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u/hughesst · 3 pointsr/doctorwho

i'm doing the same! brand new DW fan this year and i've watched from "Rose" up to "Bells of St John". should be able to easily finish up before the 50th. I kinda prefer the 10th but the 11th is easier to put together a costume for.

i found an awesome suit jacket at goodwill that matches his pattern pretty closely and i've found suspenders and bowties on amazon and ebay for under 5 each but the shipping costs are equal to the price which kinda sucks.

there's a sonic screwdriver on amazon for about 27 right now that i'm looking to get and i was able to get a couple freebie $5 amazon GCs by doing surveys and offers on swagbucks.
[geronimo!] (

i'm excited for mine, hopefully i can get a bit thinner and have a bit more hair grown out by halloween and i'll be set. good luck on your search!!

u/bookchaser · 1 pointr/doctorwho

Skip everything predating 2005. After you've watched everything newer, consider going back to 'the archives' to see the rough older episodes with wobbly sets and horrible special effects.

Start either from the beginning of the 2005 reboot (with episode 'Rose') or season 5 (with episode 'The Eleventh Hour').

The show is most enriching started from the beginning with Rose, but the special effects are iffy and the first season is a little rough. The secondary characters continue through the first 5 years with some big emotional pay-offs. (For clarity, the fifth year consisted of only 4 'specials' and is counted as part of season 4.) Generally, the show gets better with each consecutive year.

Also, after season 5 there is an occasional passing reference to something that has hidden, deep meaning if you know the Doctor's history, and it's only reflected in a split-second look or expression by the Doctor. It's another reason to start with 'Rose.'

Season 5 starts with a new actor playing the Doctor with almost all previous story threads ended, so it's also a decent starting point. If you begin here, then first watch season 4 episodes Silence in the Library and Forest of the Dead, because they introduce a character who is pivotal in season 5 and going forward. They really are essential episodes to watch if you're trying to skip to season 5.

You're in a pickle though because after season 7 there is a two-part special celebrating the 50th anniversary of the show, and it features 3 doctors. It will be 10 times funnier if you've watched all of the episodes from 2005 forward.

Before you watch those specials (The Day of the Doctor, The Time of the Doctor), seek out the 50th anniversary drama special An Adventure in Space & Time. It recounts the 1964 beginning of Doctor Who. Watch it at this time, because a 2017 Christmas special includes the current Doctor meeting the original doctor, and being familiar with the first Doctor will make it more special.

If you're American, know that BBC programs are not developed by a committee of writers. It's why a season can consist of 12, or even 3, episodes, while American TV shows have 25 to 35 episodes per season. Doctor Who in particular has different single writers for each episode, and can vary in quality. It's more akin to reading a bunch of different books about the same character, but written by different authors, and a central person tweaks the writing so the character acts with consistency.

u/kagealex9 · 4 pointsr/doctorwho

awesome job with the little human op.

so I can see via the comments you got her the 11th's sonic but I do have a suggestion one of these so she can make her own or if you wanted recolour the 11th's have a merry Christmas hope you enjoy the special.

u/GreyShuck · 1 pointr/doctorwho

Hugely dependent on which Doctor you prefer (and whether you have seen all their TV stories, since several of the books will refer to them or be direct prequels or sequels).

I'm going through them by Doctor and am almost through the Pertwee era, so for the first three I'd suggest:

  • Time and Relative, Empire of Glass or Ten Little Aliens
  • Dreams of Empire, The Dark Path or The Indestructible Man
  • Eye of the Giant, Harvest of Time or Last of the Gaderene

    After that, there are the books in the "50th Anniversary collection" which are fairly reliable choices (but I've not read them myself so far):

    4= Festival of Death, 5= Fear of the Dark, 6= Players, 7 (They have the novelisation of Remembrance of the Daleks, but I'd suggest Nightshade instead.), 8= Earthworld, 9=Only Human, 10= Beautiful Chaos, 11= The Silent Stars Go By

    For the War Doctor, it has to be Engines of War

    For Twelve, if you want a full length novel, then The Blood Cell is the best so far, but the novella Lights Out is actually the best print-based tale for Capaldi's Doctor overall.

    On the subject of novellas/shorts, there is the 12 Doctors, 12 Stories collection (which Lights Out is part of) and that might be a good place to start.

