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u/ainulil · 5 pointsr/cricut

Kind of same boat. Knew i wanted a Cricut, but did not know what i would need/what projects i wanted to do/how exactly i would use it. My husband got me the Maker with the extra blades and mats for my birthday a few weeks ago.


So far I used card stock to make zombie silhouettes for Halloween, cardstock to make a birthday banner, little craft foam tape to give the banner dimension, weeding tools are helpful, permanent vinyl to make a wine glass for my friends birthday, heat transfer vinyl to make her a custom koozie for her birthday.... the possibilities are endless, really.


You can browse her pinterest pins and see what she wants to make and that can help with what to purchase. If she wants to make wood stuff - the cheapest/best option i found for balsa wood (the 1 of, i think, 2 types Cricut can cut) was on Staples website (and i picked up in store).


There is a stencil vinyl i purchased to -- so she can have infinite stencils to then paint on to wood for decorations. Or she can just use the permanent vinyl on any wood (Hobby Lobby, as much as i dislike them, has an amazing variety of choices of wood pieces you can decorate and for cheap...and theres usually a coupon online; check Retail Me Not and others).


I have had a lot of fun so far with my Cricut and have so many more projects lined up. Going to make a felt garland for the holiday too. Michaels has cheap tshirts to use HTV on. I also got extra markers in all different colors, since Cricut can draw beautifully. I bought probably like $200 worth of supplies after my Cricut arrived. There are just too many things that can be done with this machine.


Here are some of my links if you like:


Balsawood from Staples:[PRODUCT]&akamai-feo=off


Cheap, but quality koozies, in a variety of colors for you to decorate with heat transfer vinyl :


Acrylic, bpa-free, tumblers for you to decorate with permanent vinyl:


631 vinyl (temporary; decals, for walls, cars, etc):


Heat Transfer Vinyl: so far have only tried the Cricut brand and liked it 


Permanent vinyl is 651: this is the one i bought ... no problem with it so far. i have read tips that say to blast your creation with a hair dryer afterward.... and its a 24 hour cure time.


3D crafters foam tape:

u/chipotlemcnuggies · 1 pointr/cricut

For iron on, I like Siser Easyweed. Cuts really well on my Cricut Explore Air and like the name suggests, really easy to weed. If you want good results that last, you really should get a real heat press and not use a home iron. The key is that the heat press applies a LOT of pressure evenly, you can't do this with a home iron or even a Cricut press. It's not terribly expensive as you might imagine, this is the one I have:

If you want it for vinyl stickers than Oracal outdoor vinyl (651 or 751) is most popular choice for something that lasts. (Application is also very important, if you don't apply it properly then even the best vinyl is not going to stick and stay over time)

u/ClosetCrossfitter · 3 pointsr/cricut

Doesn’t it?!

I got the set of all 3 tool sizes with 3 small rolls of foil on Amazon for ~$61. They are about $99 for all three at We R memory keeper’s site and at other craft stores. A single tool is ~$40.

We R Memory Keepers 660579 Starter Kit, Multicoloured

I never leave Amazon reviews, but I might in this case. The price seemed too good to be true, but they came and they work great so far.

u/waiting-on-one-day · 1 pointr/cricut

Fancierstudio Heat Press Heat Press Swing Away Heat Press 9"x12" Coated with Sheet Sublimation heat press Rhinestone Heat Press 9x12 GB

I bought this one (cheaper than the easypress) and it’s amazing. A little bit of a learning curve, but it is amazingly easier!! And I feel like they came out much better than when I used just an iron.

u/dubdubohh · 2 pointsr/cricut

I had the "engineer" design on a mug that I ran through the dishwasher a few times a week. It lasted probably about a year, maybe a little longer. If you're worried about it, I would always recommend hand washing. Since I can just remake it whenever I need to, I felt that lasting a year through the dishwasher was reasonable enough for me.

Using Oracal 651 is the general consensus for best results, but below is a link for what I used the first time around (and what the orange vinyl is) I'm trying out the cricut adhesive foil for the "engineer" this time. It seems like it's on there pretty well.

Edit: spelling

u/julet1815 · 1 pointr/cricut

Yeah, cricut transfer tape is notoriously too sticky. I like this one from Amazon:

you can buy different sizes of vinyl, starting with sheets and going up to rolls of different lengths. I started with 12“ x 12“ sheets but now I’ve got about six rolls of 12“ x 5' yard vinyl in colors that I love. And even more rolls of htv. It's an addiction. Don’t plan on making money off of it until you’ve really gotten good at it, it takes a little while to become an expert.

u/AsystoleRN · 4 pointsr/cricut

You can buy vinyl cement, like rubber cement but for vinyl. That way it actually bonds the vinyl and then is flexible. Most cyanoacrylates (superglue) are strong but very brittle. Better used for non-flexible applications.

u/bdavis706 · 2 pointsr/cricut

I got them on Amazon 😊

Natural Wood Slices 2.4-2.8 inches 50 PCS Drilled Hole Unfinished Log Wooden Circles for DIY Crafts Wedding Decorations Christmas Ornaments

u/lindshens · 2 pointsr/cricut

I think it is this one but not sure. I bought mine from someone off the Facebook marketplace. It’s great so far!

