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u/rafaartstudio · 1 pointr/doodles

Hello Redditors, I wanted share with you a fan art I just uploaded in my blog [No sure if I can hyperlink it]. I used as reference a panel from TLOZ: A Link to the Past by Shotaro Ishinomori. Actually a little rough fan art because I just used some old sharpie markers. I will rework it when I get something better coupled with my improved skills - lol that bang covering his right eye.

Thank you :) !

u/sasquatchinheat · 1 pointr/doodles

Hey dude. There is a lot of promise in here. I think it would be worth getting it yourself some better art supplies!

You might really enjoy markers. There are smaller sets of this line, but they are a decent quality Chinese cheap brand.

And some affordable paper to go with

Also get yourself some good pens. I like microns.

Anyways you commented on my post so I thought I would chime in on some of your work. Keep drawing my dude

u/diversionmary · 1 pointr/doodles

Haha, thanks! My daughter was scribbling in a page then I'd interpret the scribbles into a drawing.

She can actually draw things that look like things but I think some of these scribbles were from when she was younger and I just found them. From there, I'd have her fill this or that area with scribbles.

I used her Crayola twistable color pencils and they were surprisingly vibrant and smooth to color with. Less

u/Green-prophet · 1 pointr/doodles

Thanks so much! I've been drawing in this style for about a year now. I've just published a book full of this stuff if you're interested.

u/LanguageDelights · 2 pointsr/doodles

The Natural Way to Draw: A Working Plan for Art Study

Cheap but difficult. And rewarding. Worth looking up threads of people following it

u/Pantelima · 2 pointsr/doodles

Kuretake Bimoji Brush Pen, Extra Fine, Fine, Midium, Broad, Midium/Bristles, Value Set of 5

Copic Marker Copic Sketch Markers, Black

Copic Markers 9-Piece Multiliner Inking Pen Set B-2, Black (MLB2)

u/anutron · 1 pointr/doodles

This one. It's actually really good. Scroll down my posts for examples.

u/Nickmoscovitz · 1 pointr/doodles

Thank you !

Here I used the simplest white gel pen see this

u/wpadera · 1 pointr/doodles

I just now saw this comment. Hopefully you haven't died of old age.

Thank you!
I used a black pilot G2 pen, as I do with most of my doodles. They are kind of expensive, but they last a long time.

u/Tottalynotdeadinside · 2 pointsr/doodles

you should use a micron 005 pen, those really get fine detail, even on skin.

u/AcidTongue · 2 pointsr/doodles

They're the moonlight gelly roll pens. I use the fine point ones because the regular ones are impossible to achieve small details with...

u/digitalbenjamin · 3 pointsr/doodles

I actually used an oil-based paint marker. (see here on Amazon: I'm also going to scotch guard them.

u/PangeaWhiplash · 1 pointr/doodles

It appears as though they're available on amazon!

u/DrWonton · 1 pointr/doodles


The ones that have a few different things on each page I used Micron 01 and 03 pens.

The gator and the...teeth guy I used just a uniball vision micro. And an old Ticonderoga soft pencil because that's what I had lying around. Nothing fancy here haha.