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u/Tristold · 2 pointsr/criterion

Good luck finding this:

The Herschell Gordon Lewis Feast is also amazing![sl]-Blu~Ray-Combo).html

Dekalog and other tv films -

Three of the best boxsets to come out this year.

Olive Signature put out some beautiful Blu-Rays (where they are now a top NA restoration Blu-Ray company along with Criterion, Flicker Alley, and Arrow for the US).

You can still get Don Hertzfeldt's autograph on his Blu-Ray:

Boutique Blu-Ray is also a good place to ask.

u/awesomeness0232 · 4 pointsr/criterion

I got this set on sale on Amazon for $15, so I'd keep an eye on that if you want to own those movies. Unfortunately it's nowhere near as inclusive as a Criterion release, but at least the movies are all there together. I agree that more Hitchcock in the collection would be awesome. I mentioned it in the other Hitchcock related post earlier, but I really hope that the rumors about Criterion releasing Hitchcock's silent films in a box set are true.

u/styrofoamboats · 1 pointr/criterion

If you really want a copy but don't want to break the bank, you can get the StudioCanal Blu Ray, which has a lot of the same extras as Criterion. There are some exclusive extras to the Criterion version (e.g. the Steven Soderbergh commentary) so if you want to be completionist, you could also get the Criterion version on DVD from somewhere second hand, like eBay or something.

This is the StudioCanal release:

It's region free, although Amazon seems to list as Region B for some reason.

You could get the Criterion DVD for probably around $20 and the above for around $15.

u/acebb6 · 1 pointr/criterion

I own three of these and think they are an awesome buy. Currently #1 in category on amazon.
The nice thing is you can stack them safely on top of each other, granted you use some small L brackets from your local hardware store to secure them in place.

u/Nevtendo · 2 pointsr/criterion

the poster above me linked the thread just about that topic. I didn't contribute to the thread, but I bought this

I got it for 60 dollars while it was on sale (forgot the site, Buydig?) One annoying thing about it though (and with most region free players) are that you gotta select the region code when you switch what disc you use to a different region. Not a big deal, thats just me being super lazy and not wanting to press literally some buttons.

Once you go region free it opens up Arrow Video/Academy, Eureka/Masters of Cinema, BFI, Indicator and some more boutique labels that are doing releases ranging from almost as good to equal to better than Criterion releases. Surf their catalogs! there are tons of stuff people are screaming at Criterion to get!

u/producepat · 3 pointsr/criterion

If he's a fan of Wes Anderson, there's a book I was gifted by a friend for Christmas one year and I loved it

Another interesting idea that my girlfriend did for me, she made a picture frame into a little drop box for ticket stubs you get at movie theaters. Fun way to keep a hold of them and document every movie you go to at a theater.

u/SolaceoftheSky · 1 pointr/criterion

Yeah of course.

I don't know if it'll be the same for you, but on my screen the Region B/2 Alert is to the right of the cover picture. I might just bite the bullet and buy it, but yeah just wondering if anyone else noticed that alert.

u/whoisbird · 1 pointr/criterion

Love the new design. Also, looks like the Before Trilogy has final box art now. Check it out here. Check it out here!

u/Filmmaking_Bacon · 3 pointsr/criterion

Region free player blu-ray players aren't that expensive, and overall you'll find the wider choice of movies very freeing. It really opens up the realm of cinema that you can buy on home video.

u/tonydrakeovich · 1 pointr/criterion
I've been using this one for a few weeks now and I really like it. It's a quick switch between regions and easy to navigate. Recommended.

u/better_half · 3 pointsr/criterion

Don't forget Blue is the Warmest Color, at $14.99.

