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u/Daxill · 6 pointsr/fastfood

Cellulose is a form of sugar found in plant life; if you eat vegetables you are eating large amounts of cellulose. Fiber supplements you buy at the store often are cellulose-based. here is some at Amazon

Notice how the author of this article spends most of his time describing where the cellulose is and only has this to say about the cellulose itself: it's fiber, non-nutritional, and possibly linked to adverse effects on cholesterol. That's all he can say.

He frames it negatively, but people generally associate poor foods as having no fiber, so fast food having some added would be a good thing. Every food has chemical parts of it that aren't a nutrient so saying something isn't a nutrient is meaningless. You can look at an apple and find all sorts of chemicals in it that aren't nutrients either, cellulose being one of them.

That study was done on mice and while mice are a good mammalian model, their digestion is not going to be same as ours especially considering our different diets. Cholesterol (or anything related to metabolism) regulation in the body has been the subject of constant studies for decades now and we're still learning the precise mechanics of it. If one day there is enough evidence against cellulose I would follow that and not use it. Until then, it seems safe since we eat it all the time in many different foods and it's a major natural component of vegetables and fruits which we could assume humans have evolved to handle just fine.

This article is just bandwagon hot air. Yes, please tell me more about the non-digestible wood pulp Mr. Cohen, and use more scare quotes this time.

u/HiNeighbor_ · 4 pointsr/fastfood

Soup is an underrated on-the-go food. They could use containers like the ones found here.

They fit in cup holders and stay nice and hot. It just has a little slit in the top and you sip it like a cup of coffee.

It kind of limits it to creamy soups. Not sure if it would work so well with chunky stuff.

u/JorgeMSU · 3 pointsr/fastfood

The writer is not paid by Little Caesars. She's started this series of food reviews and I thought I'd help her get the word out. Note that the LC she frequents is busy all the time so she probably got a fresh one. I know she doesn't pull punches since she told me she didn't like Better Made Jalapeno Cheddars Cheese Puffs and KFC Nashville Hot Chicken. Blasphemy!

u/042Legacy · 2 pointsr/fastfood

It's tartar sauce. And not even the best tartar sauce at that. Where I'm at (Spokane, WA) the burger places almost always serve tartar sauce with their fries.

If you're buying it at a grocery store I'm a fan of Beaver Brand tartar sauce. It's nice and chunky.

u/FelisUp · 2 pointsr/fastfood

They sell their sweet chili sauce and their orange chicken sauce at grocery stores.

It's a few dollars cheaper if you get it locally.

u/fgump · 1 pointr/fastfood

Taco Bell Salsa Verde Bottle (7.5oz Bottle, Pack of 2)
>That is all. Thanks for listening.

u/ResurrectedToast · 2 pointsr/fastfood

No, it really is that simple.

Malt vinegar is just a popular thing to put on fries outside of the US. Especially in the UK and the rest of the commonwealth.

Like, there are packets (or bottles) of it most places you can get fries.

It's not popular in the US though, so look for it in the "imported" section of the grocery store maybe?

EDIT: It's this, read the reviews:

u/WannabeBadGalRiri · 0 pointsr/fastfood

You can buy a nugget ice maker nearly identical to Sonic for only $499