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u/chrono13 · 11 pointsr/emulation

Assuming you are talking about R-Pi, v3b.

All 32 bit and lower works flawlessly. This includes but is not limited to Genisis, GB, GBC, GBA, NES, SNES, PSX.

N64 is the most commonly discussed as it has a large library of great games that are also often 4x multiplayer. Most games work very well (e.g. Mario Kart), while some do not (in particular 007 Goldeneye).


  • Raspberry Pi 3 - $36
  • Samsung EVO 32GB Class 10 Micro SDHC - $11
  • CanaKit 5V 2.5A Raspberry Pi 3 Power Supply - $10
  • Addicore Raspberry Pi Heatsink Set - $5
  • AmazonBasics High-Speed HDMI Cable - 3 Feet - $5
  • Official Raspberry Pi 3 Case - $8

    Total cost so far, $75. You can get a less expensive case that also comes with the heat sinks bringing your cost down to ~$65.

    Cheap right? Well, the one thing that is going to cost you the most in any of these builds is the controllers.

    I like:

  • 8BITDO NES30 Pro Wireless Bluetooth Controller - $49 (x4).

    When I first bought them, they were $36 each, and I love them. They work really well via the Pi's built in Bluetooth.

    Another great option that works really well are the XBOX-360 controllers. Wired ones run you $27 each brand new, and wireless are $34/each, plus one adapter for the set.

    In other words, four good controllers are going to run you $100-$200. Which is the bulk of most builds. In a childs-only build, I am considering either wired XBOX-360 controllers because of their awesome cord break-away feature, or going even less expensive with the $12 SNES clones, though that eliminates the ability to play N64 and PSX.
u/Zero_Risk · 2 pointsr/emulation

I've tried some of the usb controllers and wasn't satisfied. They're often too light-weight or the buttons aren't as responsive, or some little nagging thing. Personal recommendation would be to go for the real deal and get an N64 to usb Controller Adapter or two. They're surprisingly easy to use (nearly plug-and-play, but you need to configure the emulator settings so it knows which is controller 1, controller 2, etc.).

That being said, it sounds like you might be happier getting the real deal hardware. Nothing will feel spot on compared to the original hardware. Plus, if it sounds fun for your bachelor party, who's to say it can't be something fun to do any other time you're all together in the future, right?

Congrats on getting hitched; hope it goes well for you.

u/MamaLuigi9001 · 2 pointsr/emulation

Reposting since I still haven't had an answer.

So I am planning to purchase a N64 Adaptoid that someone is selling and I have a few questions that would influence my decision on purchasing it.

1.Should I even buy an adapter? There are 3rd party wireless and wired N64 look a like controllers for PC. Should I consider those?

2.Is the Adaptoid compatible with Windows 10 64-bit?

3.Does Adaptoid work well with N64 emulators? Specifically Project 64.

4.Is this adapter or this [adapter] ( better than the Adaptoid? What are the Pros and Cons of each?

5.Is there any video showcasing the N64 Adaptoid? I would like to see how the pak peripherals work. (ex. Rumble, Transfer, Memory Paks.)

  • Do third party peripherals work with Adaptoid? Would they work in Project 64? (ex. Tremor Pak Plus, Tilt Pak.)

  • How do memory paks work with the Adaptoid? Can you edit saves and back them up?

  • When using this adapter with the VRU, does it work properly and does it work with Project 64?

  • Using the Transfer pak, is it possible to extract the save file of a Game Boy Color game to my PC?

    6.Is the Adaptoid Plug and Play? Or do I need to install specific drivers to get it working?

    7.Can I use this for other things as well? Such as for steam games and other emulators like Dolphin Emulator.

    Thank you ahead of time.
u/Rubular · 1 pointr/emulation

You can buy a USB N64 controller on Amazon for $14 if you want the authentic experience. You can buy USB adapters for real N64 controllers too, but they're the same price and original N64 controllers have a very fragile and easily-worn-out analogue stick, so I'd go with a new device.

I usually use an Xbox 360 controller, though. I map Z to the L trigger, the C buttons to the C stick, and everything else to the obvious choices. Works perfectly for virtually all games. Didn't take any learning or getting used to, feels just like the original N64 in terms of muscle memory.

