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u/thelryan · 1 pointr/donaldglover

As someone who has been regularly attending concerts for the past 7 years, 100% yes. Not only does it protect your ears, it sounds better. I never go to shows without them now. I can still hear my friend if I’m with them, I can hear the music perfectly fine, I just don’t have the low frequencies berating my ear drums and I leave the show with little to no ringing. I got these on amazing for $13 and they’re perfect. To you, and to everybody, WEAR EAR PROTECTION. You’ll thank yourself later in the future.

u/jgalls33 · 2 pointsr/donaldglover

I got this pretty sweet yellow/black one on Amazon for my dorm a little while ago. Looks really nice in person

u/jordangerdes · 1 pointr/donaldglover

Amazon has them starting at 33 from private sellers. it's worth it. I bought mine for 40. seriously buy it, spin it and read it while you spin it. you'll love it.

u/Saypond · 3 pointsr/donaldglover

Most recently I bought these . The ones I bought before are these round bottom sleeves. Both are pretty much the same. The square ones are a little thicker of a material than the round bottom ones. But not enough to make a difference. Just a different feel. Keep your records safe bois.

Sorry if the formatting sucks, I’m on mobile

u/danimousthenoble · 5 pointsr/donaldglover

I don't have the picture but during one of the BTI listening parties, he was reading this and in his short, "Chicken and Futility," he was reading this

I would say that existential writers, especially Kierkegaard, J.D. Salinger (Catcher in the Rye - "Clapping for the Wrong Reasons"), and I'm guessing Albert Camus would be a good place to start.

Also, just look at all of the books he references in his songs. Kurt Vonnegut, for example, is mentioned in Crawl.

u/ThanksViagra · 1 pointr/donaldglover

Update: It's free even without Amazon Prime all day today

u/Bath_Salts4_Brunch · 4 pointsr/donaldglover

WHAT?! Is it some kind of special edition or something? Here's the [amazon link] (Because The Internet [2 LP] Only $35

u/Parexus · 2 pointsr/donaldglover

Noting that you might be able to get cheaper shipping at Universal Music UK though it could possibly take longer to receive because it is in the UK. You can also get it at or