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u/kmartburrito · 1 pointr/codbo

I use a Logitech G5 Laser Gaming Mouse like this one here

I found it a year or so ago at Walmart for clearance price of $40. It has the weights you can add to it underneath, and all the buttons are programmable if you so choose.

I don't know if it's just the mouse, or me just being used to it, but I love that damn thing, it's crazy precise and has a good weight to it. Adjustable weight, that is.

Pick one up if you can pay less than the $189.99 it's going for on Amazon. There's a newer model that has another button by the thumb, but any of these are great for FPS gaming.

I also rock a Nostromo N52 programmable keypad. Can't give that thing enough props. Been using it and its predecessors since the Counter Strike 1.6 days. Especially great for games where you can't change the keys (like Transformers.) PM me if you're curious about it, but if you do pick one up, try to find an N52 over the N52TE. The older N52 used different and superior programming software, where the hardware on the N52TE is better. Folks have done a full swap too.

u/r0ll3rb0t · 1 pointr/codbo

I got mine at Amazon for $29 Ultimate Edition

Steeep learning curve, but more rewarding like MW2 (You can also buy all the guns and stuff for 1200 MS points). I like it so far, I just wish there was more than 2 game styles. Basically Demo and Dom.

u/[deleted] · 19 pointsr/codbo

There are ways to do it. I don't know if your using an xbox or a ps3, but either way if you are using the red/white/yellow analog connectors, just slap one of these onto the console's output and then plug in your headphones. that should work for anything using the three red/white/yellow hookups.

However, if your Xbox360 is plugged in via HDMI, you will instead need one of these which plugs in to the component port on the back, and one of these to make it work with the headphones. Note that the xbox adapter comes with an optical port which you will use should you upgrade to high-quality headphones ;)
With this setup you will get audio out to headphones. To get chat in the headphones, go to the preferences, select chat, and output to speakers.

Note that this system doesn't allow for a microphone. You can go ahead and leave the microsoft headset around your neck, or you could get the ever-popular zalman clip-on and this adapter to plug it in to your controller.
They really make this harder than it ought to be :/

Also consider audio extension cables of varying lengths because you'll notice that the adapter cables are not very long.

The easiest way to hook up your favorite headphones is to use an Astro Mixamp. It will include all the needed cables and included a swanky volume knob and a balance knob to adjust game sound and voice levels. Much more expensive, though! At the price for the mixamp, you may as well just buy the whole system which includes a headset as well.

I would link stuff for PS3 using an hdmi cable as well to make an all-inclusive guide, but I simply don't own a PS3 so I can't be certain.

u/akatsuki5 · 5 pointsr/codbo

Low noise is not a big deal, voice comes through clear on my end. If your looking for a better mic, the Samson Go Mic is only $35 for a used. Review/Demo Also if you're worried about breathing get a filter, you can use panty hose if necessary.

You should do some commentaries on play style. When I watch guys like you play its almost like seeing a choreographed battle, everything turns out like it should. When I play, everything seems so hectic and NO CONTROL of game flow.

u/DaneGleesac · 2 pointsr/codbo

I haven't been able to overcome it in 2 years. We had an old 48 inch like 200 pound box and about a month after we got World at War we bought a 46 inch HDTV. My k/d dropped to from a solid 2 down to about a 1, I changed the tv to game mode and it still just felt off, like it was too slow. Tried playin Rock Band on one and after about 5 seconds shut it off because of how off it was. I changed to a 27 inch analog soon after (everything went back to normal) and only played on that for MW2 up until 3 months ago when I switched to a 24inch acer monitor.

I would definitely check to see if you tv has a "Game Mode" setting, that seems to help a lot of people. If that doesn't help this certainly was a fine purchase. I connect it via HDMI and use the regular cords (YRW no idea what that is called) to hook up to speakers because the ones on the monitor aren't great.

u/commongiga · 2 pointsr/codbo

Not to overly complicate things...but my modem IS my router. Weird, I know...but it's definitely all the same unit. Here she is.

u/OrangeSlushie · 2 pointsr/codbo

Perhaps something like this?.

I don't have much knowledge in this , but that is the product I see people talking about when they mention a cheap way to record games and such.

Edit : I'm not sure if I selected the right product, there is one that hooks up to your TV though.

u/Decap590 · 3 pointsr/codbo

Most people who post commentaries on youtube use the Hauppauge HD PVR, which is way out of your price range. I know there are cheaper options out there, but most of those will not get you 720p video(pretty much standard for youtube commentaries now).

If possible, you could try to find someone who would record the videos off your fileshare for you and then upload them somewhere for you to download them.

u/hypermog · 0 pointsr/codbo

Dude don't buy it on steam, buy the PC version from amazon, you will get $20 off a future game purchase, and it uses Steamworks so it will be just as if you bought it on steam anyway.

u/broman55 · 2 pointsr/codbo

This has been discussed various times (just search headset). There are a few options, but for the price Turtle Beach px21 should do the trick.

u/sunburnt · 0 pointsr/codbo

This was one of a series of uprisings in the Soviet labor camps (known as Gulags) after Stalin's death in 1953. That year, with Stalin's death, marked the beginning of the Gulag's decline.

Quoting from Anne Applebaum's "Gulag: A History", "From 1929, when the Gulag began its major expansion, until 1953, when Stalin died, the best estimates indicate that some eighteen million people passed through this massive system. About another six million were sent into exile."