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u/TedLogan · 2 pointsr/fargo

Get This antenna, paired with This booster. I have never had any issues since. Small roof imprint too which is nice. Obviously higher and outside mounting is the best.

It's omni directional, but it does have a little preference. If you also have an HD Homerun there's an app called "Signal GH" by Generally Helpful Software that will help you point it in the best direction so that both FOX and everything else are best picked up. Otherwise, if I remember correctly it's just like 5 degrees off north to the east is best...

u/zecho · 5 pointsr/fargo

I don't really care about building a tower. Kilbourne Group can do whatever they want. My concern is that building the tower hinges on the city building a ramp and plaza for the tower, which goes above and beyond economic incentives given to other business development. There ought to be a level playing field for developers throughout the city of Fargo. I don't see any reason why Kilbourne Group should get special treatment.

Secondly, parking ramps tend to sit empty when there are free options on the street, even if those ramps are also free (count cars inside and outside the Island Park or City-owned ramp sometime). I know it sounds counterintuitive but there are books about this sort of thing. Unless the ramp is free, people will continue to use on street parking instead, which adds to congestion and noise. If the city wants to encourage use, and help pay for the maintenance and, ideally, other business improvement districts, they ought to add parking meters downtown and offer a ramp for less in fees or for free.

Edit: I realize that parking meters are currently illegal in ND, which is a dumb law that ought to be changed.

u/realist79 · 1 pointr/fargo

I just bought this memory foam mattress off Amazon a couple weeks ago and I love it; $189 shipped to your door. It's pretty cool how it's packaged and shipped; rolled up and vacuum sealed. Can watch the video to see.

u/TheDemonator · 2 pointsr/fargo

No joke if you like hot stuff go there soon. Like this product linked below is like $13 a bottle right now which is the lowest I have seen it.


Satans Blood like $8.50

u/deejaymikeyg · 2 pointsr/fargo

Last year, a group of about 11 friends and I got this costume and it was pretty popular. It isn't high quality, but it worked for us for Halloween.

u/[deleted] · 6 pointsr/fargo

Anyone looking to learn more about the militiarization of our police forces in the United States should consider reading Rise of the Warrior Cop by Radley Balko. Fargo does get mentioned a couple of times.


u/mrmunkey · 6 pointsr/fargo

I'm sure they've all left reviews for Natural Harvest

u/SayOw · 1 pointr/fargo

This one.
I use to get KVRR in fairly well, but lately the signal has been so low I don't even get audio anymore...

u/jhofker · 1 pointr/fargo

These are the channels I get (all HD where available). (South Fargo, antenna similar to this but smaller and 30% of that price from Menard's, mounted on garage roof).

That hooks into a 4-way splitter/amplifier connected to HD Homerun duals.

u/SPG2469 · 3 pointsr/fargo


Normal to run this often make sure the hose is well away from the house or you will just be pumping the same water over and over. I have one of the leak frog alarms.

u/Moorheadismytown · 1 pointr/fargo

My DVR isn't even that sophisticated - I type in the channel and start and stop times for timer recordings.

And I haven't had a cable card or any CableOne equipment, except a cable and a wall outlet. The tuner of the DVR, and the tuner of the TV select the channels.

(I live in an apartment building - and the owner is the customer, not me.)