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u/ichooseyounyancat · 3 pointsr/evangelion

There is one other release, the Holiday edition, a repackaging of the platinum collection. It has no advantages over the platinum collection and is pretty hard to find. Also, your link to "a very silvery version" didn't work for me but I assume it is the platinum edition with the aluminum box.

You heard right that the platinum collection has better audio and picture. The Perfect collection has no remastering so it looks noticeably worse. Some scenes have shaky or blurry visuals. Platinum collection did a lot to fix this issues.

As far as the different platinum releases go I recommend the slim/thinpack version. All around I would say it's the best release. It has the best audio and visual, the directors cuts for eps. 21-24, however there are zero bonus features. This isn't too big of a deal as the bonus features on other releases are things like clean OP, trailers, english commentary on a few episodes, so nothing necessary. Also the slim version seems to be the easiest to still find.

Hope this helps, feel free to ask anything else.

u/gevin_karnett_50 · 1 pointr/evangelion

She is a bit on the pricey side, but I've seen her go for around $60-$65 new on ebay, and even cheaper used (though used ones only pop up once in awhile). It is a little expensive, but I think it's worth it in terms of overall quality.
The original unit 01 they did, Revoltech #04, is around the same price as the Evolution (only because its rare, but is fairly limited with accessories and isn't built as nice. Here's that one for reference:

The next one they did, Revoltech #32, is pretty close to the last one, but a little more streamlined in the joint areas. I still think it looks a bit toyish. Might be the easiest one of their to find for cheap.

The one after that, Revoltech #67, is even more streamlined, not nearly as 'toyish' looking as the last two. The main beef I have with it is the shoulder pylons. They aren't attached to the arm so it can be difficult to get them into good looking poses. Here it is:

Hope this helps you find the one best for you. If nobody sells one on here I hope you can find a good deal on ebay or something.

tl;dr - Of the four they've done the Evolution series one I mentioned before is the best in terms of price/quality ratio.

u/EvaGoji · 2 pointsr/evangelion

The Tin box is the ADV Platinum Tin Box and the other is Shiro Sagisu's S² works.

The book is Tony Takezaki's Neon Genesis Evangelion. I don't now what you seen but it got some good reviews on amazon. It's a collection of parodies of the original TV-show and I laughed so hard reading this. Yes it's a good book.

u/bigBIEN · 2 pointsr/evangelion

From what I've seen, the model kits are cheaper, I was considering the Soul of Chogokin figure, but it was about 130 bucks, but it was discontinued.
most of the model kits I've looked at are much cheaper and provide more detail. The Soul of Chogokin XS-01 was the only figure I found that was based on the TV series. Soul of Chogokin does make good eva figures if you're not willing to build model kits, including rebuilds I believe. The total cost for me, including the figure and all the supplies I needed it to make it how I wanted cost around 140 dollars. so if you want to just have one figure, I'd say get a good figure if you can, if you want a plethora of evas sitting on a shelf, I would say get model kits, compared to figures they'll usually be cheaper in the long run. Keep in mind I've only built one kit, and have done a skeletal level of research on the information I shared here, I'm not an expert by any means, I'd recommend doing some research yourself to come to a conclusion.


Model kits in bulk, figures if only 1, but it comes down to whether or not you want to put in the work to build the kit or not.

Soul of Chogokin Figures (most of the TV ones are discontinued I believe)

Unit 01

Unit 01(Rebuild)

Unit 02

Unit 00

Unit 00(Rebuild)

u/OmgItzShiggidy · 1 pointr/evangelion

First of all, I want to say that it's really awesome that you're doing this for him. I've been an Evangelion nerd for the longest time and the thing I've wanted more than anything was the entire collection, like these:

But that's just me. Also, I think you should watch it with him so you can see why he loves it so much. It's a really great anime, even if you don't like anime.

u/theevamonkey · 8 pointsr/evangelion

Sadamoto's Evangelion manga was originally released in both its original right to left orientation, and a flipped western left to right orientation with English sound effects. This was the first edition, and it covered volumes 1-7. The book design looked like this. The Japanese right to left orientation looked the same, but was marked as "Special Collector's Edition".

