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u/myglasstrip · 1 pointr/chinaglass

I've got a LOT invested in vaporizers, I'm sure many do. There are vaporizers that cost 5-10 times more than the dynavap that I have. The Dynavap produces some of the best bong rips ever ( I have the wood body that is made for it). Truly was surprised when I hit it it how thick the vapor was.

I wouldn't just get the M. I'd get the full starter kit. Every issue I've had with my dynavap was due to not having cleaned it, and the starter kit makes it easy to do. Whenever I clean out the res, it works amazingly.

The only other vaporizers I'd recommend are way more expensive for the same effect. Except, I've had to RMA them as well, which means I have duplicates for the down time which is just not worth it compared to using the Dynavap, which I now use a lot, and causes me to forget to ship my stuff back for repairs.

The all new M 2018 is nice too, quite stylish. I can't wait for my carbon fiber body to arrive today.

Otherwise use:

To keep it clean or something like that to scrub the interior. I use a scraper tool to scrap out the cap area. The hooked metal dabber works well for me to clean the res out that area.

The M is also dishwasher safe too.

u/rrandomhero · 2 pointsr/chinaglass

I use this with sleeving for a hookah-like vapor-bong experience, very flexible and works well. You can probably find 'medical grade' or something of the sort in the same size if that is something you care about but this type of tubing is used in drink dispensers and whatnot and is safe to 500f so I figure they are safe enough for vaporizer use.

u/Lanceofalltrades · 3 pointsr/chinaglass

Try to find out somehow. You could maybe measure it in inches and do the conversion. As long as the inner diameter of the banger is at least 2mm larger than the insert, it will allow you to grab them with the tweezers. I bought these tweezers and they really make the insert experience worlds easier.

From what you wrote, I think this would be a perfect solution. And it would only cost around $8. One thing I'll add on carb caps is I have found bubble caps to not work nearly as well with inserts as a directional cap that sits flat and rotates.

u/yeezusye · 2 pointsr/chinaglass

Plastic ones break a lot easier but I would imagine you would hear it break and/or see a piece of plastic in your flower. To answer your question; I think it's safe as long as your not smoking the plastic that comes off when it breaks.
I usually just order one of these off amazon. They've always worked well for me

u/omgwtfdood · 1 pointr/chinaglass

im sorry to hear that man.. i wish the mods of the sub would get some morals and remove them from the list. especially when they are telling new comers to the sub to check the recommended list..

if you want you could always test them for lead to make sure before you toss them. but i can say with a pretty high level of confidence and with a blind guess that they do contain lead.

u/GirthyBurger · 3 pointsr/chinaglass

This Silicone Tubing just arrived today to replace the tubing on my new FC-UFO. I measured the tubing that came with the piece with my calipers and got 8mm internal diameter (5/16”) and 12mm external diameter (7/16”.) I chose that tubing because it had the highest heat rating, 500* F, although most other silicone tubes were rated up to 450 which I would think would be plenty. When I was waiting for the tubing I realized that the FC-UFO hits great using the 90 degree tubing attachment as a mouthpiece. The tubular flared mouthpiece was hard for me to get a good seal on without pushing it into my face really hard.

u/snobord · -10 pointsr/chinaglass

Do yourself a favor and just get one of these. Stainless and ti dabbers work better; wax tends to cling more to glass than metal.

u/PM_ME_YOUR_VAPE_PICS · 2 pointsr/chinaglass

Well then you'll want one that's air tight. this one should fit your needs with this piece

u/Doctor_Mario · 3 pointsr/chinaglass

DHGate isn't really well known for having good grinders but here's a few you may want to check out:

here here and here

However you're not gonna see much if any savings between the 'gate and Amazon or similar, try these:
here and here (this one's 3 inches wide)

u/homelesshyundai · 1 pointr/chinaglass

I bought this one back on the 24th of last month and it's not too bad. My only real complaint is how small the holes in the carb cap are. They are tiny and too few to get the balls spinning real well without trying to kill yourself. It hits best if you cap it then pull the cap once you've milked the fuck out of it and are getting near the end of your rip.

u/jonaggeddon · 3 pointsr/chinaglass

Kingtop 3" black grinder. Been using mine for over a year now and it's still sharp and collects kief really well.

u/pk_random · 1 pointr/chinaglass

I use [this for tall pieces](SRA Cases EN-AC-FG-C401 Silver Aluminum Hard Case for Camera, Guns, Electronics, 21.7 x 8.6 x 7 Inches and [this one to hold my volcano](SRA Cases EN-AC-FG-C408 Aluminum Hard Case Silver DJ Tool Box with Internal Divider, 17.7 x 12.2 x 9.7 Inches plus my case for my helix pipe and all my accessories. Helps with traveling in college.

u/tracerismywaifu · 7 pointsr/chinaglass

there's really no way to know without a lead tester or you can just rub it off with nail polish remover and not try to figure out if it's lead.

to be honest, though it's not going to kill you. i live in america and when i shoot guns i get lead dust in my lungs, much more dangerous than lead paint:

u/BonkeyCS · 13 pointsr/chinaglass

Nigga if you can't buy this $10 grinder off Amazon and have it sent to your house in 3 days you're doing something wrong

Chromium Crusher 2.5 Inch Zinc 4 Piece Tobacco Spice Herb Grinder - Gun Metal Color

u/Bud2Budder · 13 pointsr/chinaglass

For someone who buys a lot of cheap shit, I wouldn't cheap out on a torch. Get the GT8000 Bigshot for only 41$ and you won't have to worry about a shitty flame and it breaking. This thing is the most recommending torch for a reason.