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u/mxdcm · 3 pointsr/e39

Clean looking model :) congratulations! Love that you have sunroof / moonroof (different countries - different names - same stuff).

Waiting for the interior pictures.

Here are few link where you can find info and parts in case if you will need; searching by VIN number, only the last 7 characters, CE7.... and for parts number for equipment details, with which the car came from factory

Others; using apps

Torque pro or Torque lite - free version to use together with an OBD-II bluetooth scanner for quick diagnostics, are not expensive and can give you some quick info.

Another good app which I tried, a little bit more expensive, is Carly for BMW they have a free lite version as well Carly for BMW Lite only that you will need to have a smartphone which knows USB-OTG and a cable from them (from carly for bmw) adapter search which can be 30€ carly for bmw website

I tried them both, torque and carly, and I would say that they are good enough, can give you informations, faults (errors code) and you can search by error code number to have an idea what can be the issue; as well can clear faults.

Carly for bmw knows coding as a plus, you can configure your car to do other few things, such as automatically locking the doors when going over a certain speed, follow me home lights on time for a certain time, keeping pressed locking button from the key fob to fold the mirrors (+ windows to go up), keeping pressed unlocking button from the key fob for the mirrors to go down; plus other few stuff (can't remember). For a car from the years 2000s is having few nice features.

Take a look at youtube video 5 Series - E39 - Video Handbook (40mins video) and you can learn about them.

You will have to prepare for the future, in case if they will fail, about kit repairs.

In US you have German auto solutions with DIY instructions, tools, kits; very useful stuff.

Since recently I had issues with this hose 11531705223 Radiator Hose which I had it replaced and just blew (snapped) after 1 year when I was going up the mountain, they are know for failing and can leave you stranded; give it an eye inspection.

What else can I continue recommending you... uhm...

Take care of it and again, congratulations :)


u/PouyanKhajavi · 1 pointr/e39

Thank you very much for all of the help. I just ordered the Bosch Remanufactured since that was the consensus here. The cheapest place I found it was interestingly Amazon! ($272 after the $100 rebate)

I also ordered the little gasket and a continental elite serpentine belt to go with it.
The life time warranty on FCP Euro definitely seems amazing! I didn't order through them this time because the price was somewhat higher. I'll make sure to use them later though.
Thank you once again.

u/RuprectGern · 3 pointsr/e39

I did a muffler delete with vibrant 3.5-inch dual tips.

I made a couple mistakes on this one that I should mention... they are not regrets as much as things i would have liked in hindsight to have thought about.

  • Had I to do it all over again while removing the mufflers would save me a lot of weight, I would have left them on and had cut them open and welded straight pipe inside of them. they would have mounted in the stock locations using the stock hardware, but... would give that muffler delete sound.
  • The vibrant tips i chose just barely fit in the diffuser openings and the installer had to work on it a while to get them straight and not hit the sides... this required additional attachment points and such. (see my previous statement) Had I chosen the next smaller size down for the outlets, they would have been framed better in the diffuser ports AND there would have been less labor/effort
  • I had the exhaust installed by a performance shop and not a muffler shop. just think, guys who work on exhaust all day vs guys who take their time to do a very clean specific job. I thought I wanted the latter, but I really should have chosen the former.

    All this aside, I think that the muffler delete is the best E39 mod you can do. I think people that ride behind me on BMW club drives may have a differing opinion, but on the whole... (preparation H feels good) It was well worth it.

    EDIT - I skipped over the part where you were cash poor. I was kind of task-driven to answer the question. Agreeing with others here, you may want to reconsider putting your money into a car when you should shore up your life a bit first.
u/ajkd92 · 2 pointsr/e39

Looks great!! I think I’ll be doing an M rear bumper on mine before too long too. Did you go OEM for it? Aftermarket?

Also, these will let you use those euro tails you’ve got sitting in a box somewhere 😝 I still haven’t done my LCM coding but when I figure it out I’ll pass along the details 😊

Edit: did your suspension refresh include rear subframe bushings? If so, mind my asking where you found the tool? I know it gets rented out on the forums but I keep hoping I’ll magically find one I can buy for not too much haha

u/atltobna · 2 pointsr/e39

I just got this one from Walmart. Can read your active and pending codes, can erase your codes and can view live data/snapshots. I think it’s an incredible value.

Of course it’s not OEM Bmw diagnostic software. But it does a great job and works for all my other cars as well(E46, E70 & 4 Runner).

Autel AutoLink AL329(Upgraded AL319) Code Reader OBDII Scanner

u/connxr_m · 2 pointsr/e39

Yeah I did it my self, you need a heat gun basic tools and I used windex and a micro fiber cloth to clean the trim really well before wrapping it so it sticks well. Heres a video on doing the center console I found helpful.
This is the exact vinyl I used too.

u/WagonsNeedLoveToo · 2 pointsr/e39

Took a Gamble with the cheapest one onAmazon. Install was perfect, both corners poke out about 2-3 mm but way way better than I expected.

u/illestvillains · 5 pointsr/e39

Do yourself a favor and learn how to use INPA. Purchase a K+DCAN Diagnostic Cable such as this one which looks like it comes with the software:

u/powersurge27 · 2 pointsr/e39

Absolutely, the xenon bulbs are D2S. You can get upgraded units 5000, 6000, even 7000k.

Quick search on Amazon: [OSRAM Xenarc Cool Blue Intense D2S] (

u/Amwo · 3 pointsr/e39


I bough this one few weeks ago as it was the cheapest at that time, but there is more on both amazon and ebay - some of them are in carbon fiber or wooden wraps or with a cutout for a phone. Just search for "e39 cupholder".

u/Freshspike · 1 pointr/e39

Here is the one I used - worked good for me:

You can get a low quality pain job a Macco - not ideal but it would be better than what you have if you plan on having it for a while.

u/andy__vee · 1 pointr/e39

There's an OEM aux connector, but it may require you to have a more current OBC/MID software version. The part number is 82 11 0 149 390 and here's an Amazon example.

u/Thanassi44 · 1 pointr/e39

I had that same connundrum, but after reading a ton of reviews and YouTube videos, I settled on a smart one that has lots of settings and functions.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/e39

I use this on all my plastics and it works wonders for months. Even down to the plastic on side mirrors and wiper arms.

u/jdegraff89 · 1 pointr/e39

You need to get a Ground Loop Noise Isolator.

Thats exactly the one I used in my car when I installed an AUX and found it wouldn't work when the phone was charging. It also kept the stereo in AUX mode when the ignition was shut instead of having to switch back to it everytime.