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u/TofuVic · 3 pointsr/essential

I have tried the TUDIA TAMM TPU Bumper Shock Absorption Cover in Black and am currently using the Incipio NGP Pure Case in Clear.

The TUDIA one is provides a better grip, and it's slightly thicker. The TUDIA one may provide better drop protection, but I'm mostly basing that on the fact that the case is more rigid when it's off and it's slightly thicker. The Incipio one is rated to protect from 3-foot drops. I have read a couple reports about the Incipio NGP case having mushy buttons, but I actually like the way the buttons feel, even more so with the case on than off, in fact.

Another popular case is the Viva Madrid Metalico Flex Clear Back Case. I haven't used it, but based on reports I have read, the case isn't perfect and the Incipio NGP is a better one.

If you want a heavy-duty case, similar to Otterox, check out the (Incipio DualPro)[]. I originally ordered that, but decided to cancel the order because I wanted a clear case so I can see the phone in all its glory. One thing to note with clear cases is that they may turn yellowish over time; I don't know if that's the case for Incipio cases, but that's somewhat typical of clear cases in general.

If you purchase any Incipio cases from, use code INCAFF for 15% off.

u/foremi · 8 pointsr/essential

Its the nicest built of the ones you listed and has a very nice lcd display, awesome battery life and generally works pretty well. The digitizer is my biggest issue with it, and the Pixel 2 and Iphone 7 cameras are better.

If you do want one, I would recommend getting an amazon warehouse deal here. They currently have quite a few for $320-$330

u/BlackSecurity · 6 pointsr/essential

Iv'e come to accept that there isn't any good one. The phone has a slight curve which makes it difficult to make a glass protector that matches it. There are two kinds of protectors you can get, one with adhesive which covers all of the protector, but this has the issue where the edges eventually peel up and allow air in because of the curve, and the other which only has adhesive on the edges to prevent this from happening.

With the second type of protector, the small amount of adhesive usually means it can come off easy. I had this one which popped right off after a relatively small fall (maybe 1-2 foot drop). After this, the adhesive was ruined and didn't stick properly which was a good $40 wasted. These screen protectors also have the issue with Newton rings. The effect wasn't as noticable with the screen on and medium brightness, but did become more noticeable in lower light which was annoying for me.

Also, with basically all glass screen protectors, it makes the phone less compatible with cases. I am using this case which worked well with the screen protector I linked above, but your results may vary depending on which case and protector you have. I had to get the alignment PERFECT for it not to be an issue, otherwise the case would push on the edge of the protector and lift the adhesive.

The only screen protector I seen with decent reviews is the IQ Shield LiQuidSkin. However this is not glass as you wanted. I personally have not tried this one but there is a review about it and it looks pretty nice.

I just decided to use this phone with a case only and no screen protector as the screen is pretty tough on it's own. Iv'e been using mine for two months now and still no scratches. When I put the phone in my pocket, the screen is always facing my leg to reduce chances of dinging the screen on a corner of a desk or something. I dropped it only once (the same drop I mentioned above) and no scratches either, however it did land on it's side and then fell on it's back. For a phone that I will only keep for the next 1-2 years, I'm fine without a protector as it has proven it's strength to me and I feel it will last through my desired time frame.

u/justotron · 2 pointsr/essential

We have less selection in Canada when it comes to glass screen protectors. I am using these:

But am so so on it. I like the matte finish prevents glare, but they are slightly too small for the screen, so either you will ignore it or it will drive you crazy. The good thing is that it was easy to apply, there are 8 in case of scratches, and it works with a case. I am still on the lookout for a glass protector to use with a case.

I was more lucky with the case. I am using the Tudia clear case

So far I am loving it. I haven't dropped my phone yet, so I can't speak to the drop protection, but I can say it prevents scratches and has a nice textured grips on the side. While it's a shame to put the PH-1 in a case, I am liking this one so far. I might get a the smoke grey one so I can hide a magnetic mount on the inside so I can clip it in my car.


u/InfamousJellyfish · 3 pointsr/essential

I'm using the Tudia SKN (clear, to show off the white phone) and I quite like it. Good grip and it's at least helped a couple of waist high drops onto tile. My neighbor has a Poetic Guardian, which is quite nice as long as you are okay with a charger flap and integral plastic screen protector. The new Karbon also looks good.