The second edition of the Evangelion manga discontinued the western left to right orientation. It looks like this.

So, if you're seeing both orientations, that's why. I recommend getting the omnibus versions which have several volumes per book. Here they are on Amazon:

u/kole_ulu · 4 pointsr/evangelion

Revoltech make good figures like this that go around 30-40. I got myself an Eva-02 for $22 a while back on ebay.

Or you could save a bit more and order a model kit Kotobukiya Eva (which go for 40+) or a Bandai kit which are cheaper. If these interest you, i have some links:

u/HopebringerTitaniumG · 3 pointsr/evangelion

If youre rich af: Metal Kit Eva01:
Maybe search european sites, they have it cheaper

If you have some budget: Eva Anima
Its the Ligjt Novel Eva Anima version though

If you have not alot of money: HG Eva01:
This one you to build up like an actual model car for example

u/Applejuice7811 · 2 pointsr/evangelion

Can't say for certain about that, but I bought this model and it's absolutely great.

u/mustachioed_cat · 1 pointr/evangelion


Since Platnium edition is going for 120USD right now, yeah, that does sound pretty cheap. Even if the really dry middle part of the series is on those disks.

u/_ZBubble_ · 2 pointsr/evangelion

This one isn't all that bad (decent balance between budget and quality): Only issue is that the legs are kinda weak, so you need the stand in order to ensure that it won't fall. It's also the Rebuild version so there's a bit more green in the design.

Other than that, most Eva collectors/Figure buyers that want high quality figures seem to love Soul of Chogokin's Eva Unit 01: . They have both the normal Unit 01, and the 400% sync rate version (when it goes berserk in Episode 19). Soul of Chogokin has made pretty much the entire OG line-up of Evas, but since they're from the late 2000s, they can fetch anywhere from $75 to $200.

u/Mr5had0w · 1 pointr/evangelion

Amazon has all of them

Neon Genesis Evangelion, Vol. 1

Roughly 60$ for the entire series. Better then the yearly COD

u/Dillman926 · 2 pointsr/evangelion

Amazon Pre-Order

I just pre-ordered this off Amazon. Can't wait to add another sweet art book to my Eva collection!

u/T3hCrimsonKing · 1 pointr/evangelion

If you don't mind that it's Region 1, there is always Amazon. Still pretty pricey.

u/-ace--of--spades- · 1 pointr/evangelion

Neon Genesis Evangelion: TV Animation Production Art Collection

Evangelion Illustrations 2007-2017 (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

These are what I’m talking about. Any idea if this is them? I assumed the first one is the tv series with the second one being the movies and other stuff like ads. ??

u/CptJackHarkn3ss · 2 pointsr/evangelion

Ooooo that's a good one. So far it's between that and an art book I found.

u/Kurt-Codeine · 2 pointsr/evangelion

Neon Genesis Evangelion 2-in-1 Edition, Vol. 5: Includes vols. 13 & 14 (Neon Genesis Evangelion 3-in-1 Edition)

Easiest way to remember

Book 1 has shinji on the cover
Book 2 has Rei
Book 3 has Asuka
Book 4 has Kaworu
Book 5 (EoE) has snow shinji

u/androx87 · 7 pointsr/evangelion

Renewal is Japanese only I think, so if you want the dub, the best way would probably be to get the Platinum Collection for the series, and there is a box set containing both Death & Rebirth and EoE. Be prepared to shell out some major cash for both of these though.


D&R/EoE collection

u/ebi-san · 1 pointr/evangelion has the Blu-ray for $20, DVD for $15.

Do yourself the favor and buy it.

u/MikeDong123 · 7 pointsr/evangelion

I have this. Its got character concepts and some stuff from other Anno/Sadamoto works like Wings of the Hommeniase

Der Mond: The Art of Neon Genesis Evangelion

u/API_professional · 1 pointr/evangelion

On the front cover of the box, if you compare the letter "G" in the word "Evangelion" with the letter "G" on the front cover image on Amazon (, there is a small subtle difference in the font style (look at the bottom of the letter "G").

