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u/birdyroger · 1 pointr/coldshowers

Something like that. But the "bladder" has to "sweat". People have been cooling water that way for a very long time, but don't do it so much now thanks to refrigerators.

You might buy an ice maker like this one. It is about $120, which is not like easy on my wallet either, but after that you would have probably enough ice for next to $zero forever.

Given the fact that you are already doing ice baths, I think that perhaps you are already way outside of the bladder league.

u/clockdish · 1 pointr/coldshowers

These are the ones I have. Used them 3 times in the shower already with the water pouring directly all over my head/face and still work perfectly. They aren't that expensive either. Just don't try to fully submerge them in water for any significant amount of time, I don't know if they are rated for that.

u/Funeral_Potato · 1 pointr/coldshowers

Here's a book you might find interesting. The tldr version is that discipline in one area beads over into ither aspects of your life.

u/rootweiler · 1 pointr/coldshowers

ordered this one today: arrives tomorrow. I'll start a new post with the temperature, stay tuned!

edit: here's the post.

u/krpt · 1 pointr/coldshowers

I use some kind of brush to get rid of the dead skin on my head and I heard it's good for the hair too ..