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u/Aianhanma · 1 pointr/eFreebies

Edit: The Smashwords edition went up, use coupon code XM39K for a free copy: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/928762

This one expires in one day.

I do apologise for the inconvenience for kindle users, but Amazon does not allow me to use their promotional options due to the book not being exclusive.

Original post

Oh wow, they went fast! Thank you for your interest, everyone! Firefox send's 100 downloads from the original link have expired, so I created a second link. I hope everyone enjoys the read!

Second batch here \^_\^

Also, for kindle users:

a download link for mobi files

Still 12 hours to go! If the number of downloads expires again before that, pm me/reply to this post and I'll update with a new link. I'd like to ensure everyone who clicked the link within the time limit gets a copy,

As commented by db2:
> If you're using an app for reddit make sure to open this link in a browser like Chrome, not the built in web viewer, or it may not download.

Edit: Thank you for your interest, I hope everyone enjoys the read!

Today, the paperback edition went up: https://www.amazon.com/Mars-other-Short-Stories/dp/1091973369

It includes the kindle version via matchbook

u/sokins · 1 pointr/eFreebies

EXPIRED Hi! I've authored the Easy Christmas Origami kit. This is the best Christmas crafts for kids and I will be so thankful if you download it from the link below, and leave an honest review. 😊It is a special kit that was designed to be an inexpensive alternative to the paper book. It consists of an engaging Christmas story and contains a link in the book to download awesome templates for free so you can print them out at home! Thx!


u/ctgt · 1 pointr/eFreebies

Go Outside and Come Back Better is nature’s brochure, an inspirational travel essay woven through a landscape photography collection. Readers will discover nature’s power to teach, inspire, and improve lives. With 160 color photos from parks in all 50 U.S. states, Go Outside combines America’s beautiful scenery with down-to-earth insight into how everyone—not just adventurers—can benefit from spending time in nature. Sprinkled with wisdom from naturalist John Muir, the book provides an uplifting look at life and the outdoors.

Book trailer video and link to iTunes page at www.GoOutsideBook.com


u/KeronCyst · 2 pointsr/eFreebies

I've never heard of any of these nor their authors. Of the ones that I surveyed at random, it looks like the best bets with high page counts + good reviews are:

u/FTFYcent · 5 pointsr/eFreebies

If any Mac users are looking for something to download I recommend Boom. It amplifies your system's maximum sound level, and it works astonishingly well. Only $7 regularly, now free with this coupon. Thanks for the post, OP!

Edit: I ended up buying two just because I saw nothing else that appealed to me. There's also AppDelete and VidConvert, which cost $8 each so you can get Boom + one of them together!

u/Krombopulos_Micheal · 6 pointsr/eFreebies

The reviews on the Amazon page.

This is the link with the good reviews and still free, same book but without illustrations and seems like it has a proper index whee you can jump to the poems you want to read.


u/Twofoe · 4 pointsr/eFreebies

Sorry :(

Maybe I can console you with a free Photo... Suite... 3. Darn. Well, check that page in another 21 hours and maybe something good will be on it.

EDIT: Amazon realized how much that app sucked, and replaced it with Age of Zombies prematurely. :)

u/kifujin · 6 pointsr/eFreebies

Here's a non-mobile link, although the promo doesn't seem to be active yet.

u/zebragrrl · 2 pointsr/eFreebies

No, but I have been through the DBT program a few rounds, mostly back in 1998-2002.

The textbook for the program I was in, was Marsha M. Linehan's Skills Training Manual for Treating Borderline Personality Disorder.

That in itself is a useful book to be able to review from time to time, but as I said, it's kind of annoying to get to since I tend to keep most of my similarly sized books in storage.

I haven't read the eBook on offer in this thread, but I'm familiar with DBT. I just wanted to make sure people understood that DBT was 'real mental health stuff'.

u/denilsonsa · 1 pointr/eFreebies

It is available for Android, but not for free.

Year(s) ago, it was one of the free apps of the day at Amazon App Store.

u/ragaboo · 3 pointsr/eFreebies

Actually, it appears that BOTH books in the series are free, as of this post. The first one is From Hell with Love.