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u/playsignage · 1 pointr/digitalsignage

If you just want one player, check out PlaySignage . You can link and manage one device for free without limitations and only start paying with the second one.

For hardware, I recommend you just get an Amazon Fire TV stick .


Here are the things you'd need to do to get started:

  1. Order Amazon Fire TV stick .
  2. Install PlaySignage application on your fire tv stick, from Amazon app market (free application)
  3. Sign-up for free account on
  4. Connect your free online account to your tv stick (there are instructions on that, both in the app and your online account but feel free to ask)
  5. Make a "playlist" in your account with your mp4 video and click "Publish" in your account - that's it.


    Play Digital Signage system only relies on the network when publishing the content to your device. Once your device downloads the content, it can go offline and still work.


    Hope this helps.
u/masheduppotato · 1 pointr/digitalsignage

Does what you're displaying require audio? If so, just get an adapter kit from what ever the video output adapter is that takes that video input and an audio input and pushes it to hdmi.

Something like this will do that:

u/johnfl68 · 2 pointsr/digitalsignage

You said update from home, implying remote access.

If you don't need remote access, and just want a simple USB Media player for still images or looping video, just use a Micca Speck:

People use these all the time for that. Only around $40 USD.


u/4kVHS · 1 pointr/digitalsignage

I know this isn’t a perfect match but it was the closest I could find and is 500 nits.

19 Inch High Res LED Monitor Built-in Touch Screen Display - 1440x900 Resolution VGA for PC POS Cashier Restaurant Bar Coffee Store

Or not sure on price