    Otherwise, there are loads of short story collections, most of which feature tales by different authors featuring different Doctors, so you're pretty much bound to find something you like in any of those.
u/Dr-Crash · 1 pointr/doctorwho

I haven't read very many of Doctor Who comics, but I came across all of the issues of the Four Doctors event and decided to pick them up. I enjoyed the story quite a bit.

It looks like it's about to come out as a single volume in February.

The only other DW series that I read was the Star Trek TNG crossover (here's Part 1 and here's Part 2), which was a fun read as well.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/doctorwho

A few ideas (none of these are affiliate links)

  • Sonic Screwdriver: Because everything needs more sonic.

  • Bow Tie: Because bow ties are cool.
  • Fob Watch: For those times when she feels like those little Daleks students might make her lose her cool, she can use this to become human for a time.

    And of course, you'll need the perfect romantic anniversary dinner; what could be better than Fish Fingers and Custard.
u/Vocal_Antagonist · 3 pointsr/doctorwho

Awesome! Thanks for the info. I've been following the chronological episode list provided here. I've been working in Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures according to that guide as well. At first I was watching through Netflix but, after falling in love with the series, I bought the Blu-ray box set and have been watching through those.

u/Prairie_Dog · 1 pointr/doctorwho

The only video he appears in is the 1996 Doctor Who: The Movie. That is available from Amazon for pretty good prices used. The DVD set includes some great extra content:

He also appears in a lot of Big Finish audio dramas.

u/b2monstermouse · 2 pointsr/doctorwho

Maybe this?

Doctor Who: 12 Doctors, 12 Stories - I've only read the first couple. They're not long, but they're not bad - each written by a different author.

There's also this one:

Summer Falls and Other Stories - I've only read Summer Falls, which was the book featured in The Bells of Saint John, "written by" Amy Pond. It's a cute read.
The other books were added after I bought the initial ebook, so I can't comment on those, but the reviews seem to be good.

u/eeezzz000 · 3 pointsr/doctorwho

It’s up to you. I know the NTSC conversions on the Region 1 DVDs are criticized a lot (the R2 DVDs have better picture quality but that might depend on your player and TV setup). It’s worth mentioning that a lot of the Region 2 DVDs are also, if not already, going out of print

If you’re into starting a collection I’d keep an eye out and try to get the Region 1 Blu Ray sets as they come out. Which picture-wise look the same as the Region 2 Blu Rays. If you just want to watch it then I’d highly recommend using BritBox

Edit: looks like there is actually a deal on for that first Tom Baker season

u/mylescloutier · 3 pointsr/doctorwho

That sounds great! Does anyone know if Doctor Who Confidential is included with the series box sets? That would make these realllllllly fantastic. If not I'm sure they must have some behind the scenes type stuff anyway.

Does anyone else know of a show airing today that has a making of for every episode?

The cheapest I can find series 1-4 is $55 CAD each at Amazon. Any brick & mortar store I've seen them in is charging like $80 ish. Crazy considering they are 13 episode seasons.

Stargate: SG1 is $140 for all 10 seasons, I saw it on sale once for $100, should have bought it...

u/Merganman4 · 5 pointsr/doctorwho

Well I don't know where you're looking, but you're clearly looking the wrong places. Stores like HMV and Barnes and Noble have them. I've seen them here in Canada at Sunrise Records (which used to be HMV).

Season 12

[Season 19](

Season 18

Season 10

These versions are all only available in North America, the key differences being the packaging is very basic and they're called, for example, "Tom Baker Season 1" instead of Season 12.

u/AgentPeggyCarter · 1 pointr/doctorwho

> It's really easy to grab on DVD/BD for cheap

Not OP, but I just looked on Amazon to see how cheap it is (I've not seen it yet either) and it's actually pretty expensive, at least on Amazon. I think it must be out of print.

u/cardboardguru13 · 4 pointsr/doctorwho

It is worth watching the historical drama, An Adventure in Space and Time, which aired during the 50th anniversary year. It's the story of how Doctor Who began, and about the actor (William Hartnell) who played the first Doctor.

Here's the trailer.

The still-living actor David Bradley played Hartnell in the drama, and in the series 10 episode you saw.

u/calkinsc · 1 pointr/doctorwho

I've recently read both Harvest of Time and The Wheel of Ice and found them both enjoyable. I think it is neat that they are writing new stories for classic Doctors, Pertwee and Troughton here, respectively. Reading the dialog of Zoe, Jamie, Jo Grant, the Brigadier, etc. really gives the feeling of a period episode.

