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u/Dr_Aradius · 10 pointsr/delusionalartists

There are no words for this amazing book, so I'll just let the writer/artist speak for himself:

> ( IT'S INTERESTING THAT OUT OF THE FIRST 37, ..YES 37 !!!.., ONE-STAR REVIEWERS, ONLY 6 ACTUALLY READ THE BOOK AS INDICATED BY AMAZON'S ' Verified Purchase' FLAG. WHY ARE THEY HERE? READ ON. )......Theresa is a star baseball pitcher in high school. Internet trolls viciously attack her on the internet. A teacher tells Theresa why they do that, and she understands. ............. "I saw why the trolls were angry. They knew they couldn’t go where I was going. I’d have a good life. They wouldn’t." .........If I had intended to write a story that the internet trolls would hate, I couldn't have done better than Empress Theresa. It's a natural internet troll target....... ....How many stories can make you feel good? Can you think of any? Add Empress Theresa to the list....... ............In chapter 1 ten year old Theresa admits she doesn't have a clue about anything, but nine years later she confidently says, "I can do anything". "How did I come so far?" she asks herself, and considers a list of influences on her life. She had good parents and family support, she had natural gifts of beauty and intelligence, she has a good, loyal husband, but the most important influence are her own actions. "I'm very simple. I follow my conscience. I am what I do." ........What's in Empress Theresa?....... Violence, shootings, bombings? No. Foul language? No. Car chases? No. Sex scenes? No. Marital infidelity? No. Suicide? No. Drugs, alcohol? No. Mystery, crime? No. ........ Mysterious events? Yes. "Impossible problems" solved? Yes. Stupid, greedy adversaries? Yes. Teenage ingenuity? Yes. Love and friendship? Yes. Pet chipmunks? Yes. Courage? Yes. Heroism? Yes. Fame and fortune? Yes. U.S. President, British Prime Minister, Israeli Prime Minister? Yes. Global crises? Yes. Political situations? Yes. Philosophical remarks? Yes. Heartwarming scenes? Yes........ Can a teenage girl be trusted with limitless power? We’ll see........ .....Of what is Theresa the empress? She's empress of her internal self, described by Henry David Thoreau as 'a realm besides which the empire of the Czar is a petty state', a land too vast to be explored in a lifetime. Theresa rules her inner self. ....A teenage Catholic girl from Massachusetts acquires limitless power over the whole world. What will she do with it? What would you do with it? ....On page two, Theresa sums up the human situation in a single sentence: "We're lost in this confusing world unless we follow the directions of its Maker." Theresa figures it all out and changes the world.

(from the actual Amazon page for the book)

u/burnwhencaught · 1 pointr/delusionalartists

>I am sure you have already taught beginners to reach an intermediate level but have you already helped advanced painter to reach a 'master' level? (if yes, I'd like to see some of their/your works)

There's really not that much to learn, it's just that it has to be learned well, which is where practice comes to play. To get from beginner to intermediate, you need to learn some things. To get beyond that, you need a pile of work so high it would literally hurt you to jump from it.

>Because that's the whole point of my argumentation: I'm not talking about the difficulty of learning to be just 'good' [...]

We're in agreement here. That it sounds like I feel it's trivial is because the amount of learning involved is - the amount of practice and work is not, and while you can be taught everything you need to know (which is what I'm really saying), you cannot be taught to practice.

>And my last question: if you agree that beauty can be a powerful statement and an abstact concept as worthy of exploring than other themes, why are modern art museum/critics/curators totally ignoring those aesthetic driven representational work?

Simply put, I don't feel that they are. But, there's more to it than that, and I'll try to elaborate:

  1. Art has changed a lot in the past century. We are in an era, where media is a conceptual choice. If you make a painting, the very fact that it is a painting is now an artistic statement, whereas 100 years ago, you made a painting because "that's how art gets done." Before Rembrandt, drawing was something you did to make a painting or a sculpture - now it is a self-standing tradition. Someone who draws can be an artist.

  2. Our understanding of beauty, and what that really is, has expanded. I can, in the contemporary world, make work about beauty by referencing "beautiful" work of past masters - without making any representational work at all. Imagine, if you will, a body of work that samples only the best lines from a Tchelichew drawing, only the best color arrangements of a Titian painting, and uses only the best compositions from Gentileschi. This work would be about beauty in representational art, but would not need to be itself representational.

    2.1 Also to be considered, is the fact that with the modern era of art, a simple composition could be considered beautiful. The arrangement of color and shape and nothing more. This was influenced heavily by the loosening of ethnocentric values of western "artistic beauty," as more artists became aware of trends in African, Middle-Eastern and Far-Eastern (Oriental) art. Islamic art is never representational, for example. But the Moores (European Islamists) get the longest and best treatment in the mid 19th century account of 2-D design by
    Owen Jones, The Grammar of Ornament. In fact, if you look at the titles of modern art pieces, the title Composition X is not uncommon. Hell, I think I just named 90% of Kandinsky's catalog right there. So, color and shape no longer pull second-fiddle to pure representation.

  3. Representational art is not as rare a skill as it used to be. Long ago, being able to make things that look like other things was a rare and valuable skill. Now, I can go on imgur and find a dozen people a day who can do this in 2-dimensions. We have thousands of academies worldwide that do nothing but produce human render-beasts. So now, with all this history behind us, with photography, video, and digital imaging being commonplace, just being able to render is no longer enough.