For Goldeneye and Perfect Dark, I use a keyboard+mouse for singleplayer (flawless and drastically improves the playability of the game) and dual-analogue modern-FPS control scheme for multiplayer (since it's tricky to have two mice at once).

u/sandman53 · 1 pointr/emulation

I never liked the stiff feel of the x1 dpad, and the 360 controller dpad really sucks. I also tried the logitech controller and didn't like their triggers. I also did not like the fact that the F710 dropped its signal all the damn time. The steam controller looks interesting, but I didn't feel like messing around with that.

This is the one I came across. Despite being from one of those chinese knockoff companies the controller itself is built quite well. It has a nice dpad, and the buttons and triggers all feel good. I also like the feel of the PS4 controller. The battery life on it is also pretty damn good and I can recharge it with a usb cable.

I may try the steam controller at some point, but I got two of these right now, and im very happy with them.

u/imranh101 · 1 pointr/emulation

I got one of these for like $10 clearenced at Target ...

Similar thing excpet "mini", and wireless.

Plug and play with PC, just plug in the USB dongle, hit home button and about 15 seconds it's good to go. Rechargable and gets a good amount of time on battery, and it's obvs. clearenced on Amazon. I've had it for a year and a half now and it still works great. Highly recommend this, or any controller by Power A.

u/random_human_being_ · 13 pointsr/emulation

For the love of God Almighty, don't buy a 360 controller for emulation, the dpad is so bad that it'll make you curse in every language known to man.

If you absolutely want an X-Input device that works out-of-the-box go for the Xbox One controller, at least it has a decent dpad. Unless you want to use a wire you'll have to buy a separate wireless adapter, though.

IMHO the best controller for emulation is the Dualshock 4, you can just plug it in and it works like the 360 controller, except it has DirectInput instead of X-Input (which for emulation doesn't make half a difference), or if you want more customization you can download DS4Windows and set the DS4 to act like an Xbox controller (or if you're feeling masochistic you can even use the gyroscope instead of the button). Plus, unlike the Xbox controller it can be used with bluetooth.

If you want to emulate PS2 games you might want to consider a Dualshock 3; it needs a driver which will make it behave like a 360 controller, but in addition it is the only good controller beside the Dualshock 2 to have pressure sensitive buttons, which some PS2 games (most notably the two Metal Gear Solid) require.

Otherwise you might buy an adapter for controllers you already own.

On a last note, I've heard good things about this controller, and I was planning on buying it.

EDIT - I was assuming you're using Windows; if you are on Linux or OSX the Dualshock 3 works without needing a separate driver (if I'm to trust the Arch wiki)

EDIT 2 - grammar

u/Hachi_is_Eight · 2 pointsr/emulation

This doesn't really answer your question, but I bought this

To use Wii Motes on the dolphin emulator (Gamecube/Wii emulator). It works really well and was a simple plug and play for me.

According to this review, it works fine with PS3 controllers.

This was a great purchase for connecting my Wii and PlayStation 3 Dualshock controllers. I used Touchmote drivers for my Wii remote to use as a gyro mouse and it connected easily. Using the remote for 3 hours had no problems with the connection dropping.
I used the Xinput DS3 Wrapper for my Dualshock and played from a distance of about 15 ft."

u/guygizmo · 2 pointsr/emulation

I like the idea of being able to bust out an N64 or Saturn controller... except I'm so on board the whole wireless controller bandwagon now. I love being able to not worry about how far away I am from my TV or chords getting tangled up.

Not that I would go through the effort of doing this, but I wonder if anyone has ever modified one of those controllers to be wireless?

Yup they sure have!

edit: Though apparently that controller has issues with its joystick. I guess they made it a little too true to the original N64 controller 😝

u/orokro · 2 pointsr/emulation

I recommend the Mayflash one:

It creates two "game controllers" in windows, like this:

It's cool that a single USB device allows you to use 2 SNES controllers - and it's decently cheap too! Way better than having to buy 2 or 4 separate devices.

Caution: you may be tempted by SNES-USB controllers (SNES clones that have USB built in) I tried one of these and it's horrible - the buttons weren't as responsive as a real controller and overall it felt cheap. That actually made me dig out my real controllers and buy the adapter.

