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u/theghostinwinterfell · 1 pointr/chelseafc

I'm a (relatively) newer, American (assumed that because you said soccer) fan as well (right before the 2014/2015 season, did the same as you then saw right after I chose CFC that club was title favorites... honestly it spoiled it just a tad and a part of me was almost relieved the club did so poorly last year because it proved to myself I wasn't just glory hunting), so I figured I could give you that perspective on the last two! (1. and 2. I'm sure have been answered sufficiently and aren't changed by me being newer)

Kits: you're absolutely correct to go the club legend route. I've found to be simply superb, they ship internationally and since they're shirts from the past, they're all cheaper. That includes the Hazard 2014/2015 shirt I bought in the middle of last season (hell yeah I believed he was bouncing back with us- but this was a risk I do not recommend you take with your first kits, I was fortunate), which I paid less than half for than if I'd bought it from the official team store only a few months earlier. But that's the only current player I plan to buy for a while (although Dave and Kante are certainly testing my mettle, haha), and I've already got Drogba and Lampard shirts and plan to add more. I'm specifically recommending those two because they're fairly recent but absolutely undeniably two of the greatest to play at the club, and gentlemen who enjoy a continued relationship with the club. You get the best of both worlds- they're still fairly connected to the club but also firmly part of our past as well, and short of some horrible and shocking off-field situation, are assuredly club legends.

History: If you don't mind spending a few dollars, I found the Glanvill official club biography to be a fantastic read, and was most happy to get a perspective of the club pre-modern era that's hard to just get from the Internet. Outside of that, wikipedia is underrated- I've learned a lot about history, rivalries, major games/seasons, etc. just from following links; the club website's history portal is really cool too.

Hope you become as hooked as I am! Like you, I passively followed the sport for a while and would keep an eye on the table and of course watch international tournaments (this really helped with learning the major players quickly), but knew I wouldn't really latch on unless I picked a club. I'm really happy I ended up choosing Chelsea, don't think I'd be as into it if I'd picked a different club!

to be clear, this is a reference to Cesar Azpilicueta, not David Luiz! It is, IIRC, a reference to some bit of British pop culture from years back that got applied to Cesar because his last name is so intimidating to pronounce and spell. (Please correct me if I'm wrong, long-term fans!)

u/ScreamingGerman · 1 pointr/chelseafc

Greetings, chum.

  • Rivals: I'll try to go into more detail than what's been already posted. Typically, a team's biggest rival will be those who are closest to them geographically. For Chelsea, a south-west London club, this means Fulham and Queens Park Rangers (currently playing in the Championship, a tier below the Premier League) are historically our biggest rivals as they are also based in west London. However, any 'London derby' - a match between two clubs based in London is huge today, so Arsenal and Spurs are considered rivals now. Chelsea-Arsenal is the biggest London derby due to both teams consistently finishing within the top four of the Premier League.

  • Manchester United is becoming more of a rival as we are able to challenge them more in recent years. We lost to them in the 2008 Champions League Final on penalties, and we will be playing them in the quarterfinals of the CL this year, starting Wednesday. We've had many run-ins with Liverpool in the Champions League and this has developed a sort of rivalry between us as well. There are some really good matches out there, especially the second leg of the 2009 quarterfinal.

  • Chelsea Megastore USA although I believe they have a similar selection to that of World Soccer Shop, they seem to use the same database. You can also try the ESPN Soccernet Store but I doubt it has anything different than the others you've mentioned. Unfortunately, the English version of the Chelsea store has the widest selection and best sales.

  • In regards to the hoodie with the logo on it, this seems to be the only relevant item but I don't see it in women's. Maybe you can order it in a men's size that would fit you?

  • Songs: This CD has most of our songs/chants that we use today. Obviously for the newer players we have different ones, although the most frequent chant for a player is the ['Super Frank']() cheer. Our biggest songs are Blue is the color, Blue Flag, We'll Keep The Blue Flag Flying High, Pride of London, and Ten men went to mow. There is also a Chelsea rap.

  • Others have said it, but when there's a Chelsea game on you can usually find us on the Reddit IRC chat here.

  • Traditions? I'm not really sure what else to cover...if you have other questions, ask away.

    PS. I see that you're a girl. If I ever see you, or anyone else (guys included) saying that they like Torres because he's 'cute', so help me God I will ban you with a hammer that hits harder than Thor's.

    Welcome and enjoy your stay!
u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/chelseafc

I actually have that book in my Amazon cart at the moment! I'm currently in the middle of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Great book so far in my opinion. I believe it would be similar to Thinking Fast and Slow. Only halfway through and I would recommend it, great book if you're interested in business/economics, or in general. Just take all the times money is mentioned in the book and replace a goal that you want, same concept applies. You can get it [here] ( on Amazon for $4.50

u/jellyravel23 · 1 pointr/chelseafc

But the price of my milk isn't going to move up and down after I've bought it, how did I pay for the milk? With all of my own money or a loan etc. You can say proportionately they're the same but it doesn't really hold up, wealthy people don't look at a stadium like a bottle of milk, Warren Buffett is a billionaire and he buys his car 'hail-damaged' because it's cheaper than buying it new

^ Really good book on how frugal some mega wealthy people are. Not that Abramovich needs to be but let's be honest, 500m will be a considerable amount in his mind, it's not something he wants to waste or fritter away

u/ferralumbro · 2 pointsr/chelseafc

A great comedy nonetheless-

One Step from Glory: Tottenham's 2018/19 Champions League

u/DasSnaus · 7 pointsr/chelseafc

> decided to change that and after doing some research, settled on Chelsea and now I have some questions about the blues

Hmm, must have been a terribly difficult decision...