  4. Which brings me to a restatement of my first sentence - that I don't feel representational art is underrepresented in the contemporary scene. We have the realists, we have the hyperrealists (whose works are just mind-boggling in person)... and numerous artists that don't really fit in with either group, but still make representational art. It is just that because of the other points I made above, there is so much more going on in the art world than one or two centuries ago, when people like Sargent were the only show in town.
u/fluffyfritz · 7 pointsr/delusionalartists

I am the creator of the SillySeaPig site that so many of you discussed a few days ago. I appreciate all the feedback on both sides (everyone has their opinion.) In response to the_matriarchy, yes it is meant to be absurdist. I am actually a traveling stand up comedian and actor and do these on the go. I never created the comic expecting much, which is why it surprised me to see all those views and comments all of the sudden (seriously guys, even the negative ones were fun to read.) I really created it as a side project to keep me busy in my free time. To the people that hate it, its cool. It's a silly side project I started when I was 15 (hense SILLY sea pig.) Granted not all of them are great, they're fun to do and me and my friends enjoy them. I truly wish my stand up or book had been the one to get the intention instead of this honestly but I honestly do enjoy the feedback and I'll try to build off it! Just in case you wanted to see them Here's my stand up: And here's my book: PS. It just came out like a week ago and the Amazon page will be fixed

u/yamatoshi · 15 pointsr/delusionalartists

spending bloat is real. It happens all over the place, not just at universities.

I work in Special Needs Education. After a tangent of research, I started looking at Speech devices after seeing a lady taught a dog using them. A single red button for teaching a word can cost $150 or more, and yes schools and businesses WILL pay for them (especially if you have a budget that requires you use specific vendors.

So...I hopped on Amazon......Here is a set of 4 programmable ones for $15

I've done this for other Special Needs products. I've looked through the catalogs, everything is absurdly priced. A set of cheap-ass (and I mean like the shittiest quality you can get) hula-hoops is like well over $300 if I remember correctly....I'm involved in the flow community. I built them much higher quality hula-hoops, that actually work because of weight mechanics, and it cost me under $40 to build them. The kids and staff love them.

u/PrivateAccount-2568 · 2 pointsr/delusionalartists

I thought the cover for this was just sort of meh, but the author's comment in Editorial Reviews is definitely worthy of this sub.

u/BigRonnieRon · 3 pointsr/delusionalartists

I think that's probably his family and friends from his assisted living center. Hopefully someone got him this for Christmas.

u/i-am-qix · 1 pointr/delusionalartists

Reminds me of the book written by Lark Vorhees, the actress that played Lisa Turtle on Saved By The Bell. Every word she didn't copy and paste from the Bible has a comma between it, she makes up words in most sentences, it's complete nonsense, she misspells her own name on one of the pages (just one), and every chapter is called "The Light".

I bought it. I was crying laughing.

u/gurg2k1 · 15 pointsr/delusionalartists

I think the entire track was recorded on a Talkboy Recorder as well.

u/kaboose286 · 6 pointsr/delusionalartists i found a 2 pack for 13 dollaronies. you are saying that they charge 126 dollaronies for the canvas when they are this price normally?

u/OneWeirdTrick · 1 pointr/delusionalartists

She's written a book, which might answer some or none of your questions (probably the latter).

Personally I think Naomi Elizabeth is more outsider artist than delusional. 'God Sent Me Here To Rock You' is curiously addictive.

u/kellykebab · 2 pointsr/delusionalartists

Guys didn't happen to buy single serving yogurt, so companies directly marketed to them.

Is this Bic Pen for Her a result of toxic feminity?

u/newsagg · 1 pointr/delusionalartists

>Toronto Report

book review

I would get this book to add to your 9/11 information. I think the thickness of this book is about right.

u/moon_cultist77 · 15 pointsr/delusionalartists

AHHHH I didn't even look at the whole store, this is a goldmine. Zetta has me crying.

u/loleels · 10 pointsr/delusionalartists

The book in question:

Amazon page:

My favorite review:

Note that she hired an artist to do the cover and illustrations for each chapter. I know said artist and I read the first part of the manuscript while she was doing the illustrations. I still have no idea what the hell it's about. Something about mermaids and electric fish.

It's delusional because she seems to honestly think that she's going to be the next J.K. Rowling or something. It's actually really really sad, so try not to be a dick.

u/z_rabbit · 6 pointsr/delusionalartists

From the Amazon Excerpt of her first book:

The Maradonia Saga starts as an everyday story. A girl called Maya and a boy called Joey found a mysterious place in a forbidden area which opened the way to a World between the Worlds Maradonia. The Land of Maradonia With their arrival in Maradonia a prophecy is fulfilled. Overnight their simple life in the small city of Oceanside has changed completely and they are thrust into a strange and perilous world. A world filled with magic and power. Mystery, murder, deceit, revenge, conspiracy, theft but also faith, knowledge, wisdom and passion percolate in this thriller... and it keeps the reader on the edge of their seat. Can Maya and Joey take up the mantle of the prophecy? Can they conquer the Seven Bridges of tests and temptations? Can they change the future of Maradonia? The fate of the legendary kingdom of Maradonia rest in the hands of the Encouragers... Is the final battle between the armies of Light and Darkness unavoidable when the teenagers secure The Key to the Underworld and the rulers of the Empire of Evil are unable to enter their own kingdom?