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u/race_kerfuffle · 1 pointr/fantasyfootball

I started playing because I discovered the joy of football and wanted to get into it, and I figured fantasy would be a great way to learn about the sport/players/teams. It is. I've only been watching football for real for 3 full seasons, and I already know a lot about the sport. Obviously not compared to most or /r/nfl, but more than most people. So I'd say just jump right in.

One thing that was helpful during my first season was watching games with my roommate who knows a ton about football. We actually had free NFL Sunday Ticket at our place (for some reason, our landlord could add a second house onto his subscription? no idea but we didn't press the issue), so we'd sit there all Sunday and he'd explain things to me.

I've heard this book is great for learning more but I haven't gotten around to it.

Oh, also, when I first got into football (end of 2011 season), my friend played Madden with me and would explain things. That helped a ton. Before that I didn't really understand football. I knew about downs and stuff but nothing about the strategy, so playing Madden was really what made it click and that's when I fell in love with football. Actually, I just decided I'm going to pick up an Xbox so I can start playing Madden for real to get deeper into knowledge of routes and strategy, I feel like I've hit a wall based on what I learn watching games and reading about the game. I'm a girl so I never played football growing up except for just fucking around.

3 years later, I "have a football problem" according to my friends. And it's kind of crazy how much I've picked up in a short amount of time, but mostly that is because of fantasy.

u/ADF5000 · 1 pointr/fantasyfootball

Love Cook this year with the Saints! Has the potential to be a massive difference maker opposite Thomas! Brees hasn’t had a viable TE since Jimmy left and we could see a large target share come his way....

There is a great breakdown of all players in this link!

u/jfiddelke · 3 pointsr/fantasyfootball

I believe this is the one that we are using this year. We are also using a laptop w/projector to keep the CBS Fantasy info on the wall. Good luck and remember to try to keep people involved the best you can!

u/southern_boy · 20 pointsr/fantasyfootball

The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed.

Grant yourself a favor - walk with Childe Roland for a spell do it please ya :)

u/JohnSim22 · 2 pointsr/fantasyfootball

A Gronking to Remember

I have Gronk, and it's based on the Gronk fan erotica:

If I win the championship, I'm sending a copy of the book to the loser's house.

u/silky_johnson · 1 pointr/fantasyfootball

I usually get the ones from UPI Marketing, this is this year's.

I usually leave it hanging in my living room wall throughout the season. It's a good conversation piece when people come over haha. But yeah, I'm just not digging this year's generic design.

u/thelittletramp · 11 pointsr/fantasyfootball

In the Berry's book Fantasy Life there's a story about MJD not being able to draft himself in a NFL fantasy league.

MJD ends up having a great year. So he's trying to get himself back from Matt Forte.

The quote is something like "When you going to trade me to me?" and Forte's response is "Never. I'm going to beat you with you."

u/remembertosmilebot · 1 pointr/fantasyfootball

Did you know Amazon will donate a portion of every purchase if you shop by going to instead? Over $50,000,000 has been raised for charity - all you need to do is change the URL!

Here are your smile-ified links:


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u/jumbonj · 1 pointr/fantasyfootball

I got into FF about 30 years ago. The first source of information that I found was Fantasy Football Digest 19xx. by Cliff Charpentier. It is a softback book about an inch thick. Cliff did not last long in the business - he overvalued older player!

u/cuckooforcoconut · 1 pointr/fantasyfootball

Taking steroids doesnt make you invincible. You still need time to heal injuries, and overworking the muscle will injure it again.

And we dont know what Jeffery took. It might have been anabolic steroids, it could have been HGH, it could have been a stimulant like Ephedrine.

Hell, it could have been something like Animal Pak (it used to be banned in the NFL), which is sold as a multivitamin - you dont need a prescription, you dont need to be 18, and youll find it overpriced at your local GNC. Or Sudafed, which the NFL requires you to get a prescription from NFL medical personnel before taking, even though its over-the-counter cold medicine.

And click this link for the NFLPA - Right up top there is a warning - a EZ Weight Loss products have been found to be contaminated with a substance banned by the NFL. So if a player asked their NFL-endorsed trainer if they could take the product, the trainer knowing all the rules looked at the product, determined that it was fine, but then later its found that the product was contaminated and you just tested positive for PED, and you get treated as if you took anabolic steroids.

I guess thats my long way of saying just because Jeffrey failed a PED test doesnt mean his hamstrings are invincible.

u/jmaddox28 · 2 pointsr/fantasyfootball

We went with the official NFL draft board this year available on Amazon for 2 day shipping if you have Prime.

u/n0nps · 19 pointsr/fantasyfootball

We do a license plate that has to be put on your vehicle. It's on until the following year, Until someone else takes the thrown

Looks kinda like this
Last Place I Suck at Fantasy Football Chrome License Plate Frame

u/okiespy · 2 pointsr/fantasyfootball

My league is pretty mild (I have no fear of getting dead last, so I'm all for public humiliation). But we said loser pays double, and has to have this on their car for the whole year