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u/pizzasplease · 1 pointr/droidturbo

Hey- I recently got this one for around $23.

CHOE UPGRADED Qi Wireless Charger Charging Pad for Nexus 6,Moto Dro...

It works incredible, but it doesn't support turbo charging. Its really responsive and has a nice LED light though to let u know it's charging.

I use it just for when I go to bed and sometimes surf on my phone when I can't sleep, if you can handle not turbo charging and just want one for convenience it's pretty awesome

u/Cowboys2410 · 2 pointsr/droidturbo

I just ordered the Case Mate Naked Tough case this afternoon off Amazon! They have it for around $26 (, $9 off the regular price and Prime eligible too if you have it, and I think it looks really nice! The main reason I bought it is because I think it looks nice, clear and shows off the BN back, and is slim. Same exact case (and link) jdodman posted. Sounds like a really good one.

u/Blue2501 · 2 pointsr/droidturbo

OK, I haven't used whatever Verizon sells, but I've used a plastic Supershieldz protector, which was tolerable but when it wore in it got to a point where it was really draggy, like your finger would stick to it just a little. I replaced it with a Spigen glass protector and that was great, but after a few months it lost any oleophobic coating it might have had so it attracts fingerprints now. It's also cracked in a couple places because I'm a dumbass, but I haven't had the combination of time and desire to replace the thing yet. Between the two, I like the glass one better, and that's what I'll replace the one I'm currently using with.

If you're looking for a case, the Case-Mate Tough is relatively slim, looks nice in-person, and feels really good in-hand, but is surprisingly heavy given its size. My wife has a Turbo 2 with the Incipio Dualpro, which is a little bulkier than the Case-Mate Tough and isn't quite as pretty, but it's still nice. I'm currently using an Otterbox Commuter (the 'light-duty' Otterbox) on mine, which is big, bulky, and pretty damn ugly, but it's tough as all hell.

u/Psychologix · 1 pointr/droidturbo

Agreed that Anker's are good, I have a 3,000 mAh one that I carry for emergencies.
If I know there will be a period of a few days where I may not have an outlet to charge from, this beast is great.
24,000 mAh and 3 usb ports with different max outputs (2.4A, 2A, and 1A) as well as a white LED light.
It's not terribly large for the capacity and the price is right.
I got one for me and one for my mom for Christmas.

u/OllieQueen · 2 pointsr/droidturbo

I've already had to get my screen replaced. Barely touched the ground and the screen got obliterated. I have the red vsn. Got a screen protector and []()[This case]() and I love it. Looks awesome too.

If you want the case get it from the company's webisite they have free shipping.

u/Kevanness · 1 pointr/droidturbo

A new screen and back cover would be $68 from eBay, I just replaced the battery in mine and it's awesome, went from around 4 hrs of screen on time to 8 hrs. You can get a new screen and frame from eBay here for $57.66, and you can get a new back cover from $10.33-$19.51 (depending on color) here is Metallic Red, Black, and here's Ballistic Nylon Black, and Blue. I'm also assuming that you haven't replaced your battery either so here's the battery from Amazon for $12.98 if you want that too. If you don't have small screwdrivers/bits then you'll need to buy a cheap "mobile" work kit, I used this one from Texton for $9.24. It might seem easier to just buy a new phone, but there's nothing that really compares to the Turbo, I would also watch this video from JerryRigEverything on repairing the device before purchasing anything. The fact that the screen comes with the frame will make replacing the screen easier and you won't have to worry about applying adhesive or removing the frame from the old display, and there's a lot of adhesive holding the back cover on, when I replaced the battery I removed all of it and nothing is shaking around or loose. So for a new screen, frame, back cover, battery, and tools, it would be $90.21.

u/jham1496 · 1 pointr/droidturbo

PortaPow 6.5ft 20AWG Charge+Sync Micro USB Cable for Android, Qualcomm Quickcharge 2.0 Compatible

I've had so many problems with this phone and usb cables. This one has been perfect for a few months and I highly recommend it.

u/Loreen72 · 1 pointr/droidturbo

I was having the same issue - got one of the Wireless Charging Bases - works like a charm!!

u/FearTheZ · 4 pointsr/droidturbo

I ordered this one since it has great reviews and is cheap.

u/Kurnon_Devoured · 1 pointr/droidturbo

I have this case. I like it it fits really well and it is slim. Obviously not as tough as an Otterbox but for normal use I think it will work out fine.

u/iiWoodstocK · 2 pointsr/droidturbo

With my Qi charger [(Choetech)] ( ) along with the 2.0A wall plug they sell from about 20% it takes about 4 hours to get to 100% and the max temp it rises to is right around 100°F.

Comparatively, a 1.0A 5V Samsung wall plug I have takes about 4.5 hours to charge 20% to 100%. But its also a lot cooler, I believe it doesn't really go over 85°F

Edit1: Formatting

Edit2: For the sake of comparisons, with my experience using the Turbo Charger, from 20% to 100% takes about 100 minutes for me, but the temperature rises to 112°F

Edit3: After reading the link /u/sightl3ss provided, the with Choetech Qi Charger I use, I have not experienced any of the battery capacity discrepancies. It goes 100%-5% just fine. Although I cannot definitively say that 15%-0% is normal as I usually charge somewhere between 15%-20% and rarely let it get to 5%

u/PhoenixKiwi · 1 pointr/droidturbo

Have you tried the Motorola Website? If that doesn't work, you can probably get one from Amazon here-

u/hammer_bros · 1 pointr/droidturbo

I would recommend the UAG cases. Nice big rubbery conners, hard shell for back, raised front edges so screen never touches when placed screen side down. I also really like the aesthetics of these cases. I have the transparent red case. A little pricey for a cases, but has saved me from several potentially devastating corner drops. I wouldn't bother with a screen protector.

u/bigblue36 · 2 pointsr/droidturbo

USB Cable, Eversame 10-Pack 6Ft 2M Nylon Braided USB 2.0 A Male to Micro B Sync Charger Cord for Samsung Galaxy Note 5/S6, HTC, and more(Black White Purple Pink Hot Pink Red Yellow Blue Green Orange)

u/No_Manners · 3 pointsr/droidturbo

The international version is called the Moto Maxx. I have not idea if you can get it subsidized through a local carrier, so you might have to buy full price.e.

u/StupidMoron1 · 2 pointsr/droidturbo

This is what I got. Note that it's for the S8+, but they should have one for the S8 if that's what you've got.

u/Art_Weingartner · 1 pointr/droidturbo

[Qualcomm Certified Quick Charge 3.0] RAVPower 20100mAh Portable Charger with USB-C / Type-C Port & QC 3.0 Input & Output for Phones, Tablets and More.

u/Isira · 3 pointsr/droidturbo

Wireless charging with my TYLT Vu works fine with my Case-Mate Naked Tough Case. Never tried tap to pay though.

u/welmoe · 2 pointsr/droidturbo

I second the Case Mate Clear/Naked Tough Case

Here are some pics of mine with the case on it: