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u/fuzeebear ยท 5 pointsr/creativerecording

Nice list.

I can add a budget USB microphone to the list which has a fantastic price-to-performance ratio.

Audio Technica ATR-2100 (comes with desktop mic stand, $34 plus free shipping)


> Once you're set and hit record, leave at least five seconds of silence before and after you speak.

This is excellent advice. The five-second tails are what we call "room tone" and are absolutely necessary for editing, and especially useful for any engineer to do noise reduction. Every environment has some ambient noise, however slight. Some are worse than others, and need to have the background noise tamed. The way it works is that the engineer selects the five dead seconds and uses it as a "noise profile" to get information on the ambient noise that exists in the recording. Armed with this profile, the engineer can apply the proper noise reduction to the rest of the recording.