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u/tinselsnips · 27 pointsr/delusionalcraigslist

It's going to depend on a few factors - megapixel count especially is a pretty useless metric without knowing the physical sensor size.

That $40 20MP camera probably has a sensor the size of a pencil eraser - yes, it has a ton of pixels, but they're so small and close together and generate so much interference between them that the image at full-size will be a noisy mess. Contrast that with something like the 12-year-old, 12.8MP Canon 5D ($3000 at the time) with half the pixel count, but a full-size 35.8 x 23.9 mm sensor - noise levels will be vastly superior, as well as giving a lot of additional advantages owning to the larger sensor such as greater depth-of-field and vastly improved low-light performance.

Speed is also a significant factor - by the time that $40 camera has turned on and taken one shot, that 5D has taken fifteen - for the average user that may not be important, but there are plenty of reasons people don't shoot wildlife with an iPhone.

u/DuManchu · 3 pointsr/delusionalcraigslist

Yup, I had an early HD RPTV that would accept 1080i signals over Component video. Pre-HDMI as you mentioned.

OG Xbox could output 1080i over component as well, as long as you had the HDTV AV Pack.

Also, wow they want a lot for that thing. Glad I already have one!

u/Love-Isnt-Brains · 11 pointsr/delusionalcraigslist

Or you can buy the little replacement money packs

I did not shop around for the best price and I'm pretty sure they're cheaper in the shops here. You could also find which country sells it for the cheapest.

u/-JarJarDinks- · 2 pointsr/delusionalcraigslist

AirPod 2’s are 200$ on the Apple website but you can easily get both the AirPod 1 and 2’s for 160$ on Amazon when they’re in stock.

Apple AirPods with Charging Case (Latest Model)

With prime the AirPod 2’s are 140$

u/shad0wxcalibur · 23 pointsr/delusionalcraigslist

Eh. You can find prices that don't make sense for just about anything online.

Edit: Ok, here's proof for the downvoters.

PC fans


A Pentium G4560

32GB of DDR4

u/mini4x · 5 pointsr/delusionalcraigslist

It's availbe 1000 other places for abotu $60 though..

Even amazon marketpalce has several copies:

For $140 you can get one new/unopened in orig packaging!

u/IDontReadReplies_ · 1 pointr/delusionalcraigslist

It's not even old. This EXACT set is sold on Amazon right now. Even comes with the 2 little blades.

u/Craigslist-Bot · 3 pointsr/delusionalcraigslist

favorite this postHP LaserJet M1522nf Multifunction Printer-$150hide this postingrestore this posting

Imgur Mirror Link

>HP LaserJet M1522nf Multifunction Printer. Brand new will set you back ~ 900

>$. Even refurbished is &gt 200$ if you get direct from HP. Will throw is a

>brand new ink cartridge. Comes with power cable and phone cable. All

>components functional. I bought a new version and hence don't need this one



>ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&amp qid =1461627332&amp sr =8-4&amp keywords =hp+laserjet+m



make / manufacturer:HP|
model name / number:LaserJet M1522nf|

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u/jcmauler · 2 pointsr/delusionalcraigslist

Looking more into it, I believe you are correct. But you can still find used ones for cheaper.

u/Thepandarammer · 3 pointsr/delusionalcraigslist

I don’t know much about mixers but isn’t this one of them? amazon