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u/Cadellinman · 5 pointsr/civbattleroyale

/u/LordBaconus /u/BouncyMischa
Sorry about the late link folks, I thought this post failed to send as it froze the browser last night xD

Also, new novel chapter in like five hours!

u/AutisticNotWeird · 17 pointsr/civbattleroyale

I've waited most of my life to say this, but... I have a novel coming out this month. :o

(On its site, it's currently #9 in Fiction About Special Needs for Young Adults, and #63 in Dystopian Sci-Fi Books for Young Adults. Which isn't bad for a novel 27 days away from its release date.)

u/SirMallock · 4 pointsr/civbattleroyale

If yuns want to read a good book, buy The War That Ended Peace: The Road to 1914 by Margaret Macmillan.