For chargers, this is on my list: Anker PD

I am a big Anker fan for accessories and this seems to be well regarded.

Finally, I would suggest finding a GCam port and install. I am using arnova v7 beta 9 with good results. I still find it better than the stock in most lighting conditions, especially in low light. I mostly use the Essential camera app for monochrome and portrait mode.

u/ttom2012 · 1 pointr/essential

About the gesture, like @dirty-bot said, Android Pi has a similar navigation bar thingy, and it shares some similarity with the iPhone X expreience, but again, not as smooth in my opinion. I did find Nova launcher provide a lot of good gestures and customizations (with is the main advantage of Android while you cannot change anything except the wallpaper on iOS lol)

I spend days researching a case and bought this: Essential Phone Case, Incipio Essential PH-1 Case NGP Pure Shockproof Ultra Thin Slim Clear TPU Polymer Shock-Absorbing Cover - Clear

I was the Apple Case kind of guy and I cannot say this is anywhere near the feeling of a Apple Case, however it offers decent protection and does not look so bad on my white essential phone.

u/WhipTheLlama · 3 pointsr/essential

I've got this Tudia case. In black, it's not as garish as in the photo. I normally dislike cases and my last few phones have all been caseless. The EP is just so ridiculously slippery that I'm pretty sure I'll drop it. I might decide to use a skin instead of a case, but if I'm ruining the look of the phone then maybe I might as well have it protected with a full case.


  • Great grip
  • Seems like it offers decent protection
  • The buttons are great. Most case buttons suck, but these are as good as the naked buttons.
  • The cutout around the fingerprint sensor makes it easier to find with your finger


  • The phone has such small bezels that even a small case overlap causes some minor problems touching the screen edges. Solvable with some careful touching.
  • The design on the back is ugly.
u/galleria_suit · 2 pointsr/essential

I've got the this Tudia case and it's pretty great. Doesn't add much to the profile of the phone, easy to take on and off and looks pretty slick. Also survived a few drops so far hahah.

u/webwarmiller · 1 pointr/essential

I'm happy with the Tudia case. It looks much better in person than in the photos...doesn't look as gaudy. The nubby texture on the sides is great and the fit is as good as I've seen a TPU case on any phone. I don't use screen protectors on this phone or any phone.

u/dagaetch · 6 pointsr/essential

I just got a Tudia case yesterday. So far I like it. It's a very well made case, with the cutouts perfect and effective. Not a huge fan of the design elements, but whatever. It makes me feel much more comfortable, since the phone is so slippery without it. My only problem (which would be true of any case) is that the ridge around the screen compounds the pre-existing edge detection issues, so that's annoying. Hoping a future update from Essential fixes that however.

u/KrispyKrakens · 2 pointsr/essential

I found this one on, which even after international shipping and currency conversion is still cheaper than the same ones on I'm not sure about the reviews though, the older ones aren't good, but the newer ones say they've apparently gotten better. I'm debating just ordering it and hoping for the best.

u/TheCrazedGeek · 2 pointsr/essential

4: The Tudia TAMM case is excellent. I've also been pretty happy with this screen protector -- it bubbles up very slightly at the edges with the TAMM on, but it's great otherwise.

u/justjeepin · 4 pointsr/essential

I'm using this case with this screen protector. The case won't be your thing according to your description, but it has a good grip and it does its job. We can't really use tempered glass screen protectors, so the skinomi is one of the better liquid install protectors. Make sure to follow the installation instructions and let it cure overnight if you go with it.

u/Helios119 · 1 pointr/essential

I'm a little late, but the Tudia TAMM has worked great for me. Matte, no cutouts, does have some patterns on the side for grip and the top/bottom for...coolness I guess. Protected my phone when it fell from like stomach height off my bed onto tile. Link if you wanna check it out:

u/Nuckles37 · 1 pointr/essential
  1. I use this Tudia case, it looks way better in person than in the photos (the white-ish lines/bits are black in person and are a bit reflective), adds some grip, it feels like it adds a decent amount of protection, the buttons still feel great, and it's not bulky:

  2. I would recommend updating to the latest version before putting in your sim card or logging into your google account (I had to update/restart my phone twice to get fully updated). Once that's done, factory reset then put your sim in and log into your google account.

