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u/BAMgoesthedynamite · 1 pointr/comicswap

Hey there, so, I’m down to pull the trigger on the Hickman FF (this one, right? and all of the Star Wars Epic Collections. (What would the total, including shipping to 90024, be by the way?) I can send you the money whenever, but do you want to check with the others that were interested? If not, great! I’ll send you the money. If so, also fine, just let me know. Thanks for being patient!

u/nobodylikesgeorge · 1 pointr/comicswap

Since the shield variant is still on amazon was hoping someone here had the other one.
My trade list only has various marvel premiere classic x-men hardcovers.

u/bedheaded · 1 pointr/comicswap

Amazon Canada might be a good way to do it. Amazon packing though.

u/downbylaw123 · 1 pointr/comicswap

You're right, Ebay shows it in a current listing for $46, and some sold listings for around $50.

I was looking at these places:


Alibris resellers have a bunch for ~$25


Amazon resellers has it for $24ish


No hard feelings at all, I'm just gonna hold onto the DD omni for cash/paypal I think.



u/jake61341 · 1 pointr/comicswap

Would you be interested in The Mighty Avengers HC vol 1 and vol 2?

u/LaverniousJames · 1 pointr/comicswap

Would you be interested in Maximum Carnage? :D

Edit: Link

u/TheClarknado · 1 pointr/comicswap

If anyone is into steampunk even a little you need to check out the Jackelian series by Stephen Hunt, starting with the Court of the Air. Its ridiculously good and I totally bought it on a whim solely based off the cover and description. Its like Indiana Jones meets Bioshock, and its put out by Tor, so you know its high quality

u/lemmedemonstr8 · 1 pointr/comicswap

I recently got a $50 Amazon card as well from my work and bought the planetary omnibus on recommendation. Haven't got to read it yet though.

u/citizen_reddit · 1 pointr/comicswap

You can pre-order the first volume of the Master Editions now.

u/johndoe4sho · 2 pointsr/comicswap

You can grab a new one here for less than 80

u/glass_canon · 1 pointr/comicswap

It's this one, I've had it for a while but never read it, got it in a bulk trade I think.

u/the_heemus · 1 pointr/comicswap
  1. It's this one here. OHC is oversized hard cover. It's a little taller than most HCs, being the same height as most omnibi and deluxe editions. It collects Captain America #1-9 & 11-14.
  2. The prices above don't include shipping, so I'd be taking almost a $10 loss if I did $20 shipped. I'm sorry but I can't.
  3. I don't mind splitting up the run since you're wanting just the first few issues. It'll be $10+shipping for those 4.