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u/slabbb- ยท 2 pointsr/dpdr

Hello. I realised I was living with trauma affects after reading up about the range of symptoms I was living with at the time (4 years ago). So I sought out a trauma therapist through a local rape crisis center, thinking I was displaying symptoms, behaviour, that related to possible sexual abuse. I applied for government funded assistance in this process initially (subsidies), otherwise I wouldn't have been able to access it. There were multiple hoops to jump through, but I wanted to get better. It was worth it.

The therapist I saw/see works with Bioenergetics. They explained what this involved when I had my first meeting with them. It took a few times of seeing them before I really clicked that they were someone I could work with.

It also has taken a long, and slow, time to get through the layers of issues, resistance, transference and so on, to get anywhere. However, with time and effort, DPDR is no longer a daily experience.

I live in the Southern Hemisphere, so circumstances and availability might be quite different where you are (?). The following websites might help further enquiry:

IIBA - International Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis

North American and New Zealand Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis

I've found this book has been a helpful mirror also, in terms of thinking about the issues and phenomena involved, though coming from a more Jungian approach:

Trauma and the Soul

The way I've travelled was finally really helpful, but each person is quite different in their story and needs. Yet it could be something worth trying?

Good luck and best wishes in your own healing journey!