>No idea why you'd want to use the N64 controller

It's not THAT bad. I'm kinda like a purist - I like playing the games like I did growing up. It's hard to find a controller that matches the AB + C buttons, and I don't like using "L2" as Z. Yeah, out of my 3 N64 controllers, one of them has a faulty stick - and the other two... the stick works fine but feels like a "N64 stick," but I like it. Brings me back.

u/darklynx4 · -2 pointsr/emulation

idk, i just remember when i tried syncing mine to my pc, i could not get it to work until i unplugged my wii.

I tried using the sync button, but it would never actually sync with my pc. (so its atleast something to be aware of if you cant get it to sync to your pc) is the official website of the manufacturer for it. you can get firmware updates there, aswell as instructions (tho they are not great in the instruction side of things)

> I am unfamiliar with Amazon

been living under a rock?
its like not knowing what youtube is lol XD

u/djpokeboy · 1 pointr/emulation

For older retro consoles, the Buffalo SNES controller is the best I've used.

Great feeling buttons, works out of the box, and a great price to match. Can't be beaten :)

u/Yonrak · 2 pointsr/emulation

Looks great! As for success level of other devices, Dolphin Bar does the same thing and works really well in my experience, but could be cool if you could get the size down - though I'm not sure how small it can go whilst keeping the IR pointer functionality?

Edit: Looks like I may have missed the point. What benefit would native passthrough bring?

u/Omg_Seph · 1 pointr/emulation

Also seconding this. I have an S6 Edge as well and I'm using this controller which works really well and is small enough to carry in a pocket. Currently playing Monster Hunter Freedom Unite on PPSSPP and it runs like a dream.

u/tomku · 23 pointsr/emulation

I'll save you the time, link.

I use mine extensively for NES/SNES emulation and it's superb. Works great for other games that don't need sticks too.

u/witty-original-name · 1 pointr/emulation

Looks nice, but damn, I could get a new Logitech Gamepad for like $10 less! Trying to spend as little as possible :/

I was thinking of trying some cheap janky-looking thing like this or this. Is there a catch with these cheapo models? Reviews seem pretty inconsistent! Thanks for the reply.

u/wahlb3rg · 1 pointr/emulation

Gotta agree with Jabnin. With 3rd party peripherals like that it could be any number of things.. especially when you're pairing it with drivers that weren't designed for it. My advice would be to pick up a wired 360 controller. Nothing to install other than drivers, and that's automatic. Amazon has them pretty cheap Here.

u/AssCrackBanditHunter · 2 pointsr/emulation

I'm thinking one of those clips that telescopes out and holds your phone horizontally and looks like a psp would be ideal

Something like this would allow you to hold the phone one handed while using a stylus with the right hand. The real trick is finding a controller that isn't total garbàge

u/AsteroidBlues · 2 pointsr/emulation

I can't speak to that particular model but I have a different Mayflash adapter and it has worked great for me. I would definitely try another one of their products.

u/Melon__Bread · 3 pointsr/emulation

I use: on my laptop & on my Desktop pretty much plug in play om both
(Works great on Windows & Linux)

Also you will wanna grab this (Windows Only) or (Linux only) , gives you more control over the controller and enables the touchpad

u/tomkatt · 8 pointsr/emulation

> Touch is just not the way to play these games for me.

That's what the gamepad is for. If you like the PSP form factor, there's this, this or this.

Alternately, if you enjoy gaming on tablets and want a larger Wii U/ PSP kind of setup, there's the PG-9023. PG-9083 and the BTC-938.

u/Robotman1974 · 3 pointsr/emulation

The GameTech wiki has some great recommendations on controllers. You can use the original Sega Genesis controllers with USB adapters, which is what most people would recommend. I personally use a Saitek 6-button controller.

u/The_Doctor_00 · 2 pointsr/emulation

VisualBoyAdvance is the best one.

As far as hooking up your PS3 controller, it could be done with some work, but I've never used one in connection with an emulator. I use either a 360 controller, the Logitech one that's rather like a PS2 controller, or this PC SNES like controller for NES/SNES/GB games

u/DeniedScout · 16 pointsr/emulation

You're better off just getting something like this. It also lets you connect Wiimotes and TR Wiimotes (the ones with WiiMotion+ built in) without a Bluetooth dongle or any extra BT stacks. I'd say it's definitely worth it.

u/DerRoger · 1 pointr/emulation

Don't buy cheap ass SNES controllers, buy the only good one that is as good as an original Nintendo SNES controller: The iBuffallo SNES controller

u/PalebloodSky · 1 pointr/emulation

The Mi Box is only $69 and brand new so it's a pretty good way to go:

