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u/fancycupcake · 1 pointr/disney

I would definitely recommend looking for dates with a free dining plan! It's totally worth it...and trust me - the year will fly be and you'll have twelve nice months to save for souvenirs and the like. I'm not sure if they do free dining during the summer - I know they do it during off seasons like January and September...But if you are going to be going to college that makes it difficult (we had to cut our trip short by a few days so I could get back to school...ugh!)

Let me know if you have any questions! I'm pretty familiar with Disney World, have stayed at a value resort (they are all the same pretty much!) and the Wilderness Lodge, and the dining plans. If you want some easy reading (that will make you squeal and get you so excited), I'd recommend Birnbaum's Guides to Walt Disney World....They come out with a new one each year and even have special ones like traveling with/without kids, etc. I also found a set of Disney Vacations DVD's at Best Buy for $30....5 or 6 DVD's covering each of the parks! Great to watch with the family to get excited and learn more about what the rides are like and where to eat!

Another great way to save and get great vacation deals is by opening a Disney Rewards Visa credit card...You earn 1% Disney reward dollars that you can spend in the parks. You've got a year to save with that! They will send you e-mail and promotionals with free dining plans or 30% off an entire vacation! Definitely worth it if you are responsible with a credit card. Just pay it off in full each month and you're good!

I DIGRESS OH MY GOODNESS I AM SO SORRY! I'm tellin' ya, I could just go on and on and on. And with that, I'll totally stop. For now.

u/wintercast · 2 pointsr/disney

I am not sure exactly how long you are staying at disney for. One concern is how many sit down meals you attempt to do in one day. I would really suggest only doing 1 sit down a day. Each sit down, more so at the buffets, contain a lot of food. Depending on your eating style, you may even find that you can split a Quick Service meal with your girlfriend(counter service- pick up food at a counter and then sit down at a table to eat- like fast food).

The buffet at Crystal Palace is good- sometime the walk from buffet to table can be long and you have to wind around people and characters. The characters will come to your table, so you dont have to track down characters. I like this better than standing in a line to greet the characters out in the parks.

Le Cellier is good- however- The Wave has many of the same foods and i was told by the chef that the stakes for the wave are the same cow as they serve in victoria and alberts (we had eated at V&A before the Wave and told our waitress the meal at the Wave was great, she got the chef and we complimented him as well, great experience). So i admit, i recomend the Wave over Le Cellier. However, next time my boyfriend and i got to disney, we are planning on eating at Le Cellier.

Jiko- great place. Also, The Mara is a QS location at AKL- great QS food that is not just hamburgers.

I would also choose 50s prime time over sci fi.

I have not done spirit of aloha yet.

I have not done the fantasmic dinner (DHS is my least fav park).

Princess sotrybook dining - i did breakfast, it was good but crowded

Donalds safari - great breakfast, i HIGHLY recomend booking this before the park opens. As in if AK opens at 9 am, book your breakfast for 8am. You get to walk into the park before it opens and you can have a "leisurly" stroll through the unopened park. Great for snaping photos of the Tree of life without people in the way.

Via napoli - i ate lunch here. It was not amazing. i think they have reworked the restaurant since then. If i was not on the dining plan and payed for my meal out of pocket, i would have been upset. The food was Ok, Service was OK, but i admit to expecting a little more out of the place.

Teppan Edo - i have been here a few times. It is fun, but i will admit you will get more for your money by eating off propery at KOBE like mentioned before. However Teppan Edo can be fun and if you cannot leave property to go to Kobe, you can still book Teppan Edo.

Chef Mickeys - i like their breakfast. I know some folks dont, but i was happy with it.

Often- all of the buffet meals will have whole fruit on the buffet. I always grab an extra apple/orange/banana before i leave and save it as a snack for later.

If you want to do a dinner type show, i also recomend the Hoop De Doo review. It may be a little hokey, but the songs are great and it is fun. If you do the earlier showing of Hoop De Doo, you can try and walk over to the wagon ride (hay ride, whatever you want to call it). they have a large wagon pulled by 2 draft horses. I think the cost is around 7 or 9 bucks a person- cash, first come first serve. The wagon goes through the campgrounds and then out into the canal areas. Depending on the time of the year- the wagon will sometimes stop near the lagoon and you get to watch the MK fireworks from across the water. It is a neat experience because you SEE the fireworks, and then HEAR them with a delay. the wagon driver will basically talk as much as you like, he will either stay mostly quiet if no one engages him, or he will talk your ear off if you talk to him.

For touring, i plan out my stay almost to the hour. This helps to remove stress and keep everything on schedule during the trip. I will create a schedule within excel showing the days of the trip, park opening times, firework schedule, meal reservations (with number) and a general idea of what park to go to based on opening times, crowd level and meal plans.

I would recomend using touring plans to help with touring ideas. however their important info has to do with the crowd levels in the parks. I pay the yearly fee to have full access to walt disney world info. Very much worth it.

Also, if you have not already, perhaps pick up a tour guide book. Not so much to use at the parks, but to prepare you. In the US, i recomend Birnbaums. I am not sure if the same book would be good for the UK market.