  3. If jitter is very noticeable and it bothers you, unlock the developer options and tune Touch Sensitivity down (I have mine at 4). You can also turn off Grip Rejection if you don't have a problem accidentally touching the edges of the screen.

  4. I'm on Koodo and my area has weak 4G/LTE and the phone's poor reception makes it worse, but when I switch to 3G only mode I get full/mostly full bars all of the time. Wifi is also a bit weaker than on my previous phones but I haven't had problems because of it.

  5. I personally found the icons to be too small on this phone so I used nova launcher to increase them to 140%. I don't know if that's an option on the free version or if you have to pay a few bucks for nova launcher prime.

  6. Using a dark background will cause the pull-down/notification menu to be black, using a lighter background will cause it to be white. (I wish you could manually assign it)

  7. Not a must-do, but I installed Arnova8G2's v7beta9 google camera port/mod and I think it takes noticeably better pictures than the default camera app on the phone.
u/lesigh · 2 pointsr/essential

This case has been really good for me. Increases the grip in hand and on surfaces. It's not too bulky and feels like it'll provide good protection against drops.

u/_erika_ · 1 pointr/essential

I use the Glossy Clear version of the TUDIA Lightweight Minimalist Case.

Initially I had purchased a more rugged case but I hated it for several reasons. The other case was more bulky, it detracted from the classy look of the phone and since it was so rugged it didn't fit in my pockets easily.

I also decided against many other cases because they had big logos with the brand name on them.

The Tudia case offers some protection when you set your phone face down, it prevents the phone from sliding off of surfaces, and it provides a bit of shock absorption. The sides offer some nice grip and let you hold the phone more comfortably. In addition, before having a case on my phone I couldn't quickly distinguish the volume +/- buttons versus the power button but the case has a volume rocker so it's very clear at first touch.

u/iamkoza · 1 pointr/essential

I've been very happy with this TUDIA bumper.

I've dropped my phone a number of times on a hardwood floor too. I think the case looks good and i feel better than i did for the 2-3 weeks i had the phone without a case constantly worrying i would drop it

u/HermesTheMessenger · 1 pointr/essential

Good point. That could be it. I'll have to pay attention to that (If I can!).

The buttons don't seem to stick, but they are firm and responsive (no travel distance). For reference, I have one of these;

u/tmpPtr · 3 pointsr/essential

I have these three cases:



Unbranded TPU

I have defaulted to the TUDIA LULA for everyday use since I prefer slimmer cases. The camera cutout sucks and the case is pretty fragile overall (I'm on my third), but it's really the only super-slim/minimal option.

I use the TPU one from time to time when I am in situations where there is a higher probability of drops. This one is relatively slim and seems to offer pretty good protection. The cut-outs on this one aren't perfect.

The phone feels the largest when I have the TUDIA GLOST on it. I rarely use it, but sometimes put it on for formal occasions.

u/ultracrepidarianist · 2 pointsr/essential

Nathan K.'s got a reprint from another reviewer named Hanpen, who tested a later version of the Anker PowerPort Speed 1. Basically, the second version fixed the issues found in the first. So, it's not APPROVED approved, but signs are good. Of course, if you purchase this online, you may be shipped the earlier version, so just be ready to return the product if that happens.

u/Leonard-PandaHandler · 2 pointsr/essential

I got this one and I absolutely love it. The texture is just wonderful. Warning, it's pricey.

u/Ksampthrow · 1 pointr/essential

Here you go, but I wouldn't recommend it even though it looks like a good value. The sides don't adhere because of the slight curve.

I think I'll have to settle for a wet install one like everyone else. I just hate the sticky orange peel texture they have.

u/vonKemper · 1 pointr/essential

Honestly, the IQ Shield film is the best option.