Android works with USB controllers out of the box, I'm using these:

So I setup the Mi Box with RetroArch with NES, SNES, Genesis, Arcade, etc. and all the games have thumbnails. It's also nice to have 4K output along with Kodi, Chromecast, Netflix, HBO Go, etc. all in one little box. The only downside, as with most emulation, is a tiny bit of input lag, so unfortunately games like Mario the timing is a bit off. The RetroArch project has made strides recently reducing this and will continue to improve I imagine.

u/CaptainWabbit · 11 pointsr/emulation

If you like the SNES controller do a search for buffalo snes controller.

Or I'll just do it for you:

It's cheap and the d-pad is good.

Alternatively you can buy a cheap Bluetooth dongle and get a DS3 or a DS4 and use SCP toolkit to pair them to your PC and work just like a wireless 360 controller (but the d-pad isn't total shit.)

u/DolphinUser · 1 pointr/emulation
  1. I'm not super familiar with N64 emulators but this wiki is often recommended:

  2. Mayflash is usually a good source for controller PC adapters:

    I don't have that one personally but I have their GameCube controller adapter and it works fine.
u/dm26 · 1 pointr/emulation

yes, wired xbox 360 controller works great from first-hand experience. i believe you can also use a wireless controller with this dongle.

u/IlluminatedMetatron · 1 pointr/emulation

I use this one for my ps3 remote. Works perfectly with the SCP drivers.

I haven't tested it with a wiimote. But I would recommend getting a DolphinBar for wiimote connection.

u/synanimate · 1 pointr/emulation

The Mayflash Adapter - the best way to play n64 games with an emulator.

However, remember that you should only be emulating games that you actually own. Otherwise this subreddit can't help you.

u/05eNu01xaZxJR2cCo7NE · 1 pointr/emulation

Works just fine. Now, if you have like $40 lying around (roughly the cost of a wired 360 controller), you can buy a used wiimote/nunchuck combo for like $15 on Ebay, and then get a "DolphinBar" for $18 on Amazon. With that, you can have that genuine Wii experience :)

u/cam1170 · 2 pointsr/emulation

I don't know much about how to get Bluetooth information from an adapter that doesn't give you that information, but if you like there are USB adapters for GameCube controllers like the Mayflash adapter ( or Nintendo's official one ( Though I don't know about the compatibility with your controller if it doesn't function exactly like a real one.

u/Crysalim · 1 pointr/emulation

Here's the two things I used in your situation:

I love the Monoprice sensor bar, it's got a bright red led and black push button to easily tell you if it's on or not. The Bluetooth adapter is great as well, I've had no trouble with it.

Initially I tried to use my Wii U sensor bar (and an old Wii one I dug out) in the same way you did, but for some reason I just couldn't get them to work - at first I thought the bars were bad, or the Wii U has to be in a certain state to send power to the bar, but the wireless bar worked well enough that I never solved that problem.

u/chrisgond · 5 pointsr/emulation

Mayflash makes quality gear..

I highly recommend these guys as they maintain driver support.

u/keepreading · 2 pointsr/emulation

I got one of these a few months back and I really love it.

u/starseed42 · 3 pointsr/emulation

I use this, and it works great.

u/captincharizard · 1 pointr/emulation

the plan is to make a 2 player control panel for mame by wiring a joystick and 8 buttons to an wired xbox 360 pcb per player. 6 buttons will be the game buttons, 1 will be the player start, and the leftover 1 will be for adding credits.

Wii i can use bluetooth to sync the controllers.

gb/ gbc / gab / ds I can use the control panel or a ps3 controller through bluetooth.

Then I am getting console plug to usb converters for snes, nes, genesis, n64, playstation, and gamecube controllers so i can play the emulated roms with real controllers. I would like some advice on which ports to buy because I'm not sure if they're gonna work. I read amazon review but thats it

u/codenamegamma · 1 pointr/emulation

i have one of these

it feels fine, although its not really heavy and does not support rumble or expansion packs although the plasic is there to insert them theres no connector. i played some mario 64 and the stick feels fine, and its been redesigned so im sure you wont have longevity issues like regular n64 sticks do.

u/michaelrulaz · 1 pointr/emulation

So I've been looking into controllers and I have come down to three potential conclusions on what to do.