There are also many books from when the series first went off the air that were written at that time, starring the McCoy Doctor, but while I have quite a few, I haven't read them since that time, so can't comment well. IIRC, Bernice Summerfield was first a companion in those books, later appearing in the Big Finish audio stories, so some could be worth a read as origin stories.

u/BlahblahName · 1 pointr/doctorwho

Here ya go.

Amazon has recently started to provide conditionally-free instant access to movies and TV shows. They are conditionally-free to "paid for" Prime members (sorry, our free student prime accounts don't get us in).

They have the new seasons 1 through 4 including all of David Tennant's specials. The classic seasons 1, 5-7, 10, 12-19, 21, 22 and 26. And they also have all Torchwood seasons.

u/angelwild327 · 2 pointsr/doctorwho

If you're not, and I know pirating movies is great, but for serious Doctor Who fans, there is nothing like owning the sets... most of them come with little goodies and Amazon has them on sale for about 1/2 price...

Barnes and Noble had them half off, a few months ago, ALSO, Netflix, but of course, you can't KEEP them...

u/Granite-M · 8 pointsr/doctorwho

The TARDIS itself isn't that big of a deal; you can get it for a fairly reasonably retail price on Amazon. It seems like the Tennant with Adipose set might be worth a bit more but... eh. Toys deserve to be played with.

u/6tardis6 · 1 pointr/doctorwho

Amazon has it instantly for $1.99. If you have Amazon Prime or Amazon Student it's free.

u/LocalAmazonBot · 2 pointsr/doctorwho

Here are some links for the product in the above comment for different countries:

Amazon Smile Link: An Adventure in Space in Time is a separate release, due on May 27.


This bot is currently in testing so let me know what you think by voting (or commenting). The thread for feature requests can be found here.

u/kodemage · 1 pointr/doctorwho

This is from Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who: Assimilation^2 and yes the '2' is part of the title, like squaring a number.

u/Lurking_Grue · 8 pointsr/doctorwho

I just finished this book:

It was like a big budget Pertwee episode and rather good.

u/animagus_7 · 2 pointsr/doctorwho

Here's one from ... and if you live anywhere near a decent sized mall, some shop SHOULD have them (heck, even Walmart might)... but I'm sorry, truly sorry, but you'll have to go outside for that!

u/LozzaMc · 2 pointsr/doctorwho

I honestly think I just got them both from

Just yesterday, right before the con, the 10th Doctor's screwdriver broke. It belongs to my 7 year old, so while he uses it vigorously, he doesn't really abuse it. I'm planning on getting him another one once I'm in full time employment, but would suggest if you're thinking of getting one to be a bit careful with it.

u/twadepsvita · 1 pointr/doctorwho

I think you're thinking of either Destiny Of The Doctor or 12 Doctors, 12 Stories. I have the latter i=as a boxset with the postcards, and it's good. I'll probably get Destiny when I've managed to get through my Big Finish backlog.

u/Mongoose42 · 3 pointsr/doctorwho

What I want is something like this for the classic docs, then I'll give them a look-see.

u/ChuckEye · 3 pointsr/doctorwho

It's a book, supposedly written by Amy, published by the BBC, that's available for sale as an eBook. There is a character very much like the Doctor in it. It's a decent read, and only a couple of bucks.

u/SillyNonsense · 1 pointr/doctorwho

Something similar already did come to the US. The US has the same set. I got it when it was released.

I got the limited edition set from Amazon at the time but it seems to not be in stock anymore:

I got it for 300 at that time. On ebay I can find the non-limited version without the bonuses for a variety of exaggerated prices from 300 to 900.

You may have to just hope for a reissue or import internationally.

u/superstewie · 3 pointsr/doctorwho

here is the amazon link. My husband said he got it from one of the suppliers from england. It'll be cheaper if you go that rout.

u/malliabu · 3 pointsr/doctorwho

For any Canadians that want to buy it:
$150 at Only 5 left in stock as of this posting.

Also $150 at Futureshop

u/JHFrank · 1 pointr/doctorwho

> This also features The Night of the Doctor Mini which is worth a watch if you have not yet watched it. It would also stand to reason that it would be a part of the Doctor Who DOTD DVD set.

No, Day of the Doctor is already out in Region 1. An Adventure in Space in Time is a separate release, due on May 27.

