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u/SuperSonicGanja · 3 pointsr/cowboybebop

Yes the cat sound is different too.

The originals I have on dvd look like this...
I am pretty certain these are what was originally broadcast on adult swim back in the day.

The Blu-ray set I have is an updated reissue of the remix dvds that look like this... or this...

I'm glad I'm not just crazy and am not the only one that this bothers. If you want the old broadcast versions, hunt down the first dvds I linked.

Even though I have the series on blu-ray, I will never get rid of those for this very reason. Also because it was the first anime on dvd I ever purchased (sentimental value, to the max).

edit- All these I listed are American releases.

u/crashsuit · 3 pointsr/cowboybebop

Same question was posted a couple of months ago. I'd love to know too, but other than fan-made one-offs, they don't appear to exist. The best advice in the last thread consisted of an instructable for a music box, plus a link to the sheet music for the melody. Here's the thread, if you're interested.

Edit: Here's a DIY music box kit I've seen sold on ThinkGeek and also used in several YouTube instructables. You have to punch out the score and build your own box, but it is inexpensive.

u/nalybuites · 1 pointr/cowboybebop

I realize that this is very late, but I was just looking into my copy again. I ran it through MakeMKV (, which I use for ripping off the disc for use in a media center) and it warns me that the disc was authored with DvdFab/MacTheRipper. So it's definitely a bootleg. I wrote to Amazon this morning and left the seller negative feedback with the proof of it being bootleg. They wrote me back within a couple hours offering a full refund (even though I purchased it about 90 days ago).

It's worth running it through MakeMKV, or some other diagnostic software that will give you information about what software the discs were authored with. If you pass that along to Amazon, you may be able to get a refund. Then you can just wait until around Christmas when they come out with an Amazon exclusive Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack of the complete series with some limited edition art books for just under $90:

Good luck!

u/theydeletedme · 3 pointsr/cowboybebop

I can't believe it's gotten so hard to find. I just went and checked the box set I got back around 2007 or so and they're $200 new on Amazon. I don't remember exactly, but it couldn't have been more than $30-40 back then. Wow.

As for a link, well I guess I'll pm you.

u/BlackCatScott · 2 pointsr/cowboybebop

I've just got this in the post today:

It's basically a cheaper, standard version of the series but at a great price at £28. Not something you'd be looking for I guess but for anybody looking to pick up the series you can't go wrong with this price for Bluray.

u/bwanabass · 3 pointsr/cowboybebop

I picked up the score book on Amazon. It shipped from Japan and I had it within a few weeks.


u/Symbi0tic · 4 pointsr/cowboybebop

2001 release. Same DVD cases that were in the Perfect Sessions release from that time.

As pictured here:

Make sure it isn't the "Remix" version from Anime Legends, which has similar artwork but different, clearly labeled with "REMIX".

u/almostgotem · 1 pointr/cowboybebop

Thanks! Very helpful post!

I've always known about the manga but your post pushed me to finally get them.

Also, I noticed something on amazon called "Cowboy Bebop Film Manga Volume 1 (v. 1)", by Shinichiro Watanabe, a paperback released July 11, 2006, looks to be put out by Bandai...Any idea what this is? And was there ever a volume 2?

Edit: Added link, details

u/xaoskitty · 1 pointr/cowboybebop

They're on pre-order at Amazon in the US. November 13 release.

(I hope links are okay, I'll delete them if they aren't.)

Ed and Ein: (Currently $10.99 USD)

Vicious: (Currently $15.85 USD)


u/MaceZilla · 2 pointsr/cowboybebop

Don't forget to grab the BluRay of the movie for only $6.99 :)


u/Alphamacaroon · 1 pointr/cowboybebop

I bought the full series on Amazon Prime Video— I can stream it anywhere and I'll never have to worry about who owns the rights and what service pays the most for it.

u/Hitesh0630 · 13 pointsr/cowboybebop

> creator commentary


For the curious -

Special features
Session #1: Audio commentary with Koichi Yamadera (Spike) and Unshou Ishizuka (Jet)
Session #5: Audio commentary with Wendee Lee (Faye) and ADR Producer Yutaka Maseba
Session #10: Audio commentary with Wendee Lee (Faye) and ADR Producer Yutaka Maseba
Session #17: Audio commentary with Director Shinichiro Watanabe and Composer Yoko Kanno
Session #24: Audio commentary with Megumi Hayashibara (Faye) and Aoi Tada (Ed)
Interview with Wendee Lee (English voice of Faye Valentine)
Interview with Cartoon Network Producer Sean Akins
Tank! Full-Size music clip
Tank! Club remix music clip - UK version
Original opening and closing songs
Textless opening and closing songs
Original and textless closing song Ep. 13
Original and textless closing song Ep. 26
Memo from Bebop: The dub sessions remembered
Ein's summer vacation
Cowboy Bebop session #0
U.S. trailer

u/zephyrus_289 · 2 pointsr/cowboybebop

Its also available dubbed on amazon for 9 dollars right now and you own it digitally forever.

u/Cybit · 1 pointr/cowboybebop

It is already out:

Here's a page on Amazon for a blu-ray edition:

Although, I was confused at first. I heard that they said something like Q2 2014, but it seems to be already out.

u/Evix69 · 1 pointr/cowboybebop

I'm from EU (Finland), so I guess I can get it from the amazon.. But what I was actually asking that is that I couldn't find it from any torrent websites, I guess no one has uploaded it to online.

I wouldn't mind buying it but I still wonder why I can't find any bluray rip out of it.

I guess I will have to just get this then (it's the same on than the funimations one released (Dec 16, 2014)

u/Skellysword · 5 pointsr/cowboybebop

Weird, because it’s the exact same one as this: Not sure why it would be labeled limited when it’s just the standard complete series blu-ray