1.) Buy a USB Controller, like this

2.) Buy a classic controller to USB device. like this

3.) Buy a small board that runs a keyboard and place it into a controller shell and map out the keys

I am just using the N64 as an example. I want all original controllers for the various games.

One other thought I had was buying the USB aftermarket controllers then cutting the cord down so its very short and wiring it to a Bluetooth transmitter and than plugging in a Bluetooth receiver into a USB hub. Then adding a LiIo battery pack to the controller. My only hurdle would be making it fit and still light weight and if I needed to have different channels for the four controllers.

u/KingdaToro · 1 pointr/emulation

You can use any Wiimotes and attachments with this. For games that use a Gamecube or Classic controller, I recommend an Xbox 360 controller.

u/ThatOnePerson · 2 pointsr/emulation

>Regular XBox One controllers need a USB dongle, which is fairly pricey.

If you're doing a lot of games though, I'd still recommend it. I doubt a bluetooth adapter will handle 4 controller, and I've got six controller on the USB dongle working perfectly fine (Playing 8player local gangbeasts, still need to pickup 2 more controllers)

Missing this N64 controller:

u/IceKrabby · 3 pointsr/emulation

Yes, here's the amazon link:

u/mjike · 1 pointr/emulation

I have a couple of controller questions. I'm currently trying to assemble a collection of platform specific controllers to give a bit more authentic feel.

First I'm wanting to go wireless Gamecube and I currently own a trio of Wii-U Battle Pads, 2 are PDP one is Hori. I'm debating between picking up the Mayflash wireless Wii adapter or a pair of Wavebirds and a Mayflash USB adapter. Will the Battle Pads get the job done in Dolphin and if so would they be recognized properly(I'm assuming the Wavebirds will)? The former route is definitely has the financial advantage as would look much better next to my Mario and Luigi Wiimotes(provided I can ever get Win10 to connect to them).

My second question is regarding Colecovision and Intellivision controllers. A while back I stumbled on a site that offered an adapter bundle that would do Coleco, Intellivision, Atari, and a few other old controllers. Unfortunately I didn't bookmark it and haven't yet been able to find it again. I do remember the bundle was very pricey but to me seemed to be worth it. Does anyone have a clue what I might be looking for?

u/natr0nFTW · 0 pointsr/emulation

Cant beat a basic 360 pad wired or wireless(need a dongle though). Might be hard to find one cause so many knockoffs. I use both but notice now they start to have drift on analog sticks after lots of use, but then again you will be mostly using the dpad.

You might like this, been looking at it myself.

u/raven575 · 4 pointsr/emulation

I tried using a wireless wii sensor bar and a bluetooth dongle, but that is not easy and you have to get very specific devices. For equal or less money you can get a DolphinBar from $20 I've spent on wii emulation stuff. This device just works. It's easy, just buy it.

u/LonelyCannibal · 1 pointr/emulation

If you are only going to own one controller, it's hard to suggest something other than a wireless XBOX 360 controller, imho.

They seem to be becoming the standard for "controller support", and most games will work by default. Emulators that don't support Xinput can be made to work with X360ce.

Although if you intend to use it with a laptop, the wired version might be better. It's not like you are going to be playing on a couch across the room from your laptop, right?

u/JmactheAttack · 2 pointsr/emulation

XBMC is a Win/Mac/*nix compatible HTPC frontend that has a decent ROM viewer that allows you view, manage, and launch your roms of any console on your HTPC-connected television.

Check these out: XBMC and Rom Collection Browser

As for using a wireless controller, I recommend checking out the Logitech Wireless Gamepad F710.

u/b1ueskycomp1ex · 0 pointsr/emulation

The easiest way to go is to get the [dolphinbar] ( and set it to game controller mode.

u/Ultrameyda · 1 pointr/emulation

Easiest method is to use Dolphin in conjunction with the Mayflash Dolphin Bar

u/ronfar623 · 0 pointsr/emulation

I highly recommend the Daqi M100 for phone gaming. It's far more weight balanced due to the center positioning, fits almost everything, and the buttons and sticks are about on par with the PS Vita:

u/DaFox · 2 pointsr/emulation

The Buffalo SNES controller is the only third party controller that is worth getting over an adapter IMO.