EDIT: Wait, that's not even what you were saying. Yes, Night of the Doctor and The Last Day are both on the DVD of Day of the Doctor. My bad!

u/OpticalData · 3 pointsr/doctorwho

Loosely based off of them yes.

Also apologies, I made an error. It wasn't the transtemporal sonic (which is a different thing) it's a 'Personalize Your Sonic Screwdriver' set See here

u/mugenhunt · 7 pointsr/doctorwho

So they have only recently begun to release complete season sets for older Doctors. There's one for the Fourth Doctor's first season,, and one for the Fifth Doctor's first season,

There aren't full complete season sets for all of the previous Doctors, so you'd have to hunt down individual DVDs.

u/themodgepodge · 1 pointr/doctorwho

Amazon has lots of cheap DW posters, too!

u/exlonox · 6 pointsr/doctorwho

Only six complete season sets have been released, but the BBC is currently in the process of releasing a new Blu-ray season box set every few months. Here are the complete seasons that have been released so far:

Season 10 (Blu-ray; pre-order)

Season 12 (Blu-ray)

Season 16 (DVD)

Season 18 (Blu-ray)

Season 19 (Blu-ray)

Season 23 (DVD; out of print in US)

u/Snapdude9 · 1 pointr/doctorwho

They have them on Think Geek but I got it on Amazon WAY cheaper :D

u/Bl00dlessX · 1 pointr/doctorwho

It depends. If you don't mind a book full of pictures, go for it. If you want a book full of information I suggest this

Edit: sorry for reposting this like 3 times. I forgot I could edit comments.

u/sylvan · 1 pointr/doctorwho

This post got caught by the spam filter, I just unbanned it.

Try starting with the beginning of the new series, in order.

Then for retro, I recommend the Tom Baker years and after.

u/TheBeardedRyno · 7 pointsr/doctorwho

I bought this a long time ago for a lot cheaper!

Doctor Who: The Movie (Special Edition)

u/EveryGoodNameIsGone · 2 pointsr/doctorwho

The Fifth through Eighth Doctors

Season 19

  1. Castrovalva (included in "New Beginnings" box set with "Keeper of Traken"; also available on its own)
  2. Four to Doomsday
  3. Kinda
  4. The Visitation
  5. Black Orchid
  6. Earthshock
  7. Time-Flight

    Season 20

  8. Arc of Infinity
  9. Snakedance
  10. Mawdryn Undead ("Black Guardian Trilogy" box set)
  11. Terminus (included in "Black Guardian Trilogy" box set with "Mawdryn Undead")
  12. Enlightenment (included in "Black Guardian Trilogy" box set with "Mawdryn Undead")
  13. The King's Demons
  14. The Five Doctors

    Season 21

  15. Warriors of the Deep (included in "Beneath the Surface" box set with Pertwee's "Doctor Who and the Silurians"; also available on its own)
  16. The Awakening
  17. Frontios
  18. Resurrection of the Daleks
  19. Planet of Fire
  20. The Caves of Androzani
  21. The Twin Dilemma

    Season 22

  22. Attack of the Cybermen
  23. Vengeance on Varos
  24. The Mark of the Rani
  25. The Two Doctors
  26. Timelash
  27. Revelation of the Daleks

    Season 23 - The Trial of a Time Lord (The second of two complete season collections)

  28. The Mysterious Planet
  29. Mindwarp
  30. Terror of the Vervoids
  31. The Ultimate Foe

    Season 24

  32. Time and the Rani
  33. Paradise Towers
  34. Delta and the Bannermen
  35. Dragonfire

    Season 25

  36. Remembrance of the Daleks
  37. The Happiness Patrol
  38. Silver Nemesis
  39. The Greatest Show in the Galaxy

    Season 26

  40. Battlefield
  41. Ghost Light
  42. The Curse of Fenric
  43. Survival

    TV Movie (1996)

    And there you have it. Everything that's currently available on DVD, from seasons 1-26. It's possible that more lost episodes from Seasons 1-6 may be discovered, and if that happens they'll be released on DVD as well. Some more still may be animated in the future and be released that way. But as it currently stands, that's everything.

    --edit-- Edited to fix a few links.
u/CaptnGrumbles · 3 pointsr/doctorwho

Last time I checked, Planet of the Dead wasn't on Netflix for some odd reason. You'll have to find it somewhere else. Amazon Instant Video has it here with 3 of the other specials.