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u/OdiiKii1313 · 6 pointsr/coaxedintoasnafu

It was cool at first to hear about how a celebrity was doing genuinely nice things and being cool just for the sake of it, but it starts to become about as meaningful as a dildo-lookalike yodeling pickle when you've been bashed over the head with "you're breathtaking" for the 50th fucking time.

u/MediocreEconomist · -2 pointsr/coaxedintoasnafu

Well for one thing they don't believe in a literal bearded old man in the sky. But if you're actually interested, you should probably read some books written by intelligent, well-educated religious people that address exactly these sorts of issues. The Catholic philosopher Edward Feser's book The Last Superstition is a good place to start.

u/BunsOfAluminum · 1 pointr/coaxedintoasnafu

Just for reference, you can get 30 1-inch sheets of edible 24kt gold leaf on Amazon for less than $8: link