Fancierstudio Power Heat press Digital Heat Press 15 x 15 Sublimation Heat Press Rhinestone Heat Press T-Shirt Heat Press 15x15 B/BLK

u/kblair210 · 2 pointsr/cricut

Here's a good set of 2 for under $10:

If you're looking for something of higher quality, these two are highly recommended:

Either way, I honestly wouldn't recommend Cricut branded.. they're simply too expensive and not worth the price.

u/StoryTimeSoap · 1 pointr/cricut

I ordered this from Amazon and have been having great results so far. I wanted a clamshell style heat press as opposed to a swing arm one.

u/hobbit_herder · 1 pointr/cricut

Frisco Craft 4336883150 Transfer Roll 12" x 50 Feet Clear Lay Flat | Application Tape Perfect for Cricut Cameo Self Adhesive Vinyl for Signs Stickers Decals Walls Doors Windows

I have been using this roll for about 6 mos and have yet to be disappointed.

u/The_Comanch3 · 1 pointr/cricut

I recommend rubber rolling wheels, I think they are also called brayers. I bought this set, and they are extremely helpful. I use these for sticking to mats, applying oramask 813 stencil, and also to press vinyl firm after removing transfer paper.

Poualss Tape Roller 4.6 inch, 2.7...

I will also mention the mats. The light grip is fine for vinyl. The standard grip just becomes a pain in the butt to use. I don't know if glittery or other specialty vinyls will require standard grip mat. So far, light grip has work for oracal 651, oramask 813, and htv.

u/High_Desert · 2 pointsr/cricut

Right now it is just sealed in 1 coat of Aleenes Gloss finish spray ... ... But we are going to do a very very thin layer of resin/epoxy to finish the projects we do. I did research it a little before I did it and it did say the Aleenes once cured and dried for 24 hours is food safe if you don't want to do a hard resin coat. The only reason we are doing the hard coat is because this is literally my first attempt at anything really so we had purchased removable vinyl so I could practice without wasting as much. When I re do them with permanent vinyl I may or may not seal them with both I haven't decided.

u/doyouloveher · 1 pointr/cricut

I used 4x6 acrylic sign holders for my table numbers. This is the Amazon link: Azar Displays 152727 Horizontal Double-Sided Stand Up Sign Holder, 10 Count

u/lauraebeth · 4 pointsr/cricut

It's $40 on Amazon Prime

We R Memory Keepers 660579 Starter Kit, Multicoloured

u/kcvanhuizen · 1 pointr/cricut

Vinyl Ease 6" x 300' Roll Clear Application / Transfer Tape for Cricut, Silhouette, Pazzles, Craft ROBO, QuicKutz, Craft Cutters, Die Cutters, Sign Plotters - V0800

u/kraftsandkrys · 1 pointr/cricut

PPD Inkjet Iron-On Dark T Shirt Transfers Paper LTR 8.5x11" pack of 20 Sheets (PPD004-20)

u/WeldPhoenix · 4 pointsr/cricut

Are you using cricut transfer tape? If so, go to get contact paper instead. It isn’t very sticky. Won’t stick to paper as much but takes more patience for vinyl application.

u/Desrt_Rat · 1 pointr/cricut

The Explore One seems to average $175 based on a quick google search there is an Explore Air on Amazon for just under $183 with Prime shipping located here on the right side under "Other Sellers on Amazon"

This is the one I got and I couldn't be happier since you don't have to swap out the blade for a pen adapter and plus its wireless :-)

As for Vinyl it can vary depending on source we've gotten 631 12" x 24" sheets at Joanns on sale for 2 bucks which is significantly less than Cricut brand vinyl. Amazon and eBay the price of vinyl can vary greatly for even the same product so we've had to buy certain things from each place to minimize total cost. The main difference between the two is convenience you don't have to cut sheets if your project is within the 12x12" sheet size that seems to be pretty standard. If you are planning on a larger project then the rolls come in handy since you can cut off whatever you need to minimize waste and you don't have to piece together two different sheets for your planned project.

As for cutting the roll to size it all depends on what size of roll you get there are 12", 15", and 24" rolls that seem most common and while the 15" is a pain to cut since we don't have a cutting mat and have to use scissors so the edges aren't too great. Its not too bad if you take into consideration the money you're saving when buying rolls vs sheets as some materials aren't really available in precut sheets.

u/bschn100 · 5 pointsr/cricut

I believe you cut out the design, and weed the negative space. The opposite that you would do if you were applying the vinyl . Then the apply a chemical paste (intended for this purpose) so it covers the negative space. After some time, you wipe it clean, and remove the vinyl outline.

That was a rough, non technical explanation.