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u/RabidRaccoon · 158 pointsr/cringe

> 5.0 out of 5 stars Such brave insight!, March 27, 2013
> After consuming my daily provided intake of orange-dusted snacks and Mountain Dew, I always like going online and reading about the true Amerikkkan society that our brainwashing capitalist media doesn't cover (I'm looking at you Faux News). Mr. Kirk, known by his YouTube pen name TheAmazingAtheist, delivers brave insight on the corrupt state of affairs in the United States and the facade that the Christian Right carry over all of our affairs. His message, as encapsulated within this novel, delivers a brave and euphoric message that has indeed proven controversial to the nation. Only these brave media warriors in the blogosphere can say what really goes down in the Western World; it is only with the help of nonreligious middle class white teenage boys that we can hope to educate the masses on how other demographics are the true causes of our problems. As a whole, I am enlightened by this book; not because of some phony critic's blessing, but because of, T.J Kirk's intelligence.


u/eezzzz · 1 pointr/cringe

The universe is vast. The existence of extraterrestrial life is nearly certain when one considers the size of the cosmos. But what would these alien life forms really be like from a scientific perspective? Dookdook is a member of the Dooda species, a Type 2 extraterrestrial civilization based entirely on the pursuit of scientific advancement. Like other members of his race, he cannot understand the concepts of war, honor and bravery. However, when his star system is attacked by a predatory alien species known as the Grubboxes, he realizes the importance of combat and fighting for what he believes in. But can he convince his species to do the same? Can theoretical physics really dominate experimental physics? Delve into a place where none of the aliens look or act like humans. Discover what it truly means to be an extraterrestrial.

u/squidfartz · 2 pointsr/cringe

The cover to his book is amazing. I'm surprised he didn't (dragons) kill the artist (dragons) before the art (dragons) was completed.


u/Jermacide1 · 3 pointsr/cringe

Why is there a bottle of olive oil on the table? Is it supposed to be a symbol of the olive branch references in the bible? This dude couldn't be any lazier could he? I mean you can literally buy a nice decorative olive branch on Amazon and have it delivered in one day. Praise Jesus!!

u/DonKanailleSC · 5 pointsr/cringe

Some Bonus material for you guys:

Dudes name is Roy Philipose and this is the book he wrote. The comments are hilarious.

u/cloudcats · 3 pointsr/cringe

He's got a very interesting book about his experience, called Adrift: 76 Days Lost at Sea.

I highly recommend it if you like adventure/survival stories.

u/pencilears · 1 pointr/cringe

I'd say you could give them books by Dianna Wynne Jones Vivian Van Verde, Ursula LeGuin, or Jane Yolen.

but there's all kinds of folktakes and fairytales they might like with legitimately strong women and girls.

u/jugglinglivebabies · 3 pointsr/cringe

yeah, this looks waaay better than anything GRRM ever put out.

u/ekolo · 9 pointsr/cringe

i watched all his videos before he took them off youtube, there were only like 7 total or something, but some of them were ~30min long. they seemed to be from several years before his notoriety, because he had a lot more hair.

there were a few called "college truth" about how college doesn't really help young people, and i think at least one about his business ideas.

there was also one of him as a young man, thinner and bearded, dancing in front of a green screen (i think with city scenes projected onto it) to hip hop.

here's some of his writing.

u/KTY_ · 16 pointsr/cringe

This book is pretty good too and touches on data manipulation using maps.


u/crapshack · 2 pointsr/cringe

I saw this on /r/weird yesterday and sent it to so many people. SHE WROTE A BOOK.

That vag paired with general awkwardness and lack of coordination are just amazing. Two different girls couldn't stop staring at her crotch and questioned their sexuality. It's mesmerizing.

u/trgdr090 · 2 pointsr/cringe

Her book has garnered some stellar reviews on Amazon.

u/DanC9 · 2 pointsr/cringe

Here's the Amazon link to her book.

I know everyone here will buy it.

u/digestivecookie · 6 pointsr/cringe

Her picture on amazon is ridiculous.

J.K. Rowling should use the same pose for hers.


The first 5-star review of her first book (Avg rating of 2 stars) reads:

"Macedonia and the Seventh Bridge is a great feature of life and it is more surpassing than the quran,Dr. Soos and even the Lords of the Kings. You will wish you read this book even after your see it because there are things in life like wisom, love and happiness and all are Maradonia. 'Gloria Trash' is a porigidy between Albert Einstain and Jebus because she writs words that are for the soul and you will know what life is after you eat it. Macedonia and the Seven are aboot seven children name Miya and Joe who travels to the wolds behind worlds and must defeat the darkness. The darkness is 'Alana Terrece' who is a momber of the 'Gottik Movement' and she is evil because she lessens to Ke$ha, who are the consumerism of symbolic. There is no lief after reading the Macedonia, and after the end I commemorate suicide, but or is not to lose because there are NIEN sequals to the after end den lives can be lived again, such as the Old of Ophir and the Law of Blow, which are the masterworks of even greatness potentinal than Shake Spears, Britney Spears and Spears Morgan. You will know the law of the universe and soon every bathroom will have Morondonia and the Elven Ophirs, because the universe. If I stay then you must go, so buy the Macedonia today by drilling dis number. Fear is for the not!" - creatinine

Brilliant review.

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/cringe

I'd be on board with this theory, but apparently she wrote a book about herself.

u/reactantt · 18 pointsr/cringe

He becomes a sound cloud rapper and a uber driver last i checked

He self published a book: The Future Capitalist: A Guide to Success

u/niqqaplease · 2 pointsr/cringe

That book is real. And that smug/creepy face he's making is not a joke, somehow.

u/Unfair · 1 pointr/cringe

lol he actually wrote a memoir "A Million Dollar Cup of Water" what the fuck does this idiot have to say for 174 pages?

u/TheSourTruth · 2 pointsr/cringe

It's real, unfortunately. I remember seeing this kids videos before. He even wrote a book that is equally cringeworthy.

u/fucknozzle · 33 pointsr/cringe

When I was a kid, my cat got hit by a car and died.

My Mum, seeing how upset I was about it, thought she'd pick me up a present on the way home from work to cheer me up.

I think she bought me a record or something.

It was a few years later that she told me she'd first gone to a bookshop, asked the guy what funny book he'd recommend, and he said 'How about this one - "100 things to do with a dead cat?"'.

[edit] - it was 101 things

u/theseleadsalts · 42 pointsr/cringe

He was murdered so, it would be kind of difficult to have him back on.

EDIT: I've been trying to find the article, but the last thing I can find even referencing this guy is from 2007. I remember this from years ago, after he got arrested and sentenced to therapy for threatening his neighbors with a hammer.

EDIT2: Apparently he just fell off the face of the planet for a while. /u/TheFryingDutchman has pointed out this clown is still writing books

u/KingOfScrubs · 28 pointsr/cringe

i guess the memoir didn't do to well:

he wrote a god damn book about being a dickhead and makes out he's a victim of bullying and harassment.