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u/WorkedInTheory · 14 pointsr/drumcorps

That is simply a poorly written article.

Dance theory, choreography, and general concepts of contemporary dance are quite well defined and clearly articulated.

In the history of dance, there have been a number of approaches to formalize specific principles and vocabulary, even actual dance notation (Labanotation) was created to record specific choreographic movement in order to be reproduced. The availability of film and especially video made this obsolete.

Ballet is still actually the foundation of modern dance, which introduces variations of technique and extended vocabulary. It would literally be impossible to be a professional performer or choreographer in the contemporary sphere without not only a solid ballet foundation, but other well known principles set out since the Denishawn school (school founded by Ted Shawn and Ruth St. Denis that is considered the origin of contemporary dance's break with ballet).

Anyway, here are some essential reads that I would strongly encourage anyone that is interested in choreography or staging, especially in the context of marching arts, to read:


The Art of Making Dances - Doris Humphrey (<<< critical read!)


The Intimate Act of Choreography - Lynne Anne Blom & L. Tarin Chaplin


Anatomy of Movement - Blandine Calais-Germain


Dance and the Specific Image - Daniel Nagrin


Technical Manual and Dictionary of Classical Ballet - Gail Grant


The Routledge Studies Dance Reader - Alexandra Carter


Every Little Movement: A Book About Delsarte - Ted Shawn


What Is Dance?: Readings in Theory and Criticism - Roger Copland & Marshall Cohen


The Illustrated Dance Technique of José Limon - Daniel Lewis


There are so many more!


Also recommended, free OCW course from MIT:


Dance Theory and Composition


u/turkeynswiss · 3 pointsr/drumcorps

So i tried to find it on and i can’t bc it was 2 years ago :( but I’ve searched sleeping mats/ camping mattresses and this one seems to have good reviews! About $160 for a twin size mattress which is very pricey but i think it’d be a good investment. There are lots online though so I’m sure you could find a cheaper one! I’ll let you know if i get ahold of the Costco one Better Habitat DreamReady Portable Kids Sleeping Mattress (Ages 4-12; 62x26x2”). [Solid Memory Foam, roll Out Convenient & Safe Sleep pad w/Waterproof Cotton Terry Cover & Travel Bag]

u/marched2x · 3 pointsr/drumcorps

I’ve got a few; 2 you’ve probably heard of and one I had to read for a class:

Enders Game

Band Of Brothers

Begging For Change by Robert Egger.

Robert Egger the DC Central Kitchen and in the book he discusses how he went from owning a club to becoming aware of food insecurities in DC and the inefficiency of how the issue was being addressed. He then founded the DC Central Kitchen that attacked the problem in 2 ways. It trained people to become cooks which gave them a marketable skill and they also learned money management and other skills to help them once they have secured a job. They then used the food that the students made in class to donate to people who need it. The change in the title is a change to how problems are addressed for a more permanent solution as opposed to temporary ones.

It’s a fascinating read and not incredibly long. If anyone is interested in social work, nonprofit, or something similar I would recommend it. /u/druler you would probably enjoy it

Side note: if you use Amazon type the word “smile” before amazon in the url and amazon donates a small percent to the nonprofit of your choice. Many drum corps are listed. Ex:

Edit: my example doesn’t work on mobile. RIP

u/druler · 40 pointsr/drumcorps

I'm good friends with an attorney that specializes in this kind of stuff. I should just bring her on here to answer questions. There's so much misinformation out there and honestly... I don't think some corps fully understand, either.

Edit: Please read this old thread from /u/cadet311, for the most is accurate about the description of securing rights. One thing that she encouraged me to add is that any type of rights granted are revocable at any point. So to simplify things, yes, leaks CAN put the corps at risk. This is the type of thing that can kill a drum corps.

And also - read this regarding folks that post videos:

Crown needs to cover their ass and post what they did, and say that it is not an authorized recording and should be deleted. This is fully within their rights.

That being said, we're texting all of this out right now, so AMA I guess.

Edit 2: Synchro rights - (putting video with the audio) are granted for certain things. Fan recordings on YouTube are not covered. A great resource is this book:

I am not acting as anyone's lawyer and this is not legal advice.

u/ACanine · 1 pointr/drumcorps

Essentially anything out of a Clarke or Kopprasch studies book would be great for a technical etude. I would look in the Pottag horn book for lyrical exercises.

These books are staples in college so it wouldn't hurt to invest early.




u/CinematicRyan · 3 pointsr/drumcorps

Update: After minimal effort, I have found two books in my university's library: The Complete Marching Band Resource Manual and Perfecting the Marching Band. I would recommend checking them out if anyone else is interested in this topic.