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u/goldenguy78 · 2 pointsr/chevycolorado

Yes I agree I bought mine off amazon and love it JDMCAR for Chevy Colorado/GMC...

u/Cardiackid91 · 3 pointsr/chevycolorado

Not op, but it is not hard at all. Just takes some common sense and the proper tools. I highly recommend this pocket ratchet off Amazon. It is very helpful with the tight spaces.

u/BlasphemyMc · 1 pointr/chevycolorado

I don't know how easy it is to install because I had a audio shop do mine but I replaced my front speakers with Kicker 6x9 & tweeters, backs with Kicker 6.5" speakers & installed a Kicker 11HS8 8" hideaway sub under the rear seat. It's all run by the factory head unit with a Alpine KTP-445U 4-channel Power Pack Amplifier & a AudioController LC2i to power everything & even out the sound. Sounds a lot better than the Bose system imo. Here's a couple links to some of the products I used although there's some other similar options made by other manufactures as well. I couldn't stand the regular stock stereo, you can hardly even hear the rear speakers & bass is nonexistent.

u/Karcinagin · 2 pointsr/chevycolorado

I just put on a Lund cover for my LB less then $180 after a $65 MIR and 15% off on amazon. Lund is cheaper brand but can't beat it for the price. Here is a link to Amazon and you can get an extra 15% off rebait forms are on Amazon also.

u/CJ_Diesel · 3 pointsr/chevycolorado

I used these to remove hundreds of square feet of decals off my 5th wheel, they are amazing and I wish I found them sooner. Doesn’t hurt the finish at all.

Whizzy Wheel

u/nickolove11xk · 6 pointsr/chevycolorado

Vehicle OCD™ (Organized Console Device) Chevy Colorado / GMC Canyon (2015-18) Center Console Tray - Made in USA

Order now. Thank me later.

u/chris_top_her · 2 pointsr/chevycolorado

Something like this?
ES ENGINEERED BY SCHILDMEIER Stake Pocket Cover Set for 2015-2019 GM Colorado or Canyon

u/mysta316 · 1 pointr/chevycolorado

Ok that makes more since. Rotating the same 4 sensors to another spot on the truck would not set off the light. But if you have a screen that shows tire pressure it won't be correct. But the truck will only register 4 sensors at one time. So swapping to summer/winter tires would need to be registered. Have you looked into something like this

u/IfTheHouseBurnsDown · 1 pointr/chevycolorado

I use these for daytime running lights/low beams (

Then I have these for my high beams (

Both work very well in projector headlight housings.

u/larson328 · 1 pointr/chevycolorado

Here they are.

light Bar


Winch Hook

This might be the bumper on amazon. Not 100% sure. Bumper

4 wheel parts sells the bumper. I would check with them

Red Hook Paint


More truck stuff in under blog


u/tastethepickle · 4 pointsr/chevycolorado

Aukee 9005 LED Headlight Bulbs,...

Aukee H11 LED Headlight Bulbs,...

Alla Lighting 5202 LED Fog Light...

30inch CREE Curved LED Light Bar...

No flickering or flashing. All lights were plug and play.

u/HawRiver · 2 pointsr/chevycolorado

Neiko 03044A Mini Ratcheting Offset Screwdriver and Bit Set, Pocket Size Close-Quarters ,1/4-Inch Drive

This little thing made the whole process much easier. And all the screws are torn bits size 15 and the wrench come with the bit you need.

u/flyby722 · 2 pointsr/chevycolorado

Order these three items today.

LED Light Kit for 2015+ Chevy Colorado Interior Reverse Package (14 Pieces)

Center Console Tray Compatible with Chevy Colorado/GMC Canyon (2015-2019 2020), Armrest Box Secondary Storage

ECOGARD XC10022C Cabin Air Filter with Activated Carbon Odor Eliminator

u/Bobby_Grey · 2 pointsr/chevycolorado

Check out the beaver step by Smittybilt. i.e. ze rear end radiator spear.

Smittybilt 27046B Beaver Step for 2-Inch Hitch

Also acts as a rear recovery point!

u/willast · 1 pointr/chevycolorado

I grabbed one of these thumb ratchet drives to help get the harder to reach screws. It was still a pain, but I was able to get it off without any cutting.

u/docjbp · 1 pointr/chevycolorado

The AC problem is probably the blower resistor and wiring. It's a common problem in Colorado's around that year. You can buy "Blower Motor Resistor Kit" on Amazon and replace the whole thing.