There are a buncha these that I'd like to grab, Identification of a Woman especially. Haven't seen any of them, though, so can't really make recommendations.

u/sirkray · 2 pointsr/criterion

If you can spare an arm and a leg, this is an incredible package and has english subs:égral-Eric-Rohmer-DVD/dp/B00E8WL6EA/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1419045421&sr=8-1&keywords=coffret+rohmer

But you're right, Rohmer does need more love from Criterion at least.

u/FritzyLangy · 1 pointr/criterion

Check out this and this book if you want to know more about his influences. He talks about them at great length.

u/JebediahLonghorn · 1 pointr/criterion

If you didn't want to wait till late May, the UK edition is good for any region Blu-Ray players. Though I'm not sure what the differences are in terms of special features.

u/RhonJohan · 4 pointsr/criterion

Just a heads up, StudioCanal did a 4K restoration a few years back, which looks arguably better than the Criterion release. There are a few different releases with the new transfer, but I prefer the French Digibook that you can pick up on for like €12. The transfer was never released in the US, but the French and UK releases are region-free.

u/feathersmcgraw322 · 4 pointsr/criterion

Down to [$55.91] ( now, btw.

Potential 1-3 week wait, but in my experience it never takes that long. Plus it's now cheaper than during the sale. :)

u/ftn046 · 1 pointr/criterion

Anyone coming in here might be interested in The Before Trilogy on sale for 72.99 CAD, not bad as far as deals go.

u/Leopold87 · 4 pointsr/criterion

I Was Born, But... is a regular companion to Good Morning:

u/JayDutch · 2 pointsr/criterion

Looks like the price has been dropped down to $62 on Amazon.

u/BleachD007 · 6 pointsr/criterion

Noticed some criterion pre-orders on sale on amazon on Here's some of the titles on sale:

u/VelSparko · 2 pointsr/criterion

Criterion has them for sale on their online store. They're also available on Amazon for a slightly higher price.

u/ocean365 · 1 pointr/criterion

On a related note, can some one tell me why it says this copy of Inside Lleywn Davis is region 2? I thought all Criterion releases were region 1

u/jazzycrusher · 2 pointsr/criterion

Here you go. The Complete Jacques Rivette on blu-ray:

u/cdq1985 · 4 pointsr/criterion

You can get it from Amazon for $17.44.

u/Janey_E · 1 pointr/criterion

You're thinking of this version, I'm talking about this one.

u/OGfishm0nger · 1 pointr/criterion

Anthologie Melville

I can't for the life of me find out what it includes, other than to say it will contain 11 films.

u/whiteshine · 3 pointsr/criterion

The Before Trilogy is $40 after applying coupon.

The Before Trilogy (The Criterion Collection) [Blu-ray]

u/slayerming2 · 7 pointsr/criterion

I use these ones.

Fairly cheap, and can hold a ton of movies. And as someone who can't dyi at all, it took me only 20 minutes to build. There may be some bends in he middle, but other than that, it's get's the job done!

u/benitoomuch · 3 pointsr/criterion

Studiocanal will probably release a Melville boxset soon, there is already a french edition available for preorder.

u/Moon_Whaler · 1 pointr/criterion

In general: Rear Window

In the collection: Notorious

That's in the collection and not out of print: The 39 Steps

If you're looking at buying any Hitchcock blurays I would advise going with these boxsets: (or this one if you just want the five really well known ones and purchase others individually)

u/startuptimfan · 1 pointr/criterion

I was wrong, it's region B locked, but here's a link

u/MrsSaffronReynolds · 2 pointsr/criterion

That is really strange since Criterion are Region A. Here is the Amazon link for those also curious. It must be a mistake.

u/PoiHolloi2020 · 1 pointr/criterion

Nah mate it's your Three Colours set I've got my eyes on. I have Arrow's Dekalog boxset which is a decent alternative while I wait for Criterion, but the Three Colours options aren't great.

u/[deleted] · 3 pointsr/criterion

It averages about $72.83. The lowest was $58.49 on Jun 01, 2014 and the highest was $114.99 on Jul 22, 2013.

You can find information about Amazon's historical prices on

u/Card1974 · 1 pointr/criterion

Some suggestions:

Film noir

The Third Man (the Criterion edition is out of print and sells for extremely high prices. Get the Studio Canal release.), Rififi, The Killing.


Roberto Rossellini’s War Trilogy, Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence


The Vanishing, The Night of the Hunter, M


Repulsion, Rosemary's Baby, Island of Lost Souls

Science Fiction

Godzilla, Brazil

If you want to give samurai films another shot, try Yojimbo.