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u/finkydink · 2 pointsr/climbergirls

Does your local gym not have shoes on sale? Usually they stock a good variety of shoes and you can try them on. (I've had gyms even let me step on rock with try-on shoes).

Climbing shoes aren't buy it for life and they will get worn down. As a beginner with little technique, that chance that you'll wear down your shoes faster increases. Which is why most people recommend getting the Defys as a cheap, getting into the sport shoe. I think I blew out my first pair in less than a year.

I've had good luck and bought all my shoes at around the $40 mark. I have size 6 feet (and I wear size 5-5.5 in climbing shoes) and a lot of shoes come into clearance since not many people wear that size. I've tried on countless shoes and still have trouble finding one that I really like. I would probably try to find shoes that you can try on, but if you have to order online, order from a site that has good returns. Amazon has some climbing shoes and a good return policy.

Sorry that I don't have really great advice. Shoes are super subjective. Oh, also, if you might go outdoors, you might want an all day shoe or something comfortable.

Anyways, you wanted recommendations. Here are some that we've tried and seen around the gym.

  • La Sportive Nagos - My boyfriend wore these shoes for a while and really seemed to like them. They're a step up from Defy's, but make a good beginner shoe. They're made of leather so you don't get that Defy stink and will stretch a bit to accommodate your foot.

  • La Sportiva Mythos - Super popular shoe. I see these everywhere around the gym. I have a pair that I picked up from a used gear sale and it didn't work out for me, but they work well for a lot of people. Keep in mind that these stretch out like crazy, I think a full size or two, so order smaller than your street size.

    I tried to think of more, but I'm kind of stuck. I personally really like Scarpa shoes and La Sportiva just doesn't fit my foot well. So even though La Sportiva is super popular in the US, I can't wear them.

    Good luck.
u/beemolikes · 1 pointr/climbergirls

I wear a bathing suit with shorts over my bottoms and no shirt over my bikini top.

I bought a swimsuit from target that I generally wear. It looks very similar to a sports bra, in that it is all one piece and no strings to tie.

I’ve only ever gone DWS less than a handful of times, but the shorts I generally wear are from this company called 90 degrees by reflex. They have their stuff on amazon.

I don’t remember the exact ones I have, but these look mostly similar to the ones I have.

They aren’t swimsuit material but it’s like that stretchy workout material. (Which I guess is pretty similar?)

Have fun and be confident! It’s an amazing feeling!

u/climbersofcatan · 3 pointsr/climbergirls

I do a protein shake after climbing (I use this one) mixed with almond milk and occasionally have another one with lunch as well.

I just started taking Creatine HCL yesterday after researching a lot about it. I mix it with BCAA's since HCL form is very sour, but the popular mono- creatine I've heard a lot of people mix with a protein shake after working out. No calories between the two - I use Scivation Xtend Pink Lemonade for the BCAA and Beyond Raw for the creatine.

I am trying out a caffienated BCAA from Gnarly Nutrition for my pre-workout drink. I've used other true preworkouts, and I hate the jitters and sweat that comes with it. I've always taken BCAA's before and do notice less muscle soreness and better recovery, so my hope is the caffeine combined with it will give me the little boost I need.

Black coffee is another good preworkout with no calories to give the energy boost you might be looking for, but if you're not very sensitive to caffeine one of the others that has other stimulants might be a better fit I suppose.

u/crashtheparty · 3 pointsr/climbergirls

Black Diamond Solution x 1000. My first harness, worn it multiple long days outside and many hours in the gym. Comfortable for hanging and resting a long time and amazing when taking a big whipper. I am also slim in the waist and large hips/thighs and the medium was a great fit (26 inch waist is probably the smallest waist the medium can cinch to). It's so comfy I bought my boyfriend the men's one for his birthday and he loves it too!

u/untitled5 · 2 pointsr/climbergirls

For Christmas I gave my BF a bag of the Friction Labs chalk, some ClimbOn and then this massage pillow from Amazon:

I love the massage pillow. Benefit is that I get to use it too :)

u/texcc · 6 pointsr/climbergirls

If you're going to be top roping in it, you're going to be putting very little load on it, and therefore it is very unlikely it would fail on you. However, there is absolutely no telling what's up with these harnesses.

It says it's CE certified but to quote Rock and Ice:

"Don Bushey of the Denver retail climbing shop, Wilderness Exchange Unlimited, says he considers “brand reputation” over a CE rating. His customers, he says, never ask about CE, and the lack of CE approval doesn’t affect his decision about what gear he carries. “CE certification doesn’t guarantee a thing,” he says. “We’ve seen CE-certified carabiners arrive, new, with cracked gates.'"