Most people have covered the basics but there's a great and colourful history that goes beyond the last decade that people keep talking about, and for that reason you won't find a better resource than this:

I'll leave you with the following advice: one cannot pick his club. You may want to follow Chelsea now and think it's for you, but it's not for everyone and forcing support for a club doesn't work.

I suggest you continue to watch football and find out what more you like about it, and whenever that moment happens that makes a club yours, you will know it - and that could be any club, including us, and I hope you find that, no matter what club you end up on.

u/Persiankingz · 1 pointr/chelseafc

This is absolutely brilliant, especially that Sopranos intro. Thanks for sharing this!
BTW: Does Mourinho has an autobiography apart from this one: ?
Or is he bringing out one in the near future?

u/jorelpogi · 1 pointr/chelseafc

hey boss. nice effort!

Just a little bit on the technical side. i heard a lot of plosives (the "P" and "B" sounds) and i think you can make efforts to remedy that. Either by mic placement (diagonal) or just simply getting a [pop filter] ( you can even [make one for yourself] (

on the mixing side, you can definitely duck that music a little bit behind when you are talking. not sure where you are doing your audio editing but in iMovie, there is a feature that does exactly that.

You can also do that in all of the audio editing software thats available. (audacity is free)

anyway thats it. towards the middle everything seemed ok. The dude doing the main voice has to move a little bit closer to the mic because its picking up the room ambience. an inch closer will make the voice sound fuller and in its intended timbre!

nice work! keep it up

u/Gruntified · 2 pointsr/chelseafc

You can find the latest season review (as well as some other goodies) on the Chelsea megastore here.

For the 2009-2010 season (in which they won the double), there's this that I found on Amazon. I don't know where you live, but you might want to make sure your DVD player/PC can play the disc and it's not region locked.

u/mourinho1234 · 6 pointsr/chelseafc

Don't go on /r/soccer. Chelsea fans are not welcome there, North American Chelsea fans even less so.

That being said, when I became a fan I read Chelsea FC The Official Biography which really helped with the history.

Also, weaintgotnohistory is a great site for transfer rumours and match discussions, and the Daily Hilario is always great.

u/pikus_gracilens · 1 pointr/chelseafc

Patrick Barclay's and Luis Lorenco's books are pretty good. Lorenco's book obviously has more in-depth history, "life' of Mourinho kind of fee, Barclay's book is more of a journalist's perspective with interesting tit-bits.

u/maby66 · 2 pointsr/chelseafc

It's not easy to find, but A View From The Bridge is a lovely photo book for a certain period of time.

Blimey - £40? I'll keep hold of my copy then....

u/EnglishMD · 2 pointsr/chelseafc

If anybody wants to buy the DVD of this game (no commentary, sadly) it is available on Amazon still. I bought my copy many years ago, but I was at this game and it's still one of the best days of my life. David Luiz will be the new Ricardo Carvalho

Amazon DVD Link

u/AdmiralPellaeon · 7 pointsr/chelseafc

I can recommend Chelsea FC: The definitive story of the first 100 years by Rick Glanville, it is an excellent read

u/AnnieIWillKnow · 2 pointsr/chelseafc

Precisely! One game at a time...

Good stuff, will be looking it up. She was interviewed as part of Michael Calvin's new State of Play book, on the modern game - both the book and Hayes' contribution to it have received top reviews, got it right at the top of my Christmas list!

u/kais33 · 2 pointsr/chelseafc

Thanks for doing this! If anyone wants a more in depth account of the clubs history I'd recommend Rick Glanvill's (Chelsea's official historian) book "Chelsea FC: The Official Biography - The Definitive Story of the First 100 Years"

u/remembertosmilebot · 11 pointsr/chelseafc

Did you know Amazon will donate a portion of every purchase if you shop by going to instead? Over $50,000,000 has been raised for charity - all you need to do is change the URL!

Here are your smile-ified links:


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u/GRChelseaFan · 1 pointr/chelseafc

The official Chelsea biography is awesome.

Chelsea FC: The Official Biography

u/polarsasquatch · 7 pointsr/chelseafc

I read this earlier this year. It gets a bit in the weeds at times, but a good read to learn more of the history of the club.

u/Broesly · 4 pointsr/chelseafc

If you guys want to know about how this deal went down, I highly recommend this:

u/Soren_Camus1905 · 3 pointsr/chelseafc

Here's to a speedy recovery, King Canners! Also, if you haven't heard his autobiography Black and Blue is a must read for any Chelsea fan.

u/notsoyoungpadawan · 1 pointr/chelseafc

This whole album is epic.

For those who aren't aware:

Here's one of my favourite tracks off the album: