have like 3 or 5 measurements, so you can get an idea of the average. Then subtract like 1/4", and look for a cage with that length.

    As a guess, you're probably looking for something like this.

    Edit: or this
u/bondage247 · 2 pointsr/chastity

Kitchen Safe: Time Locking Container (White Lid + Clear Base) - 5.5" Height https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00E9J3MLM/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_hVERDbRRF42E3

for the money i would buy

iKeyp Pro Smart Safe https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XRKHF1C/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_dWERDb9MY3F8W

remote unlock vis app

u/onlyshecums · 1 pointr/chastity

If I was self-locking, I would buy a Kitchen Safe. I would set it for 24 hours or so, which would allow me to unlock my cage, shower, re-lock, and re-set the safe for the next day. If you feel like you might not be able to behave yourself, you can always take a very cold shower. :)

u/SmileAndDonate · 3 pointsr/chastity

Info | Details
Amazon Product | Master Lock 5401D Select Access Wall-Mounted Key Storage Box with Set-Your-Own Combination Lock
>Amazon donates 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to the charitable organization of your choice. By using the link above you get to support a chairty and help keep this bot running through affiliate programs all at zero cost to you.

u/DreamerFi · 3 pointsr/chastity

IF you have some form of video conferencing, like skype or facetime, here's what you do: get a small key safe like this:


Next time you video conference, blindfold yourself, set the digits to a random number, show her on camera what the number is, store the key in it, and spin the dials. Then, you wait until she tells you the number... if ever..

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/chastity

I also liked this one

Guiseniour Metal Stainless Steel Chastaty Lock Device for Men Non-Toxic Love Foriplay Flirirting Massage Stiimulating Trousers https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07XDSN7W6/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_o6VNDbDM7X15H

u/Interpartes19 · 3 pointsr/chastity

TERNENCE Metal Male Chasti-ty Device... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07F7TFPN5?ref=yo_pop_ma_swf

Not too expensive and I dont really need to take it off for cleaning. I originally got the 45mm ring but that was too big so I got the 40mm and it's perfect

u/Selflockeddallas · 3 pointsr/chastity


Guiseniour Metal Stainless Steel Chastaty Lock Device for Men Non-Toxic Love Foriplay Flirirting Massage Stiimulating Trousers https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07XDSN7W6/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_7hZYDbA909H6Q

u/naughtypiglet · 3 pointsr/chastity
1) Although he is not to be trusted with a spare key, should I give him one in between my visit? Currently we will be seeing each other every 2 weeks. I don't trust him with the key because he definitely will take advantage of it being in his possession but I also understand that for safety reasons it is best to keep one nearby.<br />

I am no where near long term but I'd consider a lock box. Get one you can set the combination on, https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0002YP1UI/, this way if there is a problem he can get the code from you to unlock and on the next visit you can change the code.

u/Sex1220 · 3 pointsr/chastity

If you can spare $25 this one seems to work well for me . It also comes with a bunch of different rings so it can fit most people.
If you have any questions let me know.

u/flanders123 · 2 pointsr/chastity

She will see the number on the plastic lock and every lock has another number. If you open it, it can't be locked again. Maybe you can see the locks better here

u/Shrike1993 · 2 pointsr/chastity


And I'm using the largest ring, which i believe is around 56 mm. I believe it's a Holy Trainer knock off? maybe.. Most of the day I'm completely fine. I wear it all day long without reprieve and when I'm at work it's completely fine. It's usually when I wake up or something. Or perhaps when I've been sitting down for a while.

u/fatdragon14 · 2 pointsr/chastity

I got a bird cage
Its the biggest cage I've come across, and a welcome change from my first one which was one of the smaller ones. I'm thinking about splitting the difference and getting a jail house cage.

u/IluvCristal · 1 pointr/chastity

Thank you for your explanation! I wasn't turned on at the time of the photo, so the latter. I used the longest spacer and the ring that's one size up is too loose and will slip off after a while. My scrotum is slightly pink when uncaged. So it did turn a bit darker. Is there any health repercussion if I don't stop wearing? Should I stop?

Because the device I got is the most generic kind on Amazon, does it mean I should not buy chastity device anymore?

u/shemp33 · 1 pointr/chastity

This isn't too far from the solution provided by what most folks on Emlalock.com use -- which is the Master Lock real estate one... https://www.amazon.com/Master-Lock-5400D-Set-Your-Own-Combination/dp/B0002YP1VC

In the case of the Emlalock (for self lockers) - they take a picture without looking, and upload that to the site, lock the key in, and spin the dials. Once the allotted time expires, the site shows you the picture of the key.

u/Locked_Dick · 1 pointr/chastity

here's one but you really need to get your flaccid measurements to figure out which one fits. Personally I'm a grower and rather girthy, so a lot of cages just won't work for me. The other thing you might consider is how/when you'll be wearing it. If you only use it occasionally, a plastic style might be fine but wearing it 24/7, hygiene could be an issue

u/Caged666 · 1 pointr/chastity

These work well.

Master Series Keyholder 10 Pack Numbered Plastic Chastity Locks https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00M249E2W/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_zP3QDb1T3ZYD7

u/cdta4 · 2 pointsr/chastity

Master Series Detained Soft Body Chastity Cage https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00XLWQ8FA/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_awd_2hj3wbPT4CTB7

I have a knock off cb6000s and CB6000. I got them both on Ali express for 11-15 dollars but they take a month to deliver. You can find similar prices on Amazon. They aren't difficult to put on once you get used to doing it.

u/ImminentLie · 1 pointr/chastity

If it's this device you're referring to, and if you're in the US, you can get the same "tube" with all 3 sizes of rings for $20 here. That'd almost certainly be the best way to go.

As for that cage itself, I've worn one (with the 2" ring) and while I like it overall, there are a few issues I'm aware of:

  1. They are chrome-plated, and not actual stainless steel, so it won't stand up as well over time (the finish might tarnish, and the underlying metal might rust if the thin layer of chrome wears off).

  2. Not something I've had a problem with, but some people have apparently had allergic reactions to the chrome plating, so make sure you don't have any kind of sensitivity to chrome (or nickel, because I think some of these devices are nickle plated).

  3. The bars on the tube are pretty thin compared to a lot of other devices, so the concentrated pressure from them can be painful during stronger erections.

  4. It's fairly large, so you might have trouble concealing it underneath clothing if you wear tight-fitting pants.

    So, basically: It probably won't be great for more than a day or two of continuous use, but if you can get that device with all 3 rings for &lt;$25, I'd say it's a good way to test the waters.

    If you absolutely have to choose one ring size:

  5. Take a string some 30 cm (12 inches) long, and place it around you’re your scrotum and penis. Remember not to use elastic string, as this would skew the measurements.
  6. Make a double knot: the string should be tight enough to make it difficult for you to slip a finger under it, yet not so strong as to cut off the blood flow. Leave the string on for 5 minutes to make sure it is the right diameter.
  7. Cut the string with a pair of scissors, taking care not to hurt yourself while doing so.
    Measure the length of the string and divide by 3.14 to get your ring diameter.

    (Taken from the HolyTrainer website).
u/AlexiBear · 1 pointr/chastity

I quite like this one, no problems with it and I work a manual labor job and move around a lot.
TERNENCE Medical Grade Stainless... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07DVL7GKB?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share

u/tlps · 2 pointsr/chastity

Click the vendors link (6 new. from $20.00) You can message those sellers, most of the ones from china will ship anywhere in the world.

u/FlorentFox · 3 pointsr/chastity

Cheaper. Get those plastic zip tie key things. Send in a first pic with the id visible and then follow the daily image requirement


u/gotthelife4u · 1 pointr/chastity

I have been using a CB6000s for the past month or so. I wanted to go with steel for longer term wear. I did just pick up this guy but the base ring is a smidgen tight. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01JHV5BUG/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&amp;amp;psc=1

u/lockedinside98 · 1 pointr/chastity

You could get one of these. It’s what I use to self regulate. You could always break it of course. However I find it hard to justify doing that because then it’ll hit me in the wallet. There are more expensive timed locks but I find that this one is enough of a deterrent for me.

u/Ronjoe_CB · 3 pointsr/chastity

I keep my keys in a lockbox, which I used to keep locked on my closet's hanger bar, dials facing the wall. This exploited my laziness; it was an incredible pain in the ass to open it, which kept me from unlocking on a whim just to jack off. Nowadays I just keep it easily accessible in my bathroom cabinet for cleaning sessions, as I've lost all desire to unlock for anything else.

In the past, I also sometimes left my keys in my car, and parked it on my university's campus, then rode the bus home. Retrieving the keys either meant waiting until morning for buses to run again, or taking a very long bike ride back to campus. That exercise always killed my desire to unlock, so I often just rode back home without the keys.

You can also use that same lockbox with Emlalock or Carlilock, and give us control of your lockup. ;)