You'll also never use a harness with that design for lead climbing. You'd be better off buying her a harness that you yourself can use in the future, borrowing from a friend, or perhaps buying used if you can find one from a reputable source that passes inspection isn't many years old.

Here's one from CAMP that is under 40:

u/nomaholicc · 1 pointr/climbergirls

I was in a similar situation in the apartment I am in at the moment. I ended up making my own hang board instead of buying one. But as for mounting its relatively easy. I have the pull up bar below.

Its handy because its adjustable so it has a few extra holes you can use to mount the hang board with a few L brackets if you don't want to drill into it.I'm not sure about the Metolius simulator 3D but I hope this helped a bit :)

u/totesmadoge · 3 pointsr/climbergirls

I don't know of any training programs geared toward just women. If you're really into a detailed training program, the Rock Climber's Training Manual is about as detailed as it could be. I've also used training techniques from How to Climb 5.12 and Rock Warrior's Way, which is more mental training than physical.

Slopers also tend to be hard for me. The key is really to pull directionally, so use your core to get your body close to the wall, then pull on the sloper toward your center of gravity. Don't try to grab it or crimp it with your fingers--you want as much skin on the hold as you can get.

As far as the shoes go, if you have a good amount of rubber left on the toes, keep using them! New shoes can give you a real mental boost if you want to get a new pair--maybe don't go too aggressive--maybe something like 5.10 anasazis or la sportiva miura lace ups.

u/freshairport · 9 pointsr/climbergirls

Not biker shorts per se, but I've been wearing these shorts for a few weeks now for both lifting and climbing: Haven't had a problem and I have thick thighs. They're also surprising quality for the price: thick, sturdy and actually really flattering.

u/pineapple_wolf · 3 pointsr/climbergirls

Check out [The Rock Warrior’s Way](The Rock Warrior’s Way: Mental Training for Climbers It’s a great book that trains your mental game for climbing and it’s helped me a lot with that inner voice.

Also, for bouldering try and do some falls from certain sections of the wall that are in your control.

u/tonica1 · 1 pointr/climbergirls

Oh I was going to suggest the halles too, I love mine but these might work - mountain hardware

They’re loose in the thighs and much lighter/stretchier fabric than the halles. The waist is stretchy too, hopefully stretchy enough to not be baggy (if that makes sense?) higher in the waist than the Halle pants too. I learned about them after asking a girl at the gym because they were SO flattering on her, she a curvy shape/narrower waist.

Oh duh just saw that there are already a few recommendations here for the dynama pants 😬

u/Amk410 · 2 pointsr/climbergirls

I usually just wear a longer shirt or tuck into the back of my shorts/pants which helps a bit. A unitard might help with feeling exposed.

u/pixeechick · 1 pointr/climbergirls

I've got myself a rubber grip training ring, and use these exercises.

I'm a newbie as well, and so I can't say for certain if these exercises or the climbing are contributing more to my increased strength and arm endurance, but I would wager it's not hurting me any.

u/ftt · 4 pointsr/climbergirls

Personal instruction can do wonders, just tell them that you want to learn technique (basics are easily learnt in one session, I guess) and maybe ask for some advice on training. Also, people recommend this book: I haven't read it myself.

u/GownAndOut · 1 pointr/climbergirls

That's fancier than the first one I had, which would screw tighter or looser with every pull (obv I oriented to screw tighter, but it cracked the door a bit (the landlord didn't notice though)). Hard to tell if this one will have the same issue. If your doors will take the over-door variety e.g. you might find that more stable. Both will scuff up your doors a bit though.

u/Harumphapotamus · 1 pointr/climbergirls

I haven't tried them yet, bit I've seen [these]( YOGA Women's Naked Feeling I High Waist Tight Yoga Pants Workout Leggings-25 Inches True Navy 25'' - R009 S(4-6) crop up in r/fitpregnancy as a dupe to Lulu's align legging.

u/JawjeenerBrooke · 1 pointr/climbergirls

I once got told that the thing holding me back from climbing was that I didn't want it enough. Which pissed me off but I listened. I read 'The Rock Warrior's Way' ( which was amazing, it literally gave me no fear. The downside was that in my no fear state I attempted a 5b trad grit route and fell way above my gear, twice, the second time my gear popped and I was inches from decking. Now I think a small amount of fear of heights is quite useful and I stopped reading the book....