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u/trevthepally · 11 pointsr/cornsnakes

You're going to want to pick up something like this. You set a temperature and an acceptable threshold (i have mine varying by only one degree), and it will automatically turn the heat lamp off and on to keep it at a consistant temperature.

I also have a under-tank heat mat for my hot side, which is the main thing used to warm my snake. I absolutely recommend getting one to put under your tank. Corns like to burrow and will get more benefit to having one on the hot side. I just use the heat lamp to keep the ambient air in the tank at an acceptable level. You will want to get a separate controller for the heat mat.

Edit: I also have an Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer just chilling in the tank to get a more accurate reading inside. Your tank atmosphere is going to usually be a bit different than the atmosphere in your room. I have the "inside" number reading the ambient temp of the tank, the "outside" number reading the inside of the under-tank mat (controller probe goes between mat and glass on the outside, and this prob sticks to the glass on the inside under the substrate), and it also tells me the humidity in the tank.

You want to keep your numbers as consistant as possible. I like to shoot for 85 degrees on the hot side, 75 degrees on the cool side, and between 40%-60% humidty. I hope this information helps. Let me know if you have any questions.

Edit 2: GoHerping does a great care guide video on YouTube, which is where I got most of my setup and care info from. There is also a link to their discord on the YouTube page that is full of friendly people that can answer a lot of your questions.

Edit 3: You're going to be better off using a Ceramic Heat Emitter instead of a bulb. It just produces heat and no light, which will be better with the controller ( you don't want the light isn't constantly turning off and on). Corns don't need UVB either, and do fine with just natural lighting (assuming the light in the room still follows the normal day/night cycle).

u/EnterSilentHill · 4 pointsr/cornsnakes

Her tank is okay right now. That’ll be a money burner upgrade. I usually do 40 gals or 40 gal breeders but the dimensions sound fine. Sometimes petco or petsmart do $1/gal deals you could get a new tank then if you felt like it.

Get her more hides, some foliage and make sure that water dish is large enough that she could almost completely submerge, even if she never does. Here’s a cool looking example. You definitely don’t need to adhere to that level of creativity but you can do a lot with them.

Get a large heat mat and a thermostat. Controlling the temperature like that will save you grief. Sometimes I get heat bulbs to supplement heat but in that case I get ceramic. Don’t get bulbs that show light at night it disturbs the sleeping pattern of the snake. Temps should be 85 F on hot side low to mid 70’s on cool side. Belly temp is a lot more important than having just a lamp. If nothing else, heat mat.

GoHerping is one of my favorite dudes for these types of snakes. Here’s an easy full guide that I trust.

Edit: for cheap hides go to a dollar store and get black plastic pots for plants and cut a hole like a cave. Cheap and easy hide that works well! Just don’t make jagged edges. You can get those for under $5 for multiple, fake suction leaves at petco for $5 each package, thermostat is ~25 ish, lamp and bulb are about ~40ish total, or a pad for about the same

u/themoviehero · 1 pointr/cornsnakes

Yeah, I'm using Aspen, I have a UTH coming in the mail, but I may invest in a light for day light heat/ambient temps, and just use it with the UTH for night heat, but I'm wondering if that's overkill. I'm known to spoil my critters a bit haha. I have two hides coming in the mail tomorrow, one warm/one cool. I don't have a sander/file so I'm worried that it may be too jagged if I cut a hole, perhaps a mason jar with wet paper towel in it would work well?

My hides are both kind of open, hence why I was thinking the rock one, my hides currently, one is:

and one is:

(Though they will both be somewhat submerged in aspen, was going to give him a few inches of aspen to burrow in, so it's not like he's completely exposed, I just liked the look of these and they had good reviews and looked like they may help with shedding when it comes time, to rub on them. ) I got the large corner water dish by zoo med, so his humidity should go up then, which is good.

u/xisonc · 2 pointsr/cornsnakes

Without knowing where you are in the world, it's tough to recommend specific places to buy things.

I do want to point out a couple of things, however:

  1. Corn snakes do not need basking rocks, or heat lamps, unless your ambient room temp is really low, below 20°C... even then they gain no benefit from the light, and ceramic heat bulbs are recommended.
  2. Under tank heat (UTH) mats are recommended. They are used as a hot spot for your snake to digest food.
  3. Automated thermostat to control the heating source is required. Digital is recommended, as they are much more accurate and only a few dollars more than analog.
  4. Corns don't necessarily need climbing branches. Some snakes are content on the ground, others are quite curious. My corn likes to use his branch to aid in escape attempts, otherwise has no real interest in it.
  5. You need to monitor the temp with digital thermometers, the analog ones are just junk and a waste of money.
  6. You'll need one for the hot spot and one for elsewhere in the tank. I recommend the digital thermometers with the probe on a wire. It should be buried in the substrate, measuring the ground temp.
  7. I also recommend investing in a hydrometer (measures humidity). Also recommend digital as they are more accurate.

    For a digital thermostat, I highly recommend the Inkbird ITC-306T.
u/landlubber89 · 2 pointsr/cornsnakes

When using those things in the past I bundled the cable together with a ziptie and kept the whole thing down in the cage.

What will you be using to heat the enclosure? To be safe, I recommend getting an infared thermometer to double check your temps. Those thermometers you are using have been known to be unreliable and it is good to have something to double check.

Your tank looks great from what I can see. Snakes don't need much, just some places to hide and proper temps/humidity which you seem to have down. You don't NEED a branch for climbing, but if you enjoy seeing them climb around go for it!

u/tensecondsflat_ · 2 pointsr/cornsnakes

I am a huge fan of these thermostats. I have three for my snake's viv-- one dangling under the heat lamp at the point she could slither to, one against the glass where the heat mat for the warm side is, and one against the glass where the heat mat for the cool side is (my house runs too cold, so I keep lamp+mat for the warm side both set to one temp, and mat on cool side set to a lower temp).

u/Dergins · 1 pointr/cornsnakes

FYI I know this is an old thread but that thermostat is garbage. You want to use something like this one for a cheaper option, as far as the thermometer/hygrometer goes I and a lot of others use this one.

u/SmaugTheMagnificent · 1 pointr/cornsnakes

You're going to want to remove the thermostat probe from the enclosure and sandwich it between the UTH and the bottom of your enclosure. Measure temps at the bottom of the enclosure with an IR Thermometer like this one if you don't already have one and adjust the thermostat accordingly. You'll likely have to adjust due to the different placement of the probe, but the placement i recommend means your snake is unlikely to unseat the probe and cause potentially serious issues.

u/actual_nonsense · 1 pointr/cornsnakes

Zilla has these "Critter Cages" that have a unique track on the top so the lid slides in and snaps, locking it down. I used their 20 gallon version for my corn snake until he outgrew it, and now it's home to a kingsnake. I was never able to find a bigger size, I'd love to get a 40-gallon one. Only other drawback is the lid's mesh is a little weak, my cat jumped on it a few times and eventually broke it. But they do sell replacement lids.

u/Fascia_blaster_ · 1 pointr/cornsnakes

I have this one, no escapes yet! I did remove the foam in the back, since my noodle is small enough to get behind it, and I also jammed the holes in the top for cords closed with a broken chop-stick.