No bubbles, crystal clear edge to edge and does not peel off in and out of the pocket. No case. Preserves the pure feel of the phone.

u/ImperialAgent · 1 pointr/essential

Thank for all the info, I bought a case which I will have before the phone (thanks amazon this is the case I got cause I am thinking of getting the 360 camera. I plan to do those adjustments that you listed. Thank you!

u/hata28 · 5 pointsr/essential

There are no perfect glass protector because of the curved screen. I used this

And loca glue
and it's almost perfect.

Check YouTube how they do it on Galaxy S8 screen.

u/NotForYourStereo · 2 pointsr/essential

I got the Orzero 3 pack. The first one I put on peeled off within a couple days, when I contacted their support they told me to make sure and hold pressure on it so the adhesive could set properly. Then they gave me a refund, let me keep the rest. I did what they said, applied the protector, then flipped it screen down and applied even pressure along all the edges on a flat surface for a minute or so, and it's worked perfectly so far.

u/NoOpG · 1 pointr/essential

I have been using this one for the past 6 months and I'm extremely pleased with it. Fits perfectly, doesn't interfere with the screen & is slim and just smooth enough to slide in/out of pocket with minimal resistance.
Essential Phone PH-1 Case, TUDIA Carbon Fiber Design Lightweight [TAMM] TPU Bumper Shock Absorption Cover for Essential Phone PH-1 (Black)

u/tech_whiz · 2 pointsr/essential

This is a good case and it's inexpensive.

I have the Tudia and Poetic TPU cases.

I like this one better. It allows 360 camera access.

u/Araziah · 1 pointr/essential

The 2 stores by me don't have any cases or screen protectors.

There are only 3 cases I can find right now.

  • Incipio clear and has reviews of not playing nice with screen protectors.
  • Tudia comes in 3 colors and is the cheapest of the lot.
  • Viva Madrid clear with metallic accents.

    These are the only ones I could find last night that are made specifically for the essential phone.

    dbrand makes some skins which should help with the slipperiness if you don't particularly care about edge protection from a case.
u/gab12309 · 4 pointsr/essential

Essential Phone Case, TUDIA Carbon Fiber Design Lightweight [TAMM] TPU Bumper Shock Absorption Cover for Essential Phone (Black)

Just bought this one and I really love it, worth it!

u/ZeroOpti · 2 pointsr/essential

If you like a thin case like me, Trudia does have one with a good cutout for the camera. Took it skiing last winter and got some good shots. It's not going to protect from major falls, but I've gotten far fewer small scratches on the screen with it on.

u/jamesk51 · 2 pointsr/essential

I have that one. Case is bulky but I imagine is effective. I went to the Tudia Lula 2.0 for slimline.

u/vagdesign · 1 pointr/essential

The deal was 20 days ago when I bought it for $224.

The clear link to the phone is this

You play dirty, I'm not blind nor troll, you seem like a referral vampire...

u/jz5678910 · 2 pointsr/essential

I'm using this case, it's super slim and does the job for me.

u/Blue3295 · 1 pointr/essential

J&D matte film shield. They give you 8 for pretty cheap. It took me 4 times to get it just right but I didn't mind because they were cheap. No bubbles or halo and install is not too bad if you follow directions. Can't speak as to how protective they are but in my experience with most screen protectors is that there isn't much difference. I'm expecting it to protect from scratches not drops (that's what cases are for).

[8-Pack] Essential PH-1...

Works with tudia Tamm case and I would assume it works with most others cause it doesn't over reach the screen at all

u/mc-essential · 1 pointr/essential

Darn it. I would buy but it doesn't work with my nice Tudia Case :(.

I've dropped this phone enough times to know not to take it off.

u/coldie80 · 1 pointr/essential

Looks the price has gone back up - it was part of those American sales they have after their 'Black Friday' - a few people over on the Australian Whirlpool forums said they were going to get the $399 combo deal. Definitely worth keeping an eye on if the current price is a tad too high.

u/teacherofderp · 4 pointsr/essential

Best I've found is what I'm using. Doubt they'll allow links so search Amazon for "essential phone tudia"

u/KnaxxLive · 1 pointr/essential

This one is very equivalent to an otterbox and adds ample protection. The raised corners really help protection by adding shock absorption. The two pieces of hard plastic clip together nicely and landing face down would dissipate energy from the hard plastic, a bit of absorption by the rubber, and then mostly through the back plastic.