Shoulder buttons are the only real negative of the controller. Thankfully SNES games rarely used them.

u/daguil68367 · 1 pointr/emulation

I'm looking for a versatile gamepad intended for emulation and I stumbled across one called the Gamesir G3. I was wondering if anyone here has used this controller and could share their experiences with it?

u/WaffleSports · 6 pointsr/emulation

I usually get an adapter to -enter controller type- from amazon example. Playing n64 games with a 360 controller was nightmare.

u/PC509 · 1 pointr/emulation

Nope. Not at all.

I guess mine did have a name. Gtron... Nothing on the controller itself. This is the one that I picked up -

Long cable. Buttons feel like a standard SNES controller, not squishy or clicky at all.

u/driscoll42 · 2 pointsr/emulation

Assuming you have the Wiimote connected to the computer, then yes you could use the IR Bar. Hell, you could use two candles if you wanted, all that matter are two sources of IR light. Really though, the DolphinBar is the best way to connect a WiiMote to a PC.

u/Niglurion · 3 pointsr/emulation

No need a Bluetooth dongle, just the dolphin bar. It's plug and play, no driver needed, and native in Dolphin. Don't bother yourself with a dongle. ;) you can read a review on it on dolphin blog if you want.
Amazon link:

u/innerspaceboy · 1 pointr/emulation

I see two options. Both are N64 to USB port adapters so you'd need an original N64 gamepad. One is made by Mayflash for around $10 and the other is available from RetroZone for $22.

u/jjmiller1980 · 1 pointr/emulation

I got this adapter to use with my Raspberri Pi:

It works well. Really, here's the problem. If you buy the retro style USB ones, they're almost all cheaply made, and don't feel good. If you buy an actual used controller, they're usually well used. It's hard to find one that still has that satisfying "clicky" feel when you press a button, and it can be difficult to find replacement parts.

If you go for a retro style USB controller, the iBuffalo SNES one is decent, I have it. If you want to go for the real deal, the adapter I linked to works well for me.

u/Captain_Wonderbread · 1 pointr/emulation

>Caution: you may be tempted by SNES-USB controllers (SNES clones that have USB built in) I tried one of these and it's horrible - the buttons weren't as responsive as a real controller and overall it felt cheap. That actually made me dig out my real controllers and buy the adapter.

Contrastingly, I've had good experience with N64-USB controller. I've only had it a couple weeks, so we'll see how it holds up, but so far it works just as desired.

u/tfsqwlbp · 2 pointsr/emulation

I've never used the 8bitdo, but I have this Buffalo SNES controller, and I've been pretty disappointed by it. The buttons don't feel great and the D-pad feels kinda blocky, as a result I've only ever really used it for a couple of games. It's also the only SNES controller I have so I don't have any positive recommendations to make.

The Buffalo one is really well reviewed on Amazon though, so maybe it's just me?

u/Adr990 · 5 pointsr/emulation

You can (pre)order them on Amazon:

u/prountercoductive · 3 pointsr/emulation

Don't think it will fit your needs, but I really liked the Saitek p990. 4 shoulder buttons, 6 facepad.

Works great for N64, can set up to use almost any retro system out there. Unfortunately, quality wasn't that great and for some reason companies don't like making 6 facebuttons (like N64 A+B+Yellow Directional or Sega 6 button gamepads), that also feature shoulder buttons and additional front buttons for Start and Select.

It's a shame, I'd pay good money for a decent controller with this setup.

Also unfortunate that they don't make this kind anymore.

u/muftimuftimufti · -5 pointsr/emulation

You described an Nvidia shield. Which is the exact same SoC. Or any of dozens of alternative options that meet your requirements. There have been for years.

The cell phone in your pocket literally does this. There are controller mounting accessories. You can literally use any controller you want via Bluetooth or USB. There's an $8 controller mount on Amazon. There are side mounted wireless controllers of every style and variation;

There are dozens of those. All without broken controller drift issues. And of you really wanted to, you can use the switch controllers on any Android device already.

Nearly every modern phone has HDMI out. In fact I don't know a single androis phone released in the last 3 years that doesn't have one.

And a longer battery. And high end phones absolutely decimate the switch hardware. And higher resolution screens.

I have no idea how someone can pretend to sound so technically savvy, but know next to nothing about anything they're saying.

It is not a life changer for the emulation scene. Android is already a targeted platform and has been for years.

