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u/raven-jade · 2 pointsr/everydaycarry

I dunno. I used to have a key like this for the last house I lived in, and I loved it. I'd buy another if I didn't move so frequently, lol. Personally I wouldn't see myself buying a key that lights up automatically like that if I could just push a button. The "keyfinding" feature would probably pique my interest though.

I also wouldn't see myself buying something like this unless I knew I wasn't going to move for a long time. I don't know who your target market is, but most of my peers (millennials) move quite often. I would probably be on this if there was an option to just buy it as a key fob, instead of having to commit to cutting a key.

My two cents. =)

u/nipong · 1 pointr/everydaycarry

You would not need to press anything if the key was automated, which makes it easier for you to find it if you carry a purse or a backpack and tend to leave your keys in them. A keyfob that allows for a kw166 key to fit in would increase the bulkiness size, much like this The design concept I have now is slim and easy to manufacture.

u/Chris_Moyn · 2 pointsr/everydaycarry

Just check on Amazon there's a few different good leather options. I made mine based on one that bexar goods makes, but they're expensive. Here's an Amazon offering

Leather Journal Cover for Moleskine Cahier Notebook Pocket size 3.5" x 5.5" Field Notes Cover Vintage Refillable Notepad Handmade

Here's the bexar goods one.

There's also some good offerings on Etsy, just cruise around on there.

u/sid351 · 1 pointr/everydaycarry

This is the bag me and my team use: Targus Drifter 32 Litre backpack / rucksack Best for Work, Students and Gaming, fits most laptops up to 15.6” – Black/Grey

u/defyg · 1 pointr/everydaycarry

My carabiner | Black Diamond | $9

My flashlight | Olight H1R | $67