People consider this a good case. I don't have it though so I can't tell you.

u/PoweredParaGuy · 1 pointr/essential

Just noticed on Amazon that the release has been pushed back to September 8th.

Everyone who was hoping to order through Amazon is going to be a bit miffed.

u/mandrachek · 2 pointsr/essential

I think we're going to be out of luck in the tempered glass department due to the curves on the edges. I ordered and this - haven't received either yet.

u/Clae_PCMR · 1 pointr/essential

I've been looking into finding a good glass screen protector for this phone since before I bought it, and the consensus seems to be that unless you get lucky, almost all of the screen protectors that exist on the market are average at best, and have fundamental design problems for each of them. Here's a comment I saved for reference which goes through the pros/cons of each type.

I plan on buying a Poetic edge-adhesive glass screen protector, and applying it with LOCA glue. It's kinda expensive to buy this and get it shipped since I live outside of the US, so I'm still debating if it's worth it. I currently have a random full-screen adhesive glass screen protector and no case. The major problem with my current setup is that after getting rid of the edge halo with oil, swiping from the edge is difficult since the edge of the screen protector is right where the edge of the screen is, which is why I'm considering a edge adhesive protector. My current setup also means that if I drop it, there's a chance it will land on the unprotected edge, and shatter the screen regardless of the protector.

u/hamndre · 1 pointr/essential

I use this brand [8-Pack] Essential PH-1 Screen Protector, J&D [Anti-Glare] [Anti-Fingerprint] Premium Matte Film Shield Screen Protector for Essential PH-1 a quite a while and I like it

u/Full_Metal_Analyst · 1 pointr/essential

I'm using the Skinomi one. As long as you install it right and don't mind the "orange peel" effect, it's great. Apparently Skinomi will send you another if you mess up installation the first time around.

u/tuhduhls · 2 pointsr/essential

Essential Phone Screen Protector (PH-1), Skinomi TechSkin Full Coverage Screen Protector for Essential Phone Clear HD Anti-Bubble Film\_pop\_ma\_swf

u/JamesPumaEnjoi · 2 pointsr/essential

My apologies it's this one right here

Essential Phone Screen Protector, IQ Shield LiQuidSkin Full Coverage Screen Protector for Essential Phone (PH-1) HD Clear Anti-Bubble Film

u/juepucta · 2 pointsr/essential

I have an Incipio DualPro. Does the deed. First time ever i have bought a case (10 yrs of smartphones, 20 if you count all cellphones) because this thing is damn slippery. I usually rough it and somehow have managed to not scratch or crack a phone yet but this one i knew out of the box that it was going to be like holding wet soap.


u/khaeosha · 2 pointsr/essential

Matte screen protector.
1 - its cheap
2 - you get 8
3 - it fits and works well enough

u/Redkulaid · 4 pointsr/essential

also to note, there is a Halo Gray phone for pre order with Feb 21st release date, for 449$.

Edit- Looks like its a new color, with amazon only. Bit different then the new gray ver coming out, but cheaper non the less

u/dingosaurus · 1 pointr/essential

Amazon seems to now be taking pre-orders for the white version now.

Hopefully this link works.

I'm on the fence right now. With the announcement of so many phones this month, I may have to attempt to enhance my patience.

u/sylent_knight · 1 pointr/essential

I recently picked up one of these for wireless charging, and it's worked really well for me. I use it with this case, but you could use it with any case, so long as it was thin enough

u/AllHailPicard · 1 pointr/essential

I bought one from Amazon for $356. Look for amazon warehouse deals, and only get one with 'cosmetic damage to accessories'. Mine seems absolutely perfect, and no issues with the accessories either.

