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u/Laucy · 2 pointsr/destiny2

I'm not sure what system you're playing on, but I've seen both PS4 and Xbox One users who benefit greatly from a SSD. I haven't gotten the money to afford one yet, but they seem to make a very noticeable difference, typically cutting it down by more than half. This tends to be the next step and/or known solution, which I say because it seems you have already investigated if Internet was the possible culprit. I play D2 on a Xbox One myself, and the loading times definitely feel unbearably long, no matter the activity or destination. 3-5 + minutes. I guess it helps to use that time to grab water or browse my phone during, but they do get annoying, so I understand your frustrations.

I know, it's unfortunate that in order to have any hopes of lessening the duration of these load times, many have resorted to paying out of pocket just to solve this problem, but I'm afraid there's little Bungie can do about it. It's about hardware of the system itself, not so much the game or servers, or even some pesky bug. Destiny's growth and where it is now, means that there's far more the system needs to work on loading than there was before. In fact, I've noticed other users say they've had this problem with other games, as well. Yet, PC players are generally unaffected.

I can't provide much on external vs internal SSD, or if internal affects warranty (which I think I remember that being mentioned before on another thread), but the most common I've seen was by purchasing an external SSD (Amazon; Samsung ones work well or Amazon Basics), and putting Destiny on there. I advise to go for 500+ GB, not below it, and you'll also need an Enclosure.
With every thread I've read about this, loading times went from minutes to now only a few seconds-- every single penny gone into the purchase, absolutely worth it. I'll post a link I saved from users who bought this one and also recommended it, and if it can help give you an idea! 'Hope this is able to be of any assistance.

Samsung 860 EVO 500GB 2.5 Inch SATA III Internal SSD (MZ-76E500B/AM)

(It's internal, but I know there's an external version and there's a bundle that comes with the Enclosure. Either way, again, it may serve as an example to give some sort of idea.)

Edit to add: I've forgotten to bring up that with earlier and upgraded versions of a console, the less that players ran into this problem. But unless you were planning to, say, buy a Xbox One X (which I've seen some say that this was an improvement from the standard X1) or the newest PS4, this can be a far cheaper alternative and something you have more room to experiment with.

u/bondmi · 2 pointsr/destiny2

I'm glad i'm ok as well and learned my lesson about where to walk up in the attic. I also had to move my ps4 down into the living room which is where i moved my router and the powerline adapter as well. The powerline adapter just needed to be synced up with the other adapter and i was good to go.

I also bought the TP link from microcenter and ended up paying $80. Amazon is cheaper though.

u/snoweydude2 · 2 pointsr/destiny2

I've had this one for a few months and it works great. When I first built my PC my 250 GB SSD was roughly the same price as a 500 GB SSD is now

u/Hatherence · 1 pointr/destiny2

You should be able to find the complete collection on the official store for your platform.

You can find the legendary edition on third party vendors. An example would be Amazon. There is an option to select which platform you are buying for.

u/mmo_eziel · 2 pointsr/destiny2

Good stuff! Check out this mic, this is what I used when I was doing guides for Tera Online 5+ years ago:

Looking forward to your commentary, because it gives perspectives that I may not have thought about.

u/mistersmith_22 · 1 pointr/destiny2

Buy a download code and give her that:

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep - [PS4 Digital Code]

u/TheBentrick · 2 pointsr/destiny2

Dude. It’s literally their marketing campaign. It’s the freaking box art.

u/clerk3745 · 3 pointsr/destiny2

It just came out. I got mine at GameStop, through today all destiny collectibles are 25% off.

u/OliviaMarx · 4 pointsr/destiny2

Its literally the exact same link

u/d4lt4 · 8 pointsr/destiny2

You may also consider:

u/GWHITJR3 · 1 pointr/destiny2

Find the smallest bottle.... ever!

Edit: Tabasco Red Pepper Sauce Miniature Size 1/8 Oz. Ea. - Sold in Pack of 10 Bottles

u/threedaybant · 2 pointsr/destiny2

they have large eye sockets, the other "hole" is actually part of their cheek structure. ear canal is almost at the base of the skull

u/OWTsoi · 3 pointsr/destiny2

Imagine trying to shoot things while this thing is staring straight at you.

一 this post is brought to you by the Rasmussen gang

u/FlameArath · 5 pointsr/destiny2

Compare that link to the above picture, there is no disputing that IS the Hunter Knife.

Rather it was accidental or not is up to you, maybe it was a prop they just had laying around, who knows, but I'm inclined to believe its a reference/Easter Egg.

u/KTMDirtFace · 12 pointsr/destiny2

They are bitching. Blizzard/Overwatch lead designer condemned it.

One example.

Note: it just converts it to joystick controls and is a pain in the ass, doesn't work right compared to native support.

Xbox said they will be adding native support for mouse and keyboard, but then started skirting the question so who knows.

u/0nignarkill · 2 pointsr/destiny2

YOU ON HDD STILL???!?!?!! oh god yeah, but also the servers are struggle bussin' so most people can't play it right now so you are not missing much. ALso