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u/asthecryflows · 2 pointsr/chiptunes

Free download on Bandcamp:

The bandcamp version does not include the final song. We wanted to make the whole recording available for free, but licensing issues prevented us from sharing the final song. As such, we've used to license and release the cover songs. The EP is also available on most other digital retailers:



Google Play:

u/CeleronHubbard · 1 pointr/chiptunes

I have a pair of Sennheiser 280s and a pair of 590s, but I swear by my JVC HARX900s. Extremely comfortable and sound way better. $62 on Amazon.

u/blamsberg · 3 pointsr/chiptunes

this little guy is pretty popular and works well. if you're plugging in a game boy you are going to absolutely want some EQ to boost the bass. the other option would be a USB audio interface for your laptop, and that is a discussion worth having depending on what your needs are, but the mixer alone will certainly suffice.

u/originalone · 2 pointsr/chiptunes

Rush Coil's Christmas Album "8 Bit Christmas" is great as well!

u/fgutz · 1 pointr/chiptunes

is that an upgrade from the DS-10+? I bought that one on Amazon

edit: Yes it does look like an improved version, and looks great!

edit2: I've been enjoying Rytmik's Retrobits but it is also limited and the sound output is not strong when recording it.

u/QuietM1nd · 2 pointsr/chiptunes

I looked into this a while ago because I wanted to use a PowerPad as a midi controller. You can use something like this with a regular NES controller:

But it won't work with PowerPad or PowerGlove since they have different output. For those you have to do something like this:

u/roboctopus · 1 pointr/chiptunes

Thanks! Little Sound Assembly was a blast!

> How do you get audio out of a GBA SP?

You just need a GBA SP headphone adapter. Plugs into the link port. I use this one

u/kuzimoto · 0 pointsr/chiptunes

30 second preview of the tracks here. Sounds like some cool tracks, but it doesn't seem very chiptuney.

u/leisuretown · 1 pointr/chiptunes

That would work, as would the USB 2x2 model for less than half the price:

If you don't need the features of the one you linked, the 2x2 one is fine.

u/Crysalim · 1 pointr/chiptunes

Used to use rechargeables in all my things that took AA until checking how batteries are these days. These hold a ton of charge and are too cheap:

u/WizardOfTimeSquare · 3 pointsr/chiptunes

If you are asking why it is not on BandCamp yet, it's because it hasn't been released. It likely will be put on C418's bandcamp when it is released. For now:

> You can hear 30-second previews of the songs here.