Edit: link to see warehouse deals:

u/awest623 · 1 pointr/essential

Should be. Never messed with one tho. I hardly have an excuse for a power bank

This is the charger I got

u/BigSnicker · 2 pointsr/essential

Got one that looks idiot proof...... which is perfect for me in particular.

u/therealearlhickey · 1 pointr/essential

$11 isn't bad, they had a 10% off coupon code you add to your cart when I got mine because I guess people were pretty upset with the first one. I think paid $9 or $10 for mine.

Essential Phone PH-1 Case, TUDIA Low Profile Design [LULA 2.0] [Improved Version]

u/rat · 2 pointsr/essential

Try filling in the scratch with optical adhesive.

u/ChillTimeFunCrew · 2 pointsr/essential

Multiple port-USB Type-C, Anker Premium 5-Port 60W USB Wall Charger PowerPort+ 5 USB-C with Power Delivery for Apple MacBook, Nexus 5X / 6P and PowerIQ for iPhone, iPad, Samsung & More

Single port-Anker USB Type-C with Power Delivery 30W USB Wall Charger, PowerPort Speed 1 for Nexus 5X / 6P, LG G5, Pixel C, Samsung W700, MacBook 2015 / 2016, Mate Book, Moto Z and more

u/the_innerneh · 1 pointr/essential

I still only see the $160 one (Essential 360 degree camera for Essential Phone

u/TudiaProducts · 4 pointsr/essential

Although it has a lot of added texture and is not nearly as minimalist looking as the Arch S design, the TUDIA Tamm is a matte TPU case for the Essential Phone :

At this point we don't have any plans to make Arch S for the Essential Phone, but if there was enough interest... who knows!

u/roshmanindia · 2 pointsr/essential

Orzero (3 Pack) for Essential Phone PH-1, Essential Phone Tempered Glass Screen Protector (Upgraded with Right Angle), 2.5D Arc Edges 9 Hardness HD Full Coverage (Lifetime Replacement Warranty)

u/leper99 · 4 pointsr/essential

Not only that, but $98.74 (USD) to send it to Canada (southern Ontario).

Try this.... Change the ".com" in your link to ".ca" and see what Canadians routinely see. The exchange rate (and even any shipping) doesn't explain the difference either. It should be listed at $901 (CAD) + shipping

u/derek-essential · 8 pointsr/essential

Here you go, my dude.

Audio Adapter: Black | White

360 Case: Black | Red

u/DoIHaveToPutMyName · 1 pointr/essential

I only have a case and also still looking for a screen protector still

u/chintu30 · 1 pointr/essential

Just moved from iPhone 6s, been using for 2 weeks.

  1. So far I haven't experienced any touch latency. Scrolling has been smooth.
  2. I've ordered this, yet to receive.
  3. Call quality has been spotty at times, I have had a few call drops. But nothing too terrible
  4. No issues with USB-C audio quality so far. But I haven't tested this thoroughly.
u/psychyo134 · 2 pointsr/essential

I got this one from Amazon Essential Phone PH-1 Case, TUDIA Carbon Fiber Design Lightweight [TAMM] TPU Bumper Shock Absorption Cover for Essential Phone PH-1 (Navy Blue) if links aren't allowed I apologize

u/endallbeallknowitall · 1 pointr/essential

Thank you, will try that, but just saw that they are listing it being sold by Amazon at 652 USD for the white model...

It's quite distant from the 499... :(

u/vcolombo · 1 pointr/essential

I didn't like that case, and haven't found a good screen protector. I'm currently using this case, which I like quite a bit:

Essential Phone PH-1 Case, TUDIA [Ceramic Feel] Lightweight [GLOST] TPU Bumper Shock Absorption Cover Featuring [Tempered Glass Back Panel] for Essential Phone PH-1 (Black)

I also pre-ordered this case to check it out, and it had a built-in screen protector:

Essential Phone PH-1 Case, Poetic Guardian [Scratch Resistant] [360 Degree Protection] [NOT Compatible with Tempered Glass] Full-Body Case with Built-in-Screen Protector for Essential Phone PH-1 Black

u/CarpetScale · 1 pointr/essential

Essential Phone PH-1 Case, TUDIA Low Profile Design [LULA 2.0] [Improved Version] Polycarbonate Snap On Back Protective Cover for Essential Phone PH-1 (Compatible with 360 Camera) (Matte Black)

u/spellchanger · 2 pointsr/essential

Essential Phone PH-1 Case, TUDIA Carbon Fiber Design Lightweight [TAMM] TPU Bumper Shock Absorption Cover for Essential Phone PH-1 (Black)

u/headsupnick · 1 pointr/essential

Essential Phone PH-1 Case, TUDIA Lightweight Minimalist [SKN] TPU Bumper Shock Absorption Cover for Essential Phone PH-1 (Glossy Clear)

u/njggatron · 1 pointr/essential

Pure White is out-of-stock, but keep checking back and see if it restocks.

This is the second lowest it's ever been, anywhere. It was $160 after tax if you were a Sprint subscriber over 1 year ago.

Check the slickdeals thread for reported availability.

u/bynathanknowles · 1 pointr/essential


This is the exact one that I was commenting on when I said that the construction is bad. I have read multiple reviews for this one saying that a scratch appears down by the USB-C port and some saying they just fall apart.

u/domo-saur · 3 pointsr/essential

The dongle is currently $12 on Amazon. Order 3. Unfortunately, the PH-1 charger isn't listed on Amazon anymore. I bought 3 of each accessory, dongle/cam/charger, thinking this phone was going to last. I left it on the August update and on my desk. I got tired of the memory leak and moved onto the 7 Pro. I'm hanging onto the stuff just in case the PH-3 will be a usable phone.

u/sydlex1c · 1 pointr/essential

Oh. My. Goodness. I had the exact same awful experience with Telus!


I ordered on Nov. 6, and the funds were withdrawn from my account immediately (used my debit card online). The order confirmation e-mail came right away, stated that the phone would be delivered in 3-5 business days, and that I should expect a shipping e-mail soon - it never came.


I kept checking the status of my order on-line (, but it would show absolutely nothing. After a few days, I e-mailed [email protected] - no response.


Over the next few days, I repeatedly:

  • e-mailed [email protected] - no response
  • checked the status of the order online - no results
  • chatted with Telus reps. on-line - they couldn't find anything & directed me to call 1-866-488-2709
  • called and left messages at 1-866-488-2709 - no response


    At my wits end, on Nov. 10, I initiated a conversation with @TELUSsupport. @TELUSsupport was very gracious, assured me that the situation would be resolved, and that someone would call me soon to sort things out. 1/2 an hour passes - no call. I ask @TELUSsupport what's up, they apologise for the delay, say I'm next. An hour passes - no call. TWO HOURS PASS - no call. I wasn't upset with @TELUSsupport (I don't understand people who get upset at employees who have no control of the situation), I'd continue to send messages in our private Twitter conversation, and @TELUSsupport continued to apologise for the delay, and assure me that the matter would be resolved.


    Finally I told @TELUSsupport that I had to go out for dinner, requested that they simply tell someone at Telus to cancel my order and issue a refund, and left.


    At 5 pm on Nov. 10 I received this e-mail from [email protected]:

    > Hello sydlex1c,
    > Unfortunately the information provided for you(sic) order produced multiple discrepancies. We are unable to proceed further with your order online. Your order has been cancelled and refunded. Please visit a TELUS store location to purchase a handset.
    > Regards,
    > name removed
    > TELUS Webstore
    > TELUS Customer Solutions
    > Member of the TELUS team
    > The future is friendly®


    Incredible! the way the e-mail is worded, it almost sounds like it's my fault "the information provided for you(sic) order produced multiple discrepancies". As if - I used the exact same payment method, shipping & billing addresses on, and the PH-1 is en route at this moment. I can accept that there may have been an issue with my order, but there is no excuse for not communicating this within a few business days after the order was placed, and I said as much in my reply to Telus.


    The e-mail stating that my order had been cancelled came in at 5 pm on Nov. 10, FOUR HOURS AFTER I initiated my conversation with @TELUSsupport... No sign of my money though - I'm hoping that it'll show up by Monday or Tuesday, otherwise I'll have to try and contact Telus again (shudder).


    TLDR: Cancel your order! Cancel as soon as you can before they charge you, and order from!