Absolute fucking nutter. Look at the effort you put into being completely uninformed. Mind boggling.

Even a quick Google reveals mainstream articles showcasing the same concept;

You can already do everything you want to do. And all it would have taken was five minutes of effort.

u/Ashinron · 1 pointr/emulation

Thank you for your comment. I do have wireless gamepad, but i also have wireless adapter This to be exact.
I tried to set gamepad keys on Nintendulator but it seems like it doesnt work with it. The main problem i have is that i cant find NES emulator to be compatible with my gamepad.

Im sorry i didnt mention about what emulator im looking for.

u/ixiduffixi · 1 pointr/emulation

Couple of different options that are rather inexpensive -



Obviously you would wanna go with someone domestic. These are just some examples.

u/Reverend_Sins · 2 pointsr/emulation

This one from mayflash does not and I'm not aware of any from them that does.

u/JonnyAU · 2 pointsr/emulation

I use this for NES, SNES, & Genesis:

I use a gamecube controller with this for N64, Gamecube, & Wii:

And then I use a PS3 controller for PS1 & 2. You would obviously substitute an XBox controller instead though.

u/NoHope2016 · 3 pointsr/emulation

One of these, Xbox360 CE is a must if you're going to use a DS2 on PC.

u/rockdahouse1337 · 1 pointr/emulation

If you are going to be emulating wii I will suggest that you get a wireless dolphin bar, as it hasn't been mention in this thread yet heres the link

u/Pyr0Byt3 · 1 pointr/emulation

This one also works natively in Dolphin. When switched to Wii U mode, it's functionally identical to the official adapter, as far as I can tell.

u/NLCM · 3 pointsr/emulation

Those USB controllers are pure SHIT the thumb sticks on them are horrible and pretty much useless.

Best option is to pick up an original N64 controller from Ebay or craigslist and use it with this adapter:

Trust me, you'll waste your money if you buy one of those cheap knock-off USB n64 controllers.

u/patricks00 · 1 pointr/emulation

I purchased this one earlier this year -
It's complete garbage. D-pad is the worst I've ever used. I'm with the others in this thread that recommend getting an OEM controller and using an adapter.

u/ficarra1002 · 1 pointr/emulation

That site really only suggests the adapters, which I already have ordered all the adapters I need. I wanted suggestions on controllers, which that site just suggests to use a 360 pad or something like that. Only controller it actually linked that I might get is, which I'm hesitant with because it also has bad reviews.

u/nerd866 · 1 pointr/emulation

Ah ha, I've considered an alternative controller like that too. That's actually a really nice find, I may have to look more into that one!

I ended up buying one of these and hating it:

It's not ergonomic at all and my hands start to hurt badly within even an hour of using it. The analog sticks have corners and it's difficult to find exact "up", down, left and right on them. They're not bad sticks (I can win 1st place on Master F Zero X with one) but, like I say, after an hour I'm sore as heck and I certainly feel FAR more precision on a PS3 controller than this Saitek. Also, the D-pad on the Saitek is absolutely awful. I don't like playing 2d platformers on it at all. Not a good catch-all emulation controller, sadly.

I'll have to look into your link though, that's interesting.

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Thanks for the answers guys.

I was thinking about this one. Mayflash. It looks like it solves EVERYTHING but sadly it doesn't work for DInput on the Fire TV.

Ugh maybe I'm just too picky on what to get. DInput why you do this to me!

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On this page one of the reviewers made this comment:

> NOTE: IF YOUR DOLPHINBAR HAS AN ON-OFF SWITCH THEN IT COMES WITH THE LATEST FIRMWARE. Newer models of the DolphinBar have a dedicated on-off switch whereas older ones didn't. As a result, if you try and update the firmware on it you'll get an error that it's the "wrong product". This is because it's a newer model of the Dolphinbar which actually ships with the latest firmware (This is what I was told after contacting Mayflash)

So it may be a normal response that just happens to have very poor phrasing. On google I saw a lot of people with the same error you had, so I don't think it's a counterfeit or anything.

As for why it doesn't work, do you have the latest dev build of Dolphin? Is your wiimote set to "Real Wiimote" and not to "Emulated Wiimote"? Is "Continuous Scanning" selected in the controller settings menu?

If your computer already has built-in bluetooth, I've read disabling that can sometimes work, since DolphinBar has its own bluetooth adapter.