Also, the individual DVD cases should be black, not clear.

I recommend looking for a used copy of the 7 DVD holiday platinum edition since there shouldn't be any bootleg versions of that

u/SatSenses · 2 pointsr/evangelion

Amazon UK has some high prices on the Revoltech models. Here are a few that are above 20 since I couldn't really find much under 20:

By Evangelion for £21 at 27cm

By Bandai for £33 at 19cm

By Bandai for £22 at 31cm

u/jsully · 2 pointsr/evangelion

I purchased both 1.11 and 2.22 (these exact ones) from Amazon and they are both are as you describe: 1.11 is metallic and 2.22 has an orange fold-out slipcover with a standard BD case inside.

u/coolthxmcdoom · 1 pointr/evangelion

The listing for Funimation's version is up, but Amazon themselves haven't started taking preorders on the Canadian site yet though.

u/kjfang · 3 pointsr/evangelion

This is in the manga. When I get home in a few hours I can post a picture, but there is a customer picture of it on its listing on Amazon as well.

u/Treelicker · 1 pointr/evangelion

Hmmm...Judging by this amazon link:

It seems that the Limited Holiday Edition Platinum Collection is indeed an official release. Whether or not that Ebay seller is selling a legitimate copy, I do not know.

u/Aaragon · 2 pointsr/evangelion Just don't buy from a 3p seller. Mine came to me all discolored and I had to buy a new copy from Amazon directly.

Volume 1-3:

Volume 4-6:

Volume 7-9:

Volume 10-12:

Volume 13:

u/ReiNGE · 1 pointr/evangelion

are a couple of these ones that are available for preorder (for US) on amazon?

specifically im talking about

Evangelion Illustrations 2007-2017 (Neon Genesis Evangelion)


Neon Genesis Evangelion: TV Animation Production Art Collection

(asking cause they look similar)

u/FearThePotato45 · 2 pointsr/evangelion

I'm pretty sure this is what you're talking about. It's just the slipcover of a bundle that came with the standard releases of Death and Rebirth and End of Eva.

u/FilmxFilms · 1 pointr/evangelion

In English/Dubbed; unfortunately nowhere. It's been a big rights juggling issue between Funimation, Khara, and a few others. I believe our dear Eva Monkey explained it here: (just the early half)

If you don't need that, this is your closest bastion:

u/Skybreaker03 · 3 pointsr/evangelion

Animation - Neon Genesis Evangelion Blu-Ray Box (10BDS) [Japan BD] KIXA-90501

u/JackRaney · 1 pointr/evangelion

The main one by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto (Eva's character designer). Currently available in 5 omnibus editions:

u/bugscareme · 1 pointr/evangelion

The Evangelion Platinum Collection box set would have it. here

u/TrustMeIGotHaki · 1 pointr/evangelion

Thank you, I was thinking this might have been it but I guess not haha

u/mashcarrot · 1 pointr/evangelion

I have Series No 032 which doesn't have the blood spray you're talking about.

u/IncendiaryLemon88 · 3 pointsr/evangelion

Amazon. Should have been your first stop!

u/tsubom33 · 16 pointsr/evangelion

$29.99? Is this really expensive now or am I missing a sale tag?

[edit] WOW, holy shit, when did that happen?! I'm going to go put my copy in a lockbox now or something, wow.

u/Fantastic_Associate · 2 pointsr/evangelion

Amazon merges all of the listings for 3.33, so if you click on the New or Used tab you'll see English releases along with Italian, Spanish, and French ones. This is probably where the complaints about missing English subs/dubs originate. As long as you order from this listing, there shouldn't be any issues. Alternatively, you can buy the DVDs/Blu-reis directly from Funimation.

Edit: None of the reviews in the past year for this particular Amazon listing mention "missing eng dub" or "subs aren't available".