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u/shorse_hit · 1 pointr/deadbydaylight

These are what I have, but anything with 7.1 surround sound should be good. They're a little pricey but the sound quality is excellent and they're really comfortable.

u/Ryuti · 3 pointsr/deadbydaylight

I don't need it, no but it helps bring out breathing from all of the other sounds.

I personally recommend a pair of Audio Technica ATH-M50X

I use them and while they're not exactly gaming headphones but they're the best headphones I've ever used. Both for gaming, and music. I wear them for 12+ hours a day and they've never felt uncomfortable.

u/Michniko_ · 1 pointr/deadbydaylight

It's a bit pricy but once you get this, spray paint the neck and cut the eyes to your liking, and you've got a good looking Myers mask. I can confirm from experience this is one of the best out there.

u/TheOnlyShapeshifter · 2 pointsr/deadbydaylight

The shirt is on US Amazon for a very good price (around $24 USD), here is a link: Key Apparel Men's Big-Tall Long Sleeve Washed Denim Shirt, Denim, Medium-Tall

It's a big and tall type shirt so the sizes are huge (this is a medium size and it fits perfect, I usually wear large and XL)

The holster was made by myself and my significant other!

u/melty_dino · 13 pointsr/deadbydaylight

Most likely they are sound whoring with headphones and attentiveness. When I play killer, sound is my greatest asset against the survivors. Things like running and breathing can be picked up by paying attention and having the sound system to do so.

I followed the advice on this post and got these headphones and this mic. Pretty cheap set up for quality audio and voice communication.

u/TeddyBearKilla69 · 3 pointsr/deadbydaylight

I use hyperx cloud 2, it comes with a 7.1 virtual surround sound USB Adapter. I'm about to start using the hyperx cloud alpha. The audio drivers are specially made so all of the sounds do get blasted into one way and it allows you to actually discern sounds better. Not on sale it's $100, right now it's $69.99. got a lot of mileage out of the headset and the cable is braided. I do recommended using the adapter that comes with it (or buying an L shaped 3.5mm adapter) so the cable doesn't get bent over time when you hold the controller if you hover it over your stomach.

Link to it:

u/frozen_orangez · 1 pointr/deadbydaylight

This is the headset i use. The first one i had lasted me probably around 3-4 years and im still on my 2nd one now. Good headset thats lasted longer than others for me.

u/JackStarfox · 1 pointr/deadbydaylight

I got it in store. But I believe this is the one.

It looks dark and muddy in the picture. But I looked in the reviews and those pictures are clean white.

u/MASTER_OF_MOISTURE · 2 pointsr/deadbydaylight

i've been studying his bible for a LONG time, i'll link this sacred text here, it was written by one of ace's apostles, Donald

u/thisguythatgame · 1 pointr/deadbydaylight

If you're referring to the mic stand it is this one Although it is a bit wobbly after nearly 4 years of use.

u/j1mmy_chew · 3 pointsr/deadbydaylight

The Texas Chainsaw/Devil's Rejects feel of the game is one of the things that was most appealing to me. On a completely side note, if you're a reader, there's a great chance you'd be entertained by The Witness since it's got a heavy Texas Chainsaw type of feel to it...and oddly enough it reads an awful lot like a Dead by Daylight match.

u/nursethalia · 1 pointr/deadbydaylight

Certain games make me feel sick when I play them and give me the worst headaches. I chew on a couple Gin-Gins (these ones are the best) beforehand and that usually helps!

u/Zombadger · 8 pointsr/deadbydaylight

> This bad boy lets me cut cookies on Dwights stupid face while in full chainsaw sprint.