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u/ShingamiOfSmarm · 2 pointsr/dragoncon

Could try this or this! Amazon's a good bet for cheap props. Party city, too- it's amazing how much stuff you can repurpose.
Also, Dcon has some great costuming tip tracks, run by people who know far... FAR more than I. Great stuff.

u/banana-heifer · 2 pointsr/dragoncon

I'm in the Athens area and in the same boat as well, working on a bosysuit! I'd recommend seeing if Community downtown has any suggestions for borrowing or renting a sewing machine. I know they offer sewing classes (for a fee) so they may be able to help in your search.

For other tips, someone already mentioned Yaya Han's bodysuit pattern and I'll recommend this Kwik Sew pattern, it's a popular go-to pattern for catsuits/bodysuits.

Also, cosplaytutorials has some great resources as well. Definitely create a mock-up before using your real fabric, bodysuits are difficult.

u/CorvidaeSF · 1 pointr/dragoncon

HELLO JOURNAL BUDDY, i also have a journal cover from them, albeit it a griffin on it. BECAUSE GRIFFON IS THE OBVIOUS CHOICE.

Anyway, you can use any of the standard “moleskein-size” journal. You can easily get an actual moleskein in lined paper, [like so] ( but they are pretty expensive since they’re the most popular name brand. you also can get knockoff versions that are cheaper and just as good. piccadilly is a perfectly fine brand.

also pro tip, if you get one with an elastic band, no worries, just cut if off. that’s what i did for mine when i put a bullet journal-type book in it.

u/ASnugglyBear · 1 pointr/dragoncon

I went with a

It's very small, does low light well, and can do pretty decent zoom. It's what I'm bringing to con

This thing fits in a pocket so easily.

Unfortunately, it plus a large memory card is going to way bust your budget. Then again, since getting it, I've taken it many places I'd not have done so beforehand.

I recommend this book on it if you do get one:

You might be able to find a used 5N and some cheap lenses of Ebay, but that's going to take some work:

and will be a bit of an issue to lug about.

Now, if this is really more of a hard budget than a "trying to save money on a hobby", something like a will get you the zoom shots (it's not a DSLR, but looks like one), but I have no idea on any of the rest of your requirements.

Perhaps visit a camera store near you that stocks both, and check them out?

That said, read a book about shutter speeds, etc, so you learn how to eek out every little bit out of your camera. A little knowledge will make your camera considerably better than it's 'mode' settings may do for your condition. Practice before the con.

u/RubberDogTurds · 2 pointsr/dragoncon

It seems like people have a lot covered, but I just wanted to say this was my best purchase from a drinking perspective for the con:
$7 polyester flasks that can hold up to 32oz of liquid

u/Amator · 3 pointsr/dragoncon

Not specifically a shower tip, but we find it's handy that when you're sharing a room with several people to bring one of those over-the-door shoe holders pic at Amazon which makes it easy to keep everyone's shampoos, brushes, etc out of the way.

u/Jetpack_Donkey · 2 pointsr/dragoncon

We got one of these electric one-burner stove tops, plus a small pan... hopefully that works ok. We're planning to warm up stuff for breakfast, heat up leftovers, maybe prepare something simple like instant ramen, etc.

u/Eyegore138 · 3 pointsr/dragoncon

I am doing one that is fairly easy, S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent, basically got a charcoal suit, some aviators, got an agent style earpiece, made an shield id, and have a pistol and hostler from my other costume should be good to go..

could try something like that

u/Amberhawke6242 · 4 pointsr/dragoncon

I like to get the big black trash bags and a collaspable hamper like this to put the bag in. That way it's like an actual trash can.

u/killebrew · 3 pointsr/dragoncon

Anker makes great products. I will be carrying this bad boy in my backpack throughout the con.

u/FairlyAverageGamer · 3 pointsr/dragoncon

Oh yeah, you could use something like this simulated flame bowl but nothing beats actual fire.

u/saladsporkoflove · 1 pointr/dragoncon

Yeah I feel odd wearing mine when I'm not riding as well.

Camel pack? There's always the Booze Belly guh. looks so warm >_<

u/horsenbuggy · 3 pointsr/dragoncon

>Poopuri if you have roommates ... or if you don't!

This is fantastic. One spray makes all the bad smells go away. Seriously, don't over do it. And it really smells like limes, not like a chemical that is supposed to smell like a lime.