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u/viral_dna · 1 pointr/classicmods

The main image (Above) shows the SSD sitting unprotected on top of the Motherboard. This is NOT how it's done. This was for show only. The SSD is protected and hidden beneath the Motherboard.

I've been meaning to post this for about a week now, but have just had so much going on. Enjoy! And let me know if you have any questions!

I'll admit, adding an SSD to the PlayStation classic wasn't something I even thought of doing before, and I have no idea why I didn't think of it sooner because it's not only genius, but FAST too!!

I guess it was just too easy to think of using a MicroSD card. Well that all changed last month when u/SwingFlip showed off a photo in the #Sony-Support Channel of our Discord of a 2.5" HDD in his PlayStation Classic. That's when I got the idea for the SSD and asked SwingFlip if he was planing on using an SSD for the mod. He said that was his plan already and the physical drive was just for prototyping.

But all this got me thinking, why use a full size SSD when we could just use a smaller mSATA SSD! So I popped onto Amazon and after a bit of searching settled with the Samsung Evo 860 mSATA drive and a mSATA to USB Adapter.

I ripped open a USB Hub I had laying around and remembering that Honeylab had added an extra USB port to his system checked out his blog to see how he'd approached the problem. The solution was simple enough, though I didn't want to be as destructive with the process as Honeylab was cutting lines and removing resistors, so I decided to do things my own way. It not only works, but is noticeably faster then the SD Card I was using.

Be sure to checkout the imgur album below, especially if you want to do this mod yourself.

Photo Gallery:

Because the hub gets it's power from the rear MicroUSB port, it doesn't have the same issues with current limiting as the front ports have.


  • u/SwingFlip - For Inspiration.

  • u/Honeylab - For Inspiration and his blog post on adding an additional USB port to the Classic.


    Question: Does the Player 2 port still function normally?

    > Yes! You can play 2 players games just fine (See the next question for related info).


    Question: Can I use a USB storage device in Port 2?

    > Not while the internal drive is still connected. You could add a switch to disable the internal drive, which would allow you to use the front port for a USB Drive again. Support for multiple devices may be something that will be added in the future.


    Question: Does this take away functionality of the second front USB port?

    > Other then what I just mentioned in the question above, No, it does not.


    Question: How do add files to the drive?

    >You can use BleemSync or FTP/SSH to transfer the files over. You could also open the shell and remove the drive, but there really isn't a need to do so. I'm looking into ways to make direct transfers possible and I already have a working method, but I'm working on something simpler and non-destructive (Zero Dremeling etc).


    Question: Did you notice any temperature difference in the system after adding the drive?

    > Yes, it did feel warm to the touch on the lid where it's mounted (Underneath). However I don't currently have a reliable way to monitor the temperature, but I will most likely add a sensor to the system, perhaps using the temperature sensor I pulled from a Mac years ago.

u/Kuyalx2009 · 3 pointsr/classicmods

TUSITA Micro USB HUB Adaptor with Power, 3-Port Charging OTG Host Cable Cord Adapter for Raspberry Pi 2 3 Pi Zero Android Smart Phone Tablet Samsung Galaxy HTC Sony Google LG/Linux

MG Chemicals 838AR-P Total Ground Carbon Conductive Pen, 4g

Here’s what I used to get started, a good and reliable usb that I had no issues with, the otg you’ll need to free up the ports in front along with extra ports on the otg if you wanna add online later on possibly. The final most important thing is the conductive ink pen to perform the power limiter mod so you have no issue performing with the front ports if you wanna do multiplayer or wireless controllers. I would link guides but a bit lazy atm. A quick search on the subreddit like power limit or conductive and you’ll find the post with the video. My recommendation is bleemsync. Restalgia has a good video for a fresh install.

Hope this helps!

u/teh_haxor · 1 pointr/classicmods

First you will need an otg, this one works like a charm, in comes in a pack of two

Then watch this tutorial to prepare your classic for otg support (you will need a 2.0 usb for this)

Then, download autobleem and retroarch, add yor pbp’s to any usb you want and you are set to go

This way you don’t need to modify the hardware and you cam play two player games

u/reukiodo · 1 pointr/classicmods

Will there be enough power to run all those added extras? How many mA does the SATA SSD use and the BT/WiFi?

You could use something like (combo BT/WiFi USB adapter) to save both physical space and potentially mA used...

u/Weeman89 · 1 pointr/classicmods

That looks like a full size m.2.

This is more like what I had in mind.

u/TheTrueTekno · 5 pointsr/classicmods

If you get adapters and plug in the NES Classic to a CRT, maybe. I'm assuming you already have the Duck Hunt ROM loaded on the NESC. It won't work on an LCD or (O)LED TV because light guns can only read from a CRT. You'll need a CRT if you wanna make it work.


Here's some Amazon links:

HDMI to Composite Converter

NES to NES Classic Adapter

u/Fuzzylogic1977 · 3 pointsr/classicmods

These are the ones I ordered

PNY HP 256gb Flash

OTG Adapter

You will also need a small usb 2 flash drive less than 8gb formatted to FAT32 to load the kernel via the player 2 USB port in the front

u/Deadly_Fire_Trap · 0 pointsr/classicmods

For everyone looking for a worry-free OTG, look no further than this one:

Inateck Micro USB Card Reader Hub, USB OTG Adapter with SD/TF/MS/M2 Card Slot and 3 USB 2.0 Ports,HB3001G

u/badaboomxx · 1 pointr/classicmods

So far as I know, the neo geo mini has no hack yet, but this one already has one usb hack, it is slow to install the first time (like 30-40mins) but it works.

I just know a little about the C64, but you could connect a usb keyboard, also, there is one cfw that you could add games from the usb stick. But not sure how many can you put.