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u/thelryan · 1 pointr/donaldglover

As someone who has been regularly attending concerts for the past 7 years, 100% yes. Not only does it protect your ears, it sounds better. I never go to shows without them now. I can still hear my friend if I’m with them, I can hear the music perfectly fine, I just don’t have the low frequencies berating my ear drums and I leave the show with little to no ringing. I got these on amazing for $13 and they’re perfect. To you, and to everybody, WEAR EAR PROTECTION. You’ll thank yourself later in the future.


u/Saypond · 3 pointsr/donaldglover

Most recently I bought these . The ones I bought before are these round bottom sleeves. Both are pretty much the same. The square ones are a little thicker of a material than the round bottom ones. But not enough to make a difference. Just a different feel. Keep your records safe bois.

Sorry if the formatting sucks, I’m on mobile

u/danimousthenoble · 5 pointsr/donaldglover

I don't have the picture but during one of the BTI listening parties, he was reading this and in his short, "Chicken and Futility," he was reading this

I would say that existential writers, especially Kierkegaard, J.D. Salinger (Catcher in the Rye - "Clapping for the Wrong Reasons"), and I'm guessing Albert Camus would be a good place to start.

Also, just look at all of the books he references in his songs. Kurt Vonnegut, for example, is mentioned in Crawl.