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u/Xaighen · 2 pointsr/dndmaps

Amazon sakura micron pens 005 is great for fine details

Also your map needs a scale other than that I like the map

u/mr_wifflebat · 1 pointr/dndmaps

Thanks! I drew it all on an iPad using Procreate.

Started with a super-rough sketch with where I was gonna put everything--towns, rivers, and all. Then I started on the "real thing." Coastlines (and lakes) first, making them more complex than in the rough sketch. Then mountains, forests, doing all the bits by hand. (If I'd been using Photoshop, I might have tried to clone or make some kind of "tree brush," but I think the hand-drawing makes it look more natural.)

Next came the coastline outlines and waves. Then rivers and cities. I separated as much as I could into layers so I could mess with it later.

Colored the water on one layer, then did the land on its own layer. In general, I'm very unhappy with the color and will probably do it over at some point.

I assume everybody in the sub knows about this book, but it's got step-by-step instructions that are more or less what I did (the book takes it a lot farther into labeling and stuff that I'm not planning to do on this map). Can't recommend the book enough--it's what I would have dreamed for twenty-thirty years ago when I was actively playing RPGs!

u/suicu · 2 pointsr/dndmaps

This is my weapon of choice:

But there's a 4-piece one as well if that one's too expensive. Any black liner pen will do though, I'd recommend getting sizes 03, 05, 08 and maybe a brush pen and maybe a 01 if you plan on doing a lot of details.

u/ProphetPX · 1 pointr/dndmaps

looks not bad. but why draw it on square grid instead of HEX GRID??

u/TeacherDM · 2 pointsr/dndmaps

I work at a school as a math teacher and have a massive roll of 1in graph paper.

u/DungeonDullard · 6 pointsr/dndmaps

Miliko Transparent Hardcover A5 Size Dot Grid Wirebound/Spiral Notebook-2 Per Pack (Dot Grid), A5 8.27inX5.67in (