Also, dont try to do EVERYTHING in one day. Take a break. I often will go to the park in the AM, come to the hotel around lunch and use the pool a little, then head back out to a park for the evening. Do something on the side, rent a little power boat at one of the marina's (i recomend the Poly marinia). it gives you a chance to rest from all of the walking you will do and you may even find those little side items you do will have a more lasting memory than some of the classic rides within the them parks.

have fun!!!!

u/JohnsonArms · 1 pointr/disney

This might be a silly question in the age of the internet, but do you know about the hidden mickeys? If by chance you haven't, do a google search and look for sites that give hints to their whereabouts.

As someone who was married to a Disney Employee, you have to find ways to make visit #197 entertaining and I found that through seeking out some of the "hidden gems" like u/tikiroomofprogress mentioned. I'd also recommend reading the small tour books that were done by the Imagineers. They have them for each of the major parks. You can read them before the trip to get yourself geared up or use it in the park to learn neat facts as you take a somewhat guided tour :)

I'd also recommend reading the book "Walt Disney: The Triumph of the American Imagination" ( I thought it was a very facinating story and once again it got me itching to go back to Disneyworld, hehe. Good luck and I would say to not worry about Space Mountain this time and still have it be exciting for your younger sisters.

Oh, also try to collect all of the crushed pennies in the park. Those can be fun to track down :)

TL:DR Go have fun!

u/daybreaker · 1 pointr/disney

Marty Skalr has a book. I havent read it yet, but I own it. I saw him talk about it some at the EPCOT's 30th panel he did, and it sounded like a great book.

I also managed to find Building a Dream (the 96 version, not the 2003 version) on eBay for $10. Either version routinely goes for over $40 since its out of print. Its a good book, too.

I also own How to Be Like Walt which has been an OK book so far. There's better biographies out there of him, though if youre looking for ways to apply Walt's life as an inspiration to your own work ethic, this is a good book.

The Imagineering Workout is a book I dont own, but is one that I'll probably be buying soon.

Oh, and also look for two books from Leonard Kinsey (I bought them on my Kindle) Dark Side of Disney, about hidden secrets of WDW, and Our Kingdom of Dust, a fun fictional tale set at WDW. (Both bordering on PG-13/R).

And also a book by the original Dreamfinder Ron Schneider called From Dreamer to Dreamfinder, about his journey from other themeparks to WDW and more, is a good book. Also bought on my Kindle.

u/Baby_bear · 1 pointr/disney

Our next Disney trip is still months away, so I thought I’d create a little Disney heaven at home for my husband. First, I made a DoleWhip (his favorite) using recipes found online (Pinterest has a ton). While he ate that, I put on Dark Ride cologne from Xyrena ( and played the soundtrack from his favorite “dark ride” Splash Mountain. Then, I lit the Fireside woodwick candle ( which is supposed to smell like “Rome is burning” from Spaceship Earth (“Call it, the first back-up system”). I’ll admit, it wasn’t a strong smell, but it certainly made the crackling noises. I played the soundtrack from Spaceship Earth. It transported us back to Disney!

Note: The Dark Ride cologne is seriously awesome. Pricey, but so worth it for the true Disney fan! I would try to find a different candle, this really didn’t have the strong “Rome is burning” smell I had hoped for. Anyone else have ideas?

u/TheHoundThatRides · 2 pointsr/disney

I just finished reading An American Original about Walt Disney. I knew very little about his life story but I have a good understanding now. Very inspirational.

I am currently reading the Haunted mansion Imagineering book.. I haven't gotten extremely far into it, but so far it's given great insight into what went into creating the original Disneyland ride. I finally understand references I always heard about the original pirate storyline that the mansion was supposed to have, as well as how it was supposed to be a walking guided tour attraction.

u/RobPlaysThatGame · 5 pointsr/disney

My favorites in no particular order:

Realityland - Goes into the history of Walt Disney World, with a heavy focus on the Magic Kingdom and Epcot. It covers MGM and the Animal Kingdom as well, but you can tell the author has a real ax to grind with Michael Eisner, and so the second half of the book comes off him being bitter about change. Regardless, it's worth a read and the front half on the first phase and Epcot are really interesting.

Disney War - Possibly my favorite Disney book. It covers the Michael Eisner era of the company, from him and Wells joining in the 80s to Bob Iger taking over. This book covers all of the aspects of the company, not just the parks, and is very inside baseball. I love it because it covers a lot of the projects and decisions the company makes from a business perspective rather than from a storytelling/magic/enjoyment level.

Building a Company - This is Bob Thomas' biography for Roy O Disney. I'm a fan of this one because it offers an alternate perspective on the early years, by focusing on Roy instead of Walt. Similar to Disney War, it covers a lot of the same history that you'd get out of a Walt biography, but with more of a lean on the business element.

In Service to the Mouse - The memoirs of Jack Lindquist. It's a fun easy read full of random anecdotes and memories from his time at the Disney company, all the way up to him being made president of Disneyland.

u/TheWolfKin · 3 pointsr/disney

I, uh, actually did that before, about two years back because I was trying to get enough to do it for a Grade 12 art project. They replied that because some people in the past have tried to sell Fastpasses online despite the fact that they can't be used the day after they are gotten. Thus, while they appreciated the fact that I wanted to use the fastpasses for an art project, they coudn't comply due to scamming on auction sites in the past.

They did, however, send me a nice photo signed by mickey, a letter wishing me the best, and a very nice hardcover book whose name I can't remember. It was about Imagineers and Disney World, and had an entire section on the specific dimensions of the front of the Castle. Had a bunch of little delicate pages that were in protective sleeves inside the book, and the book itself was somewhere between $60 and $80 to buy, so I really appreciated it.

But, yeah, that route isn't something the works for getting fastpasses, though.

EDIT: Found the book they sent me:

u/Ozymandias12 · 2 pointsr/disney

I would highly recommend purchasing a book about all the secrets, history, and hidden easter eggs in the Disney parks. It makes the experience so much more enjoyable when you notice things like the windows at the top of the buildings in Mainstreet USA, and what they symbolize. Whenever I go, I even take a book along with me and read it whenever we take breaks. You can also impress your family members and friends with all the trivia you know! This is the one I usually read:

u/ben_610 · 4 pointsr/disney

I enjoyed Neal Gabler's Walt Disney: The Triumph of the American Imagination [].

I followed this up with DisneyWar by James Stewart []

For a Disney World book, I recommend Project Future:The Inside Story Behind the Creation of Disney World by Chad Emerson [] (currently free on Amazon for Kindle!)

u/ashful87 · 1 pointr/disney

PSA: If you're ordering from the US (on the Canadian site OP linked) it comes out to about $7.49 USD which is great and all but you only get free shipping for being in Canada. Shipping to the US made the whole total come to ~$15 USD.

EDIT: Here is the same thing on the US site. With free shipping it would come out cheaper than the other (for people in the US).

u/Arthur-the-anteater · 3 pointsr/disney

I love the poster art of Disney parks book. It's a good size and has so many amazing pages of the original attraction posters with some history besides them

u/GarlicBreddit · 3 pointsr/disney

I can point you towards this candle if you are looking for the smell of the burning of Rome from S:E! I also recommend baking some Alexia Chipotle Sweet Potato Fries. Your house will smell like The Land pavilion for hours :)

u/DrShamoo · 1 pointr/disney

Thanks! Bummer! I wish I didn't have to wait that long, but it's fine! Thanks a ton!

Do you know if I bought this:

It still wouldn't work?

u/OrangeFeels · 7 pointsr/disney

If you want a book about Walt in general, I suggest "The Vault of Walt" by Jim Korkis. It debunks some myths about Walt, while also telling you about his personal life, and projects for things such as Disneyland. It's a great read for any Walt Disney fan, like myself.

u/Draeth · 2 pointsr/disney

I noticed they have the same design in a 1000 piece puzzle that is actually plastic and can have it lit up like Stained glass. Look at some of the customer images, it's beautiful.

Disney Stained Art Jigsaw Puzzle[1000P] All Stars Stained Glass (DS-1000-764)

u/Hammocks-R-Us · 2 pointsr/disney

Jim Korkis - The Vault of Walt

This guy is a walking Disney encyclopedia, lots of great stories from his work there.

u/crystal2435 · 2 pointsr/disney

I honestly don't think that such a thing exists after much searching and research. The closest thing I have found is this crazy expensive robotic mega disney toy robot with individual characters including a robotic goofy. You can see a neat review of it here.

u/monsterflake · 8 pointsr/disney

i have this one, about the attraction poster art.

u/disneycheer · 1 pointr/disney

In most, if not all Disney Movies & Theme Parks, there is hidden meaning, reasoning, or Mickey behind most of the numbers and names. For example, the names in the windows on Main Street U.S.A. are actual names of some of the Disney Imagineers (that is the way Disney spell engineer). If you are really interested in the reasoning for names and numbers I suggest you check this book out.

u/far_from_waves · 1 pointr/disney

If you liked Walt's biography by Bob Thomas, he wrote a great bio about Roy Disney. Walt was the man, but none of his dreams would have happened without Roy.


u/QuadCannon · 2 pointsr/disney

By far, the definitive book is Walt Disney: An American Original. It's recognized as the official biography by D23.

u/ReverseMushroom · 11 pointsr/disney

It was a gift, but you can get it on Amazon.

u/asantos · 1 pointr/disney

> Because

Just checked the current price on Amazon: $438.95

u/indochild · 1 pointr/disney

Here's the link for the 2000 piece one

u/mwisconsin · 1 pointr/disney

Amazon. It's not exactly the same, but it's got Mickey.

u/ianwesleycook · 1 pointr/disney

You can buy it on Amazon right 3D too. That's where I usually get all my Vault movies after they're gone.

u/Rinomaru · 5 pointsr/disney

I saw it on a post a while ago, so I had to get it!

Bought on Amazon If anyone else is up for the challenge. It's 2000 pieces which is double what I am used too, only place I could work on it is in the Kitchen table, the only hard surface large enough for this thing.

u/madagent · -6 pointsr/disney

wtf lol. learn to google. search "cobra head". click shopping. 5